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  1. So the Claymores look like they are on their way out of Halifax, huh? It's a shame, really. That being said, I can't wait to see what the Desperados and Cosmos' uniforms are like! On a smaller note, is there any history or information on the PHL's Television contracts? In both the United States and Canada? I'm not trying to increase your workload or anything, I was just curious about it for awhile.
  2. Yay! The Imperials are back in the Victory Bowl! I can just smell that Victory Cup on it's way back to the Big Apple! Anyway, on a much more minor note, I'm not suggesting that you start designing these, seeing as you are busy enough, but do you happen to have any background regarding mascots and cheerleaders in the AFA? Assuming they are even prevalent in this league? Again I'm not saying you should come up with designs for them, I was just curious about this subject matter for awhile.
  3. I couldn't agree more! Now that the Guardians are officially out of it, I'm hoping for the Imperials and Royals to play in the Victory Bowl!
  4. Wow, talk about a surprising offseason! I honestly didn't see Warren Breyer becoming president coming, and it will be tough losing Greg Motta as the OC in New York, but I am sure he will do fine in Milwaukee. Also, have there been any changes in the league's television contracts? I know ABC has been covering the AFA since 1975, but will CBS, NBC, or even Fox once we get to the 1990s, get to televise games?
  5. Another awesome regular season in the books! Especially since the Guardians are a playoff team for once! Also, who are some of the candidates for the new AFA President once we get to the offseason? I'll keep my eye on Cincinnati and Baltimore once the playoffs are under way.
  6. I'm happy the Imperials are back in the playoffs! And the Guardians look like they can be playoff contenders with Reggie Hart under center too assuming they can get enough talent around him. The Bobcats making the postseason in their inaugural year was also a huge surprise. Can't wait for the postseason! Also, since the Suns look like they have the first overall draft pick, who are some draft prospects we can expect?
  7. Wow, talk about a surprising offseason! Reggie Hart in Cincinnati will be interesting, to say the least, and I was also surprised to see Eddie White get the boot from California, considering how to me at least, they were improving. Bring on 1981!
  8. Talk about a lot of upsets this postseason! Seeing as the Stingers have come up short twice in 1982 and 1983, I'll be rooting for them in the Lewis Cup Finals!
  9. 1981

    Ahh, the moment I have been waiting for! If I need to make any changes to my character's profile, then let me know. Anyway, here is my character bio and votes: Carol Michelle James (nee Sinclair) was born on July 20, 1938 in Red Deer, Alberta to Wayne Sinclair, a former hockey player, and Lillian Sinclair, a homemaker. As a child, Carol didn’t really care about sports (Despite being the daughter of an athlete), but she would often be seen in the kitchen, helping her mother cook. Soon enough, by age nine, Carol was already making her own meals, and at age fifteen, decided she wanted to open up her own restaurant. After graduating from the University of Saskatoon in 1963 with a degree in business, Carol returned home to Red Deer and opened up Wayne’s (In honor of her father), one of the finest restaurants in town, and would end up being so successful that more restaurants would open up in Alberta and Saskatchewan. One Wayne’s restaurant has even opened up in Western Ontario just recently. Although a savvy restaurateur, Carol’s love for Canadian football stems from her boyfriend from college, Marc James, who was a huge fan of Regina’s CFA franchise. The two would marry in 1965 and the couple currently has two children, Doug (Born in 1967), Lily (Born in 1970), and Richie (Born in 1974). Carol and her family are heavily into the NFA (With the Edmonton Drillers being their favorite team), and being a prominent businesswoman, she is excited to be part of the NFA Expansion Council. Without further ado, here are her votes: 1. Hamilton, ON: Although the Dukes already have a founding in Hamilton, they've got a financially stable ownership group in place, and if Toronto isn't all that opposed to this bid, then in Carol's opinion, it's the strongest one. 2. Halifax, NS: Although Vincent Irving rubs against Carol the wrong way, Halifax is in a region of Canada which could attract new fans to the league, and they also have a stadium already built, which is also a plus. 3. Victoria, BC: While their proposed stadium may be a bit on the small side, what Carol likes about this bid is that she has a lot of respect for owner Mickey Vaughn, as he seems like the type of person you would want to work for. 4. Quebec City, QC: While the owner is inexperienced and not as financially stable as other bids, Carol believes Quebec City's historical roots in supporting Canadian football teams and the NFA's popularity in the city will help carry the team. And those are Carol's votes. She wishes the expansion applicants the best of luck!
  10. And so the plot regarding the Metros' future in Dallas thickens... Anyway, another intriguing offseason as usual! I'm looking forward to seeing what the 1984-85 season brings!
  11. The Crows look cool! No complaints here. Also, I noticed the "Edwards" decal on the front view of the helmets. Coincidentally, I created a character for the most recent Expansion Council named Jimmy Edwards. While it's unlikely that the two are connected (My character was an ESPN anchor, not an equipment manufacturer), it does evoke the question if there will be any characters from the Expansion Council used in the offseason. There probably will, but of course, the Hurricanes' new uniforms are probably coming first. Either way, I can't wait for the new Hurricanes look as I said, as well as the 1981 offseason. Keep up the good work!
  12. I'm so happy the AFA is back! The Bobcats don't look too shabby either! Can't wait for the Crows and the updated Hurricanes look!
  13. I am pleased with what you have so far! I guess I'll root for the Knights for now, simply because I never expected orange and brown for a New York team. I can't wait for the rest of the teams, especially the Owls!
  14. Not often do I see college concepts, but this is actually quite intriguing! Combined with how much I am a fan of the AFA and PHL (Assuming this conference will be run similarly to those two concept leagues), I am excited for what you will come up with!
  15. Although I was leaning more towards the Centennials winning it all, I suppose in the end the Destroyers deserved to win when everything's all said and done. Can't wait for the expansion teams!