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  1. I'm kinda surprised the Rams are not wearing Blue jerseys in London, like they did last season.
  2. Tennessee has already wore Columbia twice this season.
  3. Jacksonville Jaguars rumored for new uniforms in 2018

    And in another year if we could use teal instead of black as the primary colored jersey!
  4. I'm also thinking that would be an issue for the Steelers (black) vs Titans (Columbia Blue) #ColorRush showdown in November.
  5. Didn't someone on here state that Jacksonville would wear white, forcing LA to wear the mismatched blue jerseys and blue helmets?
  6. I'm also eager to see what pants the Browns are wearing in Houston next week, as the Texans are going mono-navy as part of their #DeepSteel theme.
  7. Per Instagram, Titans in Columbia over White in Miami tomorrow
  8. If they go all gray, then Tennessee will wear navy tops in Miami. The Bengals already confirmed that their upcoming game with Buffalo will be one of two times they wear orange jerseys this season.
  9. Three-fourths of the AFC South is too heavy on darker shades of blue. The Titans could end this by making Titan/Columbia blue their primary dark jersey color; and to ensure that the entire division is not so top-heavy on the darkest colors, the Jaguars need to make teal their primary dark,jersey color.
  10. The color throwback sounds like the Rams; their game with Seattle at the Coliseum is one of two fan picks where they'll wear the throwbacks. I think the Bengals announced they'd wear orange alts vs the Bills; and the other color alt I'm thinking is either Philly or Tennessee (most likely the Titans wearing Columbia blue in Miami like they did last year there--and also in week 2 this year at Jacksonville).
  11. Changes to Titans uniforms in 2018 are 'not minor'

    I would love to see Columbia as the primary color for home jerseys, as there is too much emphasis on darker shades as primary jersey colors in the AFC South (darker blue currently for the Titans, Colts, and Texans; along with black for the Jaguars).
  12. Keeping my fingers crossed for the shade of blue the Titans will break out.
  13. Titans might wear Columbia over white in Jacksonville next week, instead of Navy over white.
  14. I'm predicting Tennessee will go mono-white for their home opener like they did last year.
  15. Since the Saints game is in London, the powers that be in New York probably require regular uniforms (no alts, no throwbacks, no color rush) for games #AcrossThePond.
  16. The Titans' game is a 12 noon CDT kickoff, so I'm guessing they will wear white tops (hopefully with white or Columbia pants) And speaking of which, even though it is off topic, why are the two preseason games for Tennessee in daytime. I also have a hunch the Redskins for their 4pm EDT kickoff will go white over gold (a combo they have worn in recent preseasons when they have an afternoon game).
  17. NFL 2017 changes?

    As I've posted before, I wish the Redskins would change their burgundy jersey they wear with gold pants to something that resembles what they wore under Vince Lombardi and George Allen. It would look tons better than the Gibbs-era burgundy tops do.
  18. Los Angeles Rams Brand Discussion

    If they do, I'm thinking it will be at least one of the following: at Dallas or the London game (they wore mono-navy there last season)
  19. With the Titans' uniform choice, I wonder if that means they are returning to their #ClassicLook this season at home (white over navy or navy over white):
  20. The game vs the Titans is one of two I predict Tennessee will go Columbia over White (the other one being week 2 in Jacksonville).
  21. I'm thinking it is next week in Tampa when Cleveland wears brown,.
  22. NFL 2017 changes?

    Why can't teams like the Saints and Titans make it work?
  23. Titans in white over Columbia, per Instagram--
  24. 1) Per the Panthers website, they are wearing black in Jacksonville week 3. This means the Jaguars are WAH. 2) The Browns are probably wearing brown as it is their 2nd preseason home game. They followed the same pattern last year of white for preseason home game #1, then brown for preseason home game #2.