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  1. Seattle NHL Brand Discussion

    Unless Houston or San Antonio get a team, which ain't likely, this will be the franchise i follow. My choice for team name is the Seattle Kraken. Mythical sea creatures need more exposure in mainstream professional sports.
  2. Super Bowl LIII logo

    Is the blue on this logo darker than the current Super Bowl logo?
  3. Super Bowl Potential Uniform Matchups

    I always thought it was interesting how the Pats won their first two Brady-era SB's wearing the blues, then the third was the white jersey vs the Eagles. They could've done the exact opposite for this dynasty. But nope, all three of their older-Brady-era SB's could have the same exact look.
  4. Super Bowl Potential Uniform Matchups

    Really lame that the Pats chose the white jerseys. Didn't think they believed in the superstition bs. Now we get the same exact uniform match up as SB39..
  5. NFL 2018 changes

    It's interesting to me that in the playoffs, the Patriots played the two teams that will undergo major uniform changes the following season. Has that ever happened before?
  6. Super Bowl Potential Uniform Matchups

    This'll be the Eagles first Super Bowl in white.
  7. It's not as bad as i imagined it would be but it would still look better if it was Dallas' color rush uni (that we're wearing next week vs Washington) vs powder blue, instead.
  8. I don't understand why the Cowboys aren't going to wear our color rush vs the Chargers powder blue's and the navy vs the Washington burgundy instead.
  9. Los Angeles Chargers Brand Discussion

    How long before the Chargers relocate somewhere else? If so, where would they move.. San Antonio? Oakland? St. Louis? Mexico City? Back to San Diego??
  10. Maybe if enough people complain, Miami will swap the scheduled throwback unis vs Buffalo and the aquas vs Oakland. Those throwbacks would look sick against the Raiders. They looked nice vs the Bills too but they've done that so why do it again...
  11. NBA Changes 2017-18

    Is there some kind of transcription key for this? How does everyone know what it says?
  12. Minnesota Timberwolves

    I can think of a few teams those jerseys would work with, but the Wolves aren't one of em.
  13. Minnesota Timberwolves

    At this point Minnesota should just drop the 'Timber' part of their name.