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  1. I just realized that the LVII logo in this format will probably be purple-tinted with cactus in the numerals..
  2. That yellow part of the patch really makes the orange in the numbers pop.
  3. The Chiefs have the endzone with the pirate ship. Advantage: Chiefs.
  4. Some updates on the SBLV field Lombardi trophies will be painted today, rest of field will continue throughout the week. League unsure if they should allow Bucs to fire the pirate ship cannons if they score. Every fan will get a kn95 mask, hand sanitizer, and safety cards when they go in. The Super Bowl Experience fan thing is still on across the street with some social distancing in effect this weekend and Wednesday-Saturday during game week.
  5. Watching this Kings/Nugs game and i noticed the purple on the Kings jerseys is completely different from the purple everywhere else. It's all i see now too. Wack.
  6. These really aren't as bad as they were rumored to be. Not great though. My main gripe is the similarities to the Chargers, who i think will take over the city by the 2030s.
  7. The current helmet with the throwbacks doesnt look bad. A little off, sure, but i picture them rolling that out at some point ala TB Bucs.
  8. No way Miami lets Tua wear Griese's or Marino's numbers. I read somewhere he's choosing between 8 and 9. Need some photoshopped pics of those.
  9. Chargers unis obviously rule but is anyone concerned that the royal blue set will look similar to the Rams?
  10. Cubes retired 24 because that was the post-MJ/pre-LeBron's 2nd Act era in the West that really only 3 teams can relate to; Lakers with Kobe, Spurs with Tim, and Mavs with Dirk. All 3 played 20+ years with their team. Probably never gonna see that again. It's different for fans of those 3. And the league should definitely change the logo to Kobe. Jerry West himself has said he thinks it's time to change the logo, so that's inevitable. At this point if they change it to anyone other than Kobe, MJ or LeBron then it's bad for the league.
  11. Would be really really cool if the nba has one team wear 8 and the other wear 24 in the all star game.