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  1. Maybe ND purchased the rights to everything and have it locked up somewhere on campus
  2. I'm not saying you don't have a valid argument, just trying to explain why you don't unveil a runner-up. Its only hidden from the general public, the powers that be at ND saw it, in all fairness.
  3. I understand your concern. ND was a special case with the name change as well. You could assume no matter what was unveiled, there would be resistance. Throw in 5 or so other concepts in a local newspaper, and you have opinions/preferences/likes/dislikes across the board.
  4. I would tell a local newspaper no as well. "Trade secrets" may have been a polite why to say p*ss off. Most likely they presented ND with at least 5 concepts. Some or none could have contained recycled parts/pieces. Like you said, ND ultimately whittled it down to their liking. For your own piece of mind, take a look at SME's portfolio. Any previous bird-related designs? Nothing suspicious, then sleep well my friend.
  5. Completely awful and amateur.
  6. Its an extremely wide range. It depends on what exactly the school wants. Some just want an athletic logo. Others want institutional and athletic. Others, a custom typeface, etc. All that plays in, as well as school size (which usually determines budget), if a licensing agency is involved, alumni get involved either to help the update or fight to keep old names/marks. In all honesty, it's all over the board.
  7. To give you a generic answer, you don't really know, but odds are they didn't have a bird head between an N and D just lying around. You're asking for trouble showing rejected concepts to the public. There is so much attachment at the collegiate level to tradition, getting a rebrand done has a lot of red tape. You have to satisfy alumni, current students, the board, athletic directors, coaches, etc. No matter what is the end result, people are going to love it/hate it. Showing rejected concepts, you're opening a whole new can of worms. Hope that helps your question.
  8. As stated by the rest, unused concepts are the property of the respective designer/agency. Always make sure that it is made clear and put in the contract.
  9. Well, now the "grapevine" newsletter will finally make sense
  10. This makes me nervous. I remember they sold that concept for the original fan vote. I think I voted for Redtails back then. Although I'm not a huge fan of the original look, I still have my original cap and inaugural game ticket stub.
  11. The Cavs obviously stayed in Cleveland, so how was it a possible destination for the Spurs franchise? Or was it because of the potential Toronto move?
  12. The majority of their merchandise is awful as well.
  13. I grew up not far from CP, had season passes all through high school. I'm dating myself here, but I loved this old logo when I was a kid.
  14. Those are alts, not changes. They made one uniform change to the brand after he left for Miami.