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  1. I'd rather they leave it ambiguous rather than give us some BS marketing speak like "The blue represents the loyalty of the Salt Lake fans" or some such.
  2. rjrrzube

    Report: Miami Marlins Getting New Logos for 2019

    And that the ones that are presumably NOT it are clear enough to make merch from ... but the initial one ISN'T.
  3. rjrrzube

    AAF Concepts

    San Antonio field looks more brown than maroon. You can see in the end zone that it doesn't match the logo color. (now I've always thought brown and red could work ... ) Otherwise, nice!
  4. Reaction is mixed as the IFL team in Tucson is named the Sugar Skulls https://www.azcentral.com/story/sports/football/2018/09/21/tucson-sugar-skulls-fans-react-indoor-football-league-team-name/1380722002/
  5. rjrrzube

    2018 CFL Uniforms

    Not actually a wing ... it's the tuft of feathers over the Alouette's eye. Look at the current logo and you'll see them.
  6. rjrrzube

    MLB: Tampa Bay Rays Redesign // Solar Powered

  7. rjrrzube

    MLB: Tampa Bay Rays Redesign // Solar Powered

    Hyphen in "solar-powered baseball" This screams for a yellow jersey!
  8. rjrrzube

    2018 CFL Uniforms

    They usually wear the black helmet with an orange lion with that uni. That helmet is for the orange and white set. And yeah, the idea is pretty much stolen from the Panthers, but Michigan's design is better.
  9. That Armor logo is just the Houston Aeros, you know...
  10. rjrrzube

    Non-Referencing of Nickname in logos

    Do you have anything that confirms that the Pistons' logo was supposed to represent the space at the bottom of a piston? Because I'm not buying it.
  11. rjrrzube

    Minor League Football

    "Twisters" doesn't really work for El Paso. No twisters come up through there.
  12. Always entertaining, Veras. Can you update where the next few Victory Bowls will be? I know the next is in Hollywood, Florida, but I don't know the stadium name. I don't have any more after that. Thanks.
  13. rjrrzube

    Xtreme Football Alliance

    That dragon is shaped too much like a "G"... cause I guess that's where you swiped it. Doesn't really work for you.
  14. rjrrzube

    Wideright imagines the AAF

    The El Paso metro, including Las Cruces and Juarez, is up over 2 million. Just sayin'. Maybe next time!
  15. rjrrzube

    Wideright imagines the AAF

    El Paso hosted two Dallas Cowboys games in the 2000s, I think it was. One a scrimmage and one a preseason game. That city is desperate for football. I vote El Paso.