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  1. Then in that case, Let’s Go Spiders!!!
  2. Alums are still offering large amounts of cash to this day to change it back.
  3. They were considering going back to Warriors in 2004-05. That’s when Gold was dumped out. Everyone hated it. There was a vote between Golden Eagles and Hilltoppers. People were encouraged to write in Warriors, then it was quickly announced those votes would not count. i work for the agency that did the rebrand.
  4. The NCAA allowed Marquette to keep the Warriors nickname, so long as there was no native imagery. That’s when the powers that be jumped the gun, and announced the Gold name.
  5. I’d love for the Spiders name to return to Cleveland, but they are not in the Indians team lineage. The Spiders were an NL team totally separate from the Naps/Indians.
  6. You guys judge “influence”, I did this logo back in 2014. someone feel free to post them side by side. Not sure how to do it on my phone.
  7. Do You Remember Champion Athletic?

    They have a really high end line with designer Todd Snyder.
  8. NBA 2K E League Logo Unveil

    Cleveland Conquistadors.
  9. I can’t wait for the neon trend to be done.
  10. Stolen Work

    Someone on there stole my stuff as well. I joined just to confront them, and got no response. Scumbags are scumbags.
  11. UNLV new logo

    At least the renegade doesn't have his neck on a rolled up pillow. ?
  12. UNLV new logo

    Have at it...
  13. New Honey Comb Branding

    Those were my first thoughts as well, but I have a feeling someone from Post sitting at the presentation felt like black lettering on a yellow box looked too much like Cheerios.
  14. NBA Changes 2017-18