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  1. Interesting idea for a league you are going for, here! I see that ESPN is covering the draft, but will they cover regular season and postseason games too? I’m curious about the league’s TV contracts. As for the logos, the Bees are admittedly my favorite of the bunch, but they are all quite appropriate for the 1980s. And will there be expansion councils like the AFA and PHL? I’m looking forward to seeing how this league unfolds!
  2. Atlanta’s uniforms remind me of what the Arizona Diamondbacks wear now for some reason (Probably because of the colors), but while they do look kind of tacky, they should be okay for the time period. Portland, on the other hand, I agree with everyone else that their uniforms are awesome! I was expecting a waterfall to be in one of their logos considering their name, but the Grizzly head as the primary proved unique! Heck, maybe the Cascades could be my favorite Western Conference team!
  3. The Gladiators may be in the same division as the Guardians, but congratulations on winning the Victory Bowl anyway! Also, this may sound like an odd question, but I've noticed that the more hated AFA owners such as Gus Dietrich, Robert Culpepper, and Zachary Delvin seem to get mentioned more than the ones that are actually well respected. The question is, who are some examples of owners in the AFA that people actually like? Either way, I'm looking forward to season two of the USFA and the 1989 offseason!
  4. As much as I hate to admit it as a Civics fan, the Concordes have a pretty cool new look! Seattle and St. Louis’ new third jerseys look neat too! Bring on Atlanta and Portland!
  5. Interesting season in the AFA, that's for sure! Although I am curious about what happened in the offseason before this aside from the USFA, particularly how the TV contracts in both leagues went. Anyway, considering how the Wolves missed the playoffs, hopefully Warren Breyer doesn't get accused of favoritism in disqualifying all future sub .500 teams from the playoffs just because he was the GM in Milwaukee prior to becoming AFA President. Although I haven't seen anything saying that he has the same personality as, say, Jim Helms, but hopefully it doesn't lead to conflict. Anyway, here's hoping the Guardians can win their third Victory Bowl!
  6. Congratulations, Philly! You’ve finally won the Lewis Cup after all these years of futility and heartbreak! Can’t wait to see what Atlanta and Portland’s logos and uniforms are like, as well as the new look for Long Island. Any plots of interest as we head into the offseason?
  7. Louisville looks pretty cool! And I was quite surprised to see that the Brawlers were partially owned by a woman too! Can’t wait for the USFA’s inaugural season!
  8. It’s been awhile since I have posted in this topic, but I have been following the USFA quietly and I’m liking the uniforms and logos so far! I also had a funny feeling all along that the Brawlers would be named after Muhammad Ali. Also, I wonder who Louisville’s owner is. It can’t be my character Jimmy Edwards seeing as he’s a broadcaster, while I don’t remember there being any characters from Kentucky being in the previous expansion council. Looking forward to their uniforms and logo either way though!
  9. National Ball Hockey Association - 2024 Season

    Oooh, this sounds like an interesting league here! I agree that Ottawa looks kind of cheesy, but the other teams look pretty cool so far! Can’t wait to see where this goes!
  10. I’m so happy that you’re back! Anyway, this may sound like a premature question, but if Darryl Byrd gets the boot in a few years, then who would be some potential candidates for a new commissioner? And how do the Civics and Cosmos figure to do in 2000-01? Here’s hoping one of those two teams hoists the Lewis Cup when it’s all said and done!
  11. This is a pretty interesting fictional sport you have going on here! The concepts themselves are also quite unique! Although I am curious about how you come up with the results for each season. Anyway, keep up the good work! And go New York Heroes and Oakland Squirrels!
  12. Josephine “Josie” Olivia Bennett (née Graziani) was born on February 25, 1961 in Brooklyn, New York to Sal and Louise Graziani. Her father was the owner of Graziani’s, a family owned pizza chain that was popular throughout New York City, but was struggling to get national recognition. Despite her parents being huge sports fans, Josie would not get into hockey until the age of seven, when she met a boy named Sammy Bennett at school. Sammy’s father was the coach of a Brooklyn based minor league hockey team, and the team was struggling financially. Due to Sammy’s love for hockey, as he and Josie became friends, she became more and more into hockey (And the two began to root for the New York Civics in fact), and once both their parents saw how much they were getting along, it resulted in Graziani’s not only becoming a sponsor of the Brooklyn team, but several other minor league hockey teams throughout the East Coast, and soon other cities outside of New York saw Graziani’s open up. As of 1999, Graziani’s has a presence in not only the northeast, but in the Midwest and Mid Atlantic as well. As for Josie, she and Sammy married in 1985 and she inherited the family business a year later after her father passed away. She also has three children: Julia (Born 1988), Eric (Born 1992), and Becky (Born 1995). Eric also wants to play in the PHL when he grows up. Without further ado, Josie votes for: Atlanta: The potential fanbase is a large one, and while Atlanta may be a crowded sports market, Josie feels that owner Joseph Cartwright has enough hockey knowledge to make a PHL team in Atlanta Lewis Cup Contenders in a hurry. Portland: Despite Vancouver and Seattle already having a presence in the PHL, Josie thinks a new arena and a passionate fanbase will help a Portland franchise compete well with the likes of the Bighorns and Gray Wolves.
  13. My guesses as to these four teams are from would have to be Dallas, Denver, Las Vegas, and Houston.
  14. This is a good alternate universe league you have going here, I must admit! As for the Pacific, I’m guessing the teams are in Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Diego, and either Portland or Seattle.
  15. I’m just curious Hawkfan, what are the PHL’s awards aside from the Lewis Cup named after? I know the Whyte Trophy is awarded to the top goaltender, but what about the awards for top defenseman, Playoff MVP, etc? Have you given any thought regarding the specific names of those awards?