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  1. I’m just curious Hawkfan, what are the PHL’s awards aside from the Lewis Cup named after? I know the Whyte Trophy is awarded to the top goaltender, but what about the awards for top defenseman, Playoff MVP, etc? Have you given any thought regarding the specific names of those awards?
  2. Alright, the Hurricanes are in the Victory Bowl! Although I will obviously be pulling for the Guardians, and would root for the Imperials if they were in, being the fan of Ohio and New York Teams I am. Also, how’s the TV contracts looking for the offseason? I’m intrigued by whether or not the AFA signs with NBC or sticks with ABC, and how that will affect the USFA’s TV contracts.
  3. Sad to hear about Bobby Sorel, but I’m happy to hear about expansion! There will be a Expansion Council held after the 1998-99 season, right? I’m already brainstorming ideas for my character that I plan on using for the council (Assuming there is one). EDIT: Sorry, didn’t read the expansion council part in your post.
  4. Wow, the USFA has some rather, ummm...interesting team names, that’s for sure! I’m looking forward to seeing how the logos and uniforms will be like. Also, have there been any other mid season coaching changes in the AFA prior to the Wasps in 1986? And who’s the new head coach for the Imperials?
  5. Not quite the result I was hoping for as far as the Lewis Cup is concerned, but oh well. I’m curious about the realignment this offseason, as well as if we will hear anything more about the expansion candidates.
  6. Out of all the updated uniforms, I find the Destroyers to have the best look of them all! The lighter shade of blue really compliments the gold more, in my opinion. Also, is there a chance of Philadelphia getting as USFA team should the Railers move? I can’t wait for the 1987 offseason!
  7. So much for the Civics repeating as I hoped. Oh well, I'll just hop on the Washington bandwagon then for the Lewis Cup Finals. They're due anyway.
  8. Wow, the Firebirds' new BFBS uniforms are actually pretty cool looking! Can't wait to see what the Destroyers and Bobcats' new looks will be like!
  9. Sorry I haven't been posting much, but while I'm disappointed by the Guardians being dethroned as AFA Champions, I have mixed emotions about the result of the past Victory Bowl. Seeing the Miners win it all isn't really all that new, but at least Rob Connery can call himself a champion at long last. Also, on an unrelated note (Mostly thinking ahead regarding the next AFA Expansion Council), do any real life video game companies such as Nintendo, Sega, etc. still exist in the AFA universe? While we're on that subject, will the USFA have any expansion councils as well? I'm looking forward to seeing how that dynamic plays out the most!
  10. Yay, the season was salvaged! And my Civics are on top of the Eastern Conference once again as well! Here's hoping for the repeat! Also, not that I'm trying to increase your workload, but have you ever given Conference logos any thought? The 1998 Lewis Cup Playoffs are going to be another fun one either way.
  11. Sonic Adventure references aside, I'm so happy to see the Guardians of Cincinnati finally bring an AFA Championship to the Queen City!
  12. Finally, the Guardians don't lay an egg in the playoffs for once! A Ghosts-Guardians Victory Bowl sounds intriguing, but I have no preference for an opponent as long as Cincy wins it all!
  13. Hopefully the Guardians can win a playoff game for once. To go on and win the Victory Bowl on the 40th anniversary of the AFA as a charter member would be cool.
  14. The Generals new uniforms aren't too bad. The Eagle wearing the Army Beret is a bit corny, but then again, this is the 90s. I'm not sure whether or not I liked them better with camouflage sleeves though. Vancouver, on the other hand, have absolutely gorgeous uniforms now! I don't have much else to say about their new uniforms other than that. Can't wait to see what you have in store for Carolina!
  15. Another awesome regular season in the AFA is down in the books! Also, I noticed about the Victory Bowl logo that it doesn't say where the game will be played. Was that intentional? Will the host of the 40th Victory Bowl be a surprise?