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  1. At least the renegade doesn't have his neck on a rolled up pillow. 🙄
  2. Have at it...
  3. Those were my first thoughts as well, but I have a feeling someone from Post sitting at the presentation felt like black lettering on a yellow box looked too much like Cheerios.
  4. Exactly!
  5. Nets are looking for a full time designer.
  6. Maybe too many keyline strokes, but I always liked this one.
  7. Like I said, it's been done, but it makes for a nice composition.
  8. A roundel wouldn't be horrible if it was accompanied by crossed swords. Yes, it's a bit trite and safe, but so is a shield.
  9. This is true, but does anyone out there know if a French Cavalier used an actual shield? I can't find any info either way.
  10. Ugh... Cleveland Cavaliers F.C.
  11. Should be interesting.
  12. I still find the ads annoying, but I suppose this is tolerable. If it does become an alt, they need to ditch the gold outline on the type.
  13. My alma mater started using a ripoff of the Philadelphia Eagles logo my senior year ('98). I always hated it, and finally did something about it a couple years ago.
  14. I guess Gap should have went all caps back in 2010.