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  1. NFL 2018 changes

    Any and all predictions/feedback welcome. I have heard where the Titans are planning a slight rebrand. What are some other trends we can expect in the fall? Will #ColorRush still be a part of most Thursday night games? What changes introduced in 2017 will carry over (eg--the Saints wearing black jerseys all the time at home, the Chargers wearing navy pants at home and white on the road)? Will the Cowboys wear their often-jinxed blue jerseys more than once at home? I'm looking forward to everyone's input.
  2. MLB changes 2018?

    Kelly Green alternates in Oakland this season A tribute to the Swingin As?
  3. Super Bowl Potential Uniform Matchups

    My take on what teams in the future, if there the designated home team in the Super Bowl, would opt for white: Bills--yes, being 0-1 in white and 0-3 in blue in past SB's Dolphins--maybe, being 1-1 in white and 1-2 in aqua in past SB's Jets--yes; their only SB win (III) was in white Patriots--possibly, depending on how they do Sunday Bengals--don't know; their first SB loss was in black, with their most recent loss in white Browns--maybe, since their current preference is to wear white at home Ravens--sure; they're 2-0 in the big game, wearing white jerseys both times Steelers--tough call as they're 3-1 in both black and white Colts--yes; they're only 2 wins were in white. On the other hand they wore blue for their two losses Jaguars--I will say no, as they've never gotten this far Texans--see Jaguars Titans--I would lean towards saying yes, since they lost XXXIV wearing navy Broncos--to continue a streak enhanced two years ago when they beat Carolina Chargers--I don't think so, as they lost their only SB wearing white Chiefs--Nope; their most recent appearance was a victory wearing red Raiders--Although black is their preference, they are 1-1 wearing this color and 2-1 wearing white. I would call this a toss-up Cowboys--The answer is obvious Eagles--Since they won the Lombardi in green, they probably won't fall for this gobbledygook Giants--I will say so, as their last two victories were in white Redskins--I wouldn't be surprised since they are 3-1 in white and 0-1 in burgundy Bears--Their only Super win was in white,with their only Super loss was in navy. I would say yes Lions--Same reasoning as the AFCs teams in Houston and Jacksonville Packers--No way; their most recent win was in green Vikings--Dunno; they lost 2 SBs in each color choice Buccaneers--Not if their only SB appearance was in red Falcons--If they are 0-1 in black and 0-1 in red, I will say so Panthers--Yes for two reasons: 1) They lost their most recent appearance 2 years ago wearing black, 2) The organization's obsession with having all their post season wins in white Saints--Despite wearing black full-time this past season in the Superdome, they probably would opt for white since that's what they wore in XLIV in their victory Cardinals--I will say yes, having lost in red nine years ago Rams--Their only win was in white, and they are obsessed with wearing white as their primary home color Seahawks--Makes me wonder as they are 1-0 in white and 0-2 in blue, even though they have never worn white in any home appearance over the years. 49ers--Even though they wore red when they lost their last SB, they have three earlier Super victories wearing red--the color I predict they would wear the next time around if their designated as the home team.
  4. NFL 2018 changes

    Don't forget the Cowboys, Packers, Bengals, and the one-off the Patriots were forced to wear in Tampa this season.
  5. The Jags have worn black pants for most of their games this year--even when they wore teal tops
  6. In 2011 they wore white for a home game vs the Cowboys
  7. They wore black britches in Minnesota in Week 1 where they lost.
  8. It looked like throwbacks instead of their regulars.
  9. To me it looks too Steeler-ish--Black jersey with gold pants.
  10. Try convincing the Seahawk front office of that!
  11. According to The Gridiron Uniform Database Chiefs in red over white.
  12. College Football Uniforms - 2017 Season

    The Dolphins are wearing throwbacks today. They always decorate their endzone like that when they wear throwbacks.
  13. They only wore brown bottoms once--when they went mono-brown vs the Titans at the #dogpound in October.
  14. If they make it, they would be a wild card--and probably play in Carolina or LA. The Rams love their WAH look; and the Panthers prefer white over black for home playoff games.
  15. Other mono-dark teams like the Saints, Titans, Jaguars, and Chargers could also take a hint. At least Tennessee is using the light blue pants tomorrow with their navy tops.
  16. Columbia over White as default home combo White over Columbia as default road combo Mono-white for home opener, if it's a non-primetime kickoff. Mono-Columbia for prime-time home games on Sunday or Monday An Oiler-themed throwback/alt (the helmet would get the Oilers logo, along with a center-stripe matching the old helmet). I am actually torn between this and using the navy as an alternate (one time to be worn with white pants; the other with Columbia bottoms) All-red for Color rush--the only exception is that the jersey would be red all over, with no secondary color yoke
  17. Per instagram Tennessee is once again going with their boring mono-navy at home Sunday. Seems like they are having a love affair with the navy pants, having wore them in most of their games this season. I thought they would get the message that their last few home games have been against teams that like to wear dark blue or black pants with white jerseys on the road (Cincy, Houston, LA Rams, and Jacksonville).
  18. I am thinking the Ravens wearing their black alts a 3rd time was due to the game being on Christmas weekend. Also, the last two seasons the Titans have worn the alternate light blue jerseys on the road three times (all in Florida, all with white pants). The only time Tennessee has rocked the light blue tops at home since going back to navy as a primary was the #ColorRush game vs Jacksonville last year.
  19. I'm getting tired of it because 1) They've lost the last two weeks wearing navy bottoms; 2) The Rams are probably going to wear blue pants, as they have on the road with white jerseys since returning to LA last year; 3) I thought they would go navy over white like they did in SB XXXIV, in their most meaningful game ever
  20. College Football Uniforms - 2017 Season

    Why is Florida Atlantic wearing white as the designated home team in the bowl game in their home stadium?????
  21. The Big Ol' Counterfeit Jersey Thread

    Some of the follow requests I get on Instagram that have pictures of NFL jerseys makes me wonder if they are fake. For example you can get a current jersey of your favorite team for as low as $29.99
  22. I wish the Panthers would take advantage of their last opportunity to go mono-black this season. To,me it looks tons better than the mono-dark looks of the Saints,Rams,Seahawks, Browns, and Titans.
  23. NFL 2017 changes?

    I would start with wearing black, not white, for home playoff games--as January temperatures in the Queen City do get below 50 degrees very often.
  24. Are both the Seahawks and Cowboys wearing white jerseys?!?