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  1. anyone have a mockup of what the all-white away set with a gold face-mask looks like?
  2. lol people on here really thought the leak was a smoke screen..
  3. Only one season left of these unis browns fan.
  4. Can we get a mock up of that logo on Miami’s field on each side of the 100th Anniversary logo in the middle of the field? Based off the 75th Anniversary season, they had designed the SB29 field similarly.
  5. Rams probably wouldn’t go with the white jerseys but i could see the Saints electing white jersey/black pants or even black jersey/gold pants (only used in pre season and home opener, all of which significantly differentiate from other reg season games) in SB53.
  6. If the Chiefs make the super bowl (they will) do they go with yellow end zones with the logo/wordmark?
  7. If the Rams have been promoting that navy/white logo the past 2 years wouldnt they prefer to continue to foreshadow a yellow-less future by rocking the white jersey with white horns if they make the Super Bowl?
  8. I am too young for that damn reference man lmao had to google it.
  9. Anyone have an idea what the Mavs’ City jersey will look like?
  10. Regardless what happens with Columbus, Austin FC will be a thing.
  11. Anything that had included music/bats would’ve been much cheesier. Simple is better in this case. Just wish we had another color in the palette. The other two green-dominant teams have unique secondary colors (Seattle has blue, Portland has gold) while white or black are their third or fourth colors. Purple, gold or orange (could represent our sunsets), or red could represent heat.
  12. It’s not even just those particular live oaks. There’s hundreds (if not thousands, due to the conservation efforts the city council has enacted through the years) of live oaks all over town. People definitely associate live oaks with Austin. There’s tons of references to the tree through street names, neighborhoods, and store names.