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  1. Well, at least something might go well for us this year...
  2. His face just says it all for me. Meh.
  3. Well, now we know how the second leg of Juve-Barca is gonna go... (And I don't want to say a word about Arsenal-Palace yesterday.)
  4. Sheesh, I'm still not a fan of overusing this template. But, the white accents are a pretty clean touch.
  5. You still understand what he's saying, and he wants actual criticism on the logo instead of just saying "eh, its okay", so why not just give it?
  6. Okay really? You understand what he's saying, and he was asking why you thought it was "eh, it's ok", don't be a tool about it. Overall, it's a nice logo, however, I feel like you could use a different font for the H and the K. While the mountains are pretty sharp, the H and the K are pretty flat IMO.
  7. How the hell is it hate? I know you got some stuff on another topic, but if you really think of it as hate, just brush it off and forget about it. Just accept the criticism or "hate" and just keep working.
  8. It looks waaaayy better in a real life photo IMO, but now it's giving me a Portugal Euro 2016 vibe.
  9. They probably realized that people love/hate those dying dog movies like Marley and Me, and decided, "You know, people usually hate those kind of movies, but they still wanna see it because, well, there's a dog and people love dogs, so why not have one dog constantly die over and over again for two hours?"
  10. It's almost like you didn't even try, slapping on a font and calling it a "logo", making really basic and only one uniforms, and no story and explanation really at all. I'd recommend not being lazy and actually putting effort into the concepts, because they're certainly lacking.
  11. I watched The Bye Bye Man yesterday. Granted, I walked in knowing it was gonna be horrible, and boy was that true. Horrible acting, scenes that made no sense, and overall, there was no explanation on anything. The Bye Bye Man himself (which is a pretty stupid name imo) has no backstory on who he is and what he's for, which left me guessing and confused. I get it that it's a January movie and it went from R to PG-13, but that movie made no sense whatsoever and was awful.
  12. Ah, the only thing thats screams Rome and Italy is the Arial font. Not to mention, the english spelling of Rome as well.
  13. It sorta is I guess you could say. I mean, I'm not the best-looking or the most popular or the most athletic. Girls don't come flocking for me, so this was kinda weird. To me, I always thought she was far out of my league. I guess I was just surprised to have this happen, and now that she likes me, I really don't know how to react. By all means, I'll let it take course, because I do like her, but it just stuns me kinda.
  14. Thanks for this, honestly while I was really excited that she likes me, it just felt odd that it was me and that I sorta felt like the last resort, but now I gotta go for it.
  15. I'm sorta in a pickle right now and I really don't know what to feel. It was the beginning of the school year and I met this girl through a few close friends of ours. We began to talk and I started catching feelings for her. We talk and all that, although not often because we have few classes together, and we hung out once or twice. Then just when I thought she might like me too a month ago, it turns out she really likes this douchebag and she was obsessed with him. They got pretty close and went on a few dates, but there I was still pretty close with her 'as a friend' Time passes and she drifts away from him, says she just wants to be friends with him, and he gets pissed and just starts ignoring her. Only a few days later and now, she starts talking to ME more and our 'friendship' gets a lot more closer. She's getting all flirty and now I'm pretty confident she likes me now, which at this point I'm kinda quietly freaking out because I'm pretty ugly so when I find out a girl likes me this is a big deal to me. The only problem is that, what if I'm just a last resort? What if she's burnt out with the other guys, and she just sees the only other option? She has so many other guy friends, who in my opinion, are much more popular and better-looking. I'm not the strongest or the most popular or the tallest or the best looking, I'd say I'm just average, so why would she like me if she does? How should I feel about this? I don't know, I'm probably overthinking this.