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  1. Atlanta Hawks concept + NIKExNBA template

    These are great! I only wish the Hawks would actually do something like this. The volt has got to go although I like the triangle pattern in principal because it’s a nice unique identity. It’s just used to prominently on the jersey. If something like this jersey concept was used, but only the stripe had the pattern in it, that would be a nice little mixture of eras. Plus I really did the pattern on the court.
  2. @SteveDietz2 @RealMattlanta But they had a nice backup and flipped him for a pick 20 picks earlier than the one the…

  3. @TrubaneVirgo

  4. RT @BarstoolBigCat: I feel bad for people that don’t watch sports. What a moment

  5. @GrandmaStreams

  6. RT @ATLHawks: 🚨 Want to see John in the @NBAAllStar? 🚨 Retweet 🔁 to #NBAVote for John Collins

  7. @authoradambray “Something inside me has always been there. But now it’s awake.”

  8. @CarasikS They need to build the best possible situation for a qb. Give Kizer the best team you can next year and i…

  9. @alexwATL I think a lot of people want a catch to be if a player gets it in their hands. I want to be if they have…

  10. @FourVerts Make sure you draft that Creek Freak guy. He’s unstoppable

  11. @B17Fortres Buddy was 3 years older. Also Blake Griffin

  12. @falcfans @FalcoholicMatt #ALLblockingMatters

  13. @Conduit_Flux @pablohidalgo Oh man. I would’ve lost it

  14. NBA Changes 2017-18

    I’m a Hawks fan and I’m loving the jersey. For an alternate it’s great. I’m not a fan of the Volt on red but it works on black. I wish this template was used for all the uniforms with black, red, and yellow as the colors. With the current font. I like the triangle side panel with the pistol Pete era stripe a bunch.
  15. @FourVerts With no first round pick. Getting something for Alex Smith will be huge, but I’m sure they’d cut him if…