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  1. Sonic Adventure references aside, I'm so happy to see the Guardians of Cincinnati finally bring an AFA Championship to the Queen City!
  2. Finally, the Guardians don't lay an egg in the playoffs for once! A Ghosts-Guardians Victory Bowl sounds intriguing, but I have no preference for an opponent as long as Cincy wins it all!
  3. Hopefully the Guardians can win a playoff game for once. To go on and win the Victory Bowl on the 40th anniversary of the AFA as a charter member would be cool.
  4. The Generals new uniforms aren't too bad. The Eagle wearing the Army Beret is a bit corny, but then again, this is the 90s. I'm not sure whether or not I liked them better with camouflage sleeves though. Vancouver, on the other hand, have absolutely gorgeous uniforms now! I don't have much else to say about their new uniforms other than that. Can't wait to see what you have in store for Carolina!
  5. Another awesome regular season in the AFA is down in the books! Also, I noticed about the Victory Bowl logo that it doesn't say where the game will be played. Was that intentional? Will the host of the 40th Victory Bowl be a surprise?
  6. Another intriguing offseason, that's for sure! Although I was wondering about a few things: 1. Who owns the Bobcats now that Bill Trotter has passed away? If it's a family member, then what's his/her name? 2. If the Dragons do end up moving, where are some potential landing spots for them? And if Portland receives another team through expansion one day, will they retain the Dragons' name, or will they have a new name to distance themselves from Zachary Delvin?
  7. *Lays a flower on the Beavers' casket* You were too beautiful... Anyway, I'm surprised Ducharme got hurt and the Royale slipped a tad. I've got a funny feeling that we will have a new Eastern Conference champion this year. Also, any updates on Toronto's new arena? Sorry if that's already been brought up.
  8. That update for the Captains is pretty good! Looking forward to the 1985 offseason, as well as any other potential uniform updates. Also, I apologize if this has been brought up already, but have there been any African American head coaches in the AFA yet? I know Jim Handler was an assistant on the Wolves' coaching staff at some point, but if he's still there, is there a chance he could be promoted to the head man in Milwaukee, assuming they let Greg Motta go?
  9. Congratulations to Ducharme and the Royale for winning it all! Not as epic as last year's Lewis Cup Finals, but still a pretty solid final, none the less! I'm looking forward to the Sound's logo and uniforms, and any other teams updating their look as well!
  10. While the Whales weren't able to pull off the upset, they have nothing to be ashamed about, and hopefully this Victory Bowl run will give them more confidence for the next couple of years. And congratulations to the Ghosts for winning the Victory Cup! I bet my character from the past Expansion Council Jimmy Edwards is celebrating right now (Not that he would show it as a broadcaster), having been a fan of the Ghosts for as long as he can remember. Looking forward to see what the Captains have in store for their new look!
  11. I was kind of hoping that Nova Scotia would pull off a 1994-95 Quebec Nordiques, and maybe even pull off a magical run of some sort to give there fans one last thrill before moving, but at least they came close. Anyway, here's hoping my Civics can win it all! And on another slightly unrelated note, are there any PHL teams with mascots? I'm not suggesting you design them, I was just wondering.
  12. The Guardians lost again? Geez, at this rate, they could easily give the Marvin Lewis-era Bengals a run for their money in terms of playoff failures. Oh well, here's hoping the Whales win it all.
  13. Too bad the Claymores are headed to New Orleans after this season. But maybe if the Sound's logo is a jazz musician in the vein of the Islanders' fisherman, I'll forgive the move. Also, is there a chance Buffalo will be in the running for another PHL team? Whether it be through expansion or relocation?
  14. NFL Alternate Universe - USFL 25th Anniversary

    This may be my first time posting in this topic, but I've actually been reading it for quite some time. And I must say, this is a very interesting alternate universe you have going here! Also, I'm voting for the Armadillos as the Gunslingers' new name, as I personally find it to be the most original out of the four.
  15. So the Claymores look like they are on their way out of Halifax, huh? It's a shame, really. That being said, I can't wait to see what the Desperados and Cosmos' uniforms are like! On a smaller note, is there any history or information on the PHL's Television contracts? In both the United States and Canada? I'm not trying to increase your workload or anything, I was just curious about it for awhile.