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  1. Wow, the Lewis Cup Playoffs sure had a lot of surprises this year, didn't it? Anyway, I'm pulling for Vancouver to win it all, considering how they've been such a sadsack club for so long that they simply need this more. Also, how are the Cosmos doing in terms of attendance? I know they haven't had much success on the ice as of late, but they aren't in danger of relocating, are they? Well, not as much as New Orleans, I imagine, but you know. Here's hoping the Bighorns can win the Lewis Cup!
  2. Wow, that 2003 offseason was a wild one! I'm happy that the Cosmos got a good defenseman in the draft, but good gravy, did the Sound bungle things up in the front office! Sam Bendt's antics reminded me of those of Robert Culpepper in the AFA somehow, in fact (Although the two leagues exist in different universes, but you get the picture). Anyway, assuming I didn't misread the offseason post, something tells me that Daryl Byrd's days as PHL Commissioner are numbered for some reason. When Hurricane Katrina comes, my guess is that he'll try and keep the team in New Orleans anyway, and the owners decide to remove him from office. Also, who are some of the hated owners in the PHL, and some of the owners who players and fans actually have respect for? I remember Shamrocks founder Charles Garfield being abrasive, for example, but I was curious as to if there are any modern owners who are controversial and others who are classier. Sorry if that was a weird question, I was just wondering about that for some time now. Here's hoping the Civics or Cosmos can do something in 2003-04!
  3. What a Lewis Cup Final! Congratulations for winning it all, Toronto! What are some new uniforms or logos we can expect this offseason? Any other subplots of importance? Can't wait to see what you have in store next!
  4. Dang it, Civics! You almost made the playoffs! The Cosmos continuing to be the Cosmos doesn’t help either, but there’s always next season, I suppose. Anyway, I’m personally hoping for Dallas to win it all, as it would be a huge boost for a team in a non-traditional hockey market. I also have a question about PHL video games: I remember you mentioning the first PHL game being PHL Hockey 94, but who made the game? A real life company like EA Sports, or a fictional one? And has anyone else made any PHL games? Looking forward to the Lewis Cup Playoffs either way, though! And go Desperados!
  5. Another excellent AFA Regular Season in the books! Although it sucks that neither the Imperials or Guardians could make the postseason, but oh well. I also see that video game companies are fictional in an earlier post (Although real life consoles such as the NES still exist, correct me if I’m wrong). This gives me an idea for what my character for the next expansion council could be like (Although that’s not going to happen right away, obviously). And on an unrelated note, which is more for Raymie if anything, but who’s the commentator crew for ESPN? I’m admittedly curious to see what the role of Jimmy Edwards (My previous expansion council character) has in their coverage. Looking forward to the postseason!
  6. I’ve been following this topic quietly and I’m really enjoying this Fictional sport so far! It’s a pity I missed out on the most recent expansion council, but there’s always the next one. Can’t wait to hear about the expansion teams and what they look like!
  7. Hmmm...being a gamer myself (Hence my Kirby avatar), I’ve always been curious about AFA video games. The question is, who publishes these fictional games? Any real life companies, like Nintendo, Tecmo, etc? Or are they Fictional companies? Anyway, I can’t wait until the 1989 AFA season! Well, assuming it doesn’t go the way of the 1994 MLB season, if you know what I mean.
  8. Interesting idea for a league you are going for, here! I see that ESPN is covering the draft, but will they cover regular season and postseason games too? I’m curious about the league’s TV contracts. As for the logos, the Bees are admittedly my favorite of the bunch, but they are all quite appropriate for the 1980s. And will there be expansion councils like the AFA and PHL? I’m looking forward to seeing how this league unfolds!
  9. Atlanta’s uniforms remind me of what the Arizona Diamondbacks wear now for some reason (Probably because of the colors), but while they do look kind of tacky, they should be okay for the time period. Portland, on the other hand, I agree with everyone else that their uniforms are awesome! I was expecting a waterfall to be in one of their logos considering their name, but the Grizzly head as the primary proved unique! Heck, maybe the Cascades could be my favorite Western Conference team!
  10. The Gladiators may be in the same division as the Guardians, but congratulations on winning the Victory Bowl anyway! Also, this may sound like an odd question, but I've noticed that the more hated AFA owners such as Gus Dietrich, Robert Culpepper, and Zachary Delvin seem to get mentioned more than the ones that are actually well respected. The question is, who are some examples of owners in the AFA that people actually like? Either way, I'm looking forward to season two of the USFA and the 1989 offseason!
  11. As much as I hate to admit it as a Civics fan, the Concordes have a pretty cool new look! Seattle and St. Louis’ new third jerseys look neat too! Bring on Atlanta and Portland!
  12. Interesting season in the AFA, that's for sure! Although I am curious about what happened in the offseason before this aside from the USFA, particularly how the TV contracts in both leagues went. Anyway, considering how the Wolves missed the playoffs, hopefully Warren Breyer doesn't get accused of favoritism in disqualifying all future sub .500 teams from the playoffs just because he was the GM in Milwaukee prior to becoming AFA President. Although I haven't seen anything saying that he has the same personality as, say, Jim Helms, but hopefully it doesn't lead to conflict. Anyway, here's hoping the Guardians can win their third Victory Bowl!
  13. Congratulations, Philly! You’ve finally won the Lewis Cup after all these years of futility and heartbreak! Can’t wait to see what Atlanta and Portland’s logos and uniforms are like, as well as the new look for Long Island. Any plots of interest as we head into the offseason?
  14. Louisville looks pretty cool! And I was quite surprised to see that the Brawlers were partially owned by a woman too! Can’t wait for the USFA’s inaugural season!
  15. It’s been awhile since I have posted in this topic, but I have been following the USFA quietly and I’m liking the uniforms and logos so far! I also had a funny feeling all along that the Brawlers would be named after Muhammad Ali. Also, I wonder who Louisville’s owner is. It can’t be my character Jimmy Edwards seeing as he’s a broadcaster, while I don’t remember there being any characters from Kentucky being in the previous expansion council. Looking forward to their uniforms and logo either way though!