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  1. Atlanta Falcons Concept -updated with unis

    Wow. Someone send this to Nike.
  2. NoE38's New Look NHL (Devils posted 2/5)

    Not sure why the Rangers would have stars on their shoulders, but the design is great..
  3. NoE38's New Look NHL (Devils posted 2/5)

    I think I like the cream better, but both are awesome..
  4. NoE38's New Look NHL (Devils posted 2/5)

    I like. How about making the away cream instead of white? Rangers please
  5. That would be an awesome look..
  6. MLB Redesigns Series

    Could you try a uniform with the A or the V on the chest? I feel 3 uniforms with the ACES wordmark is overdoing it..
  7. MLB Redesigns Series

    Too bright. Keep the black.
  8. NHL Preds, Sens & Ducks

    Is it just me, or does the Preds' logo look more like the NFL's Jaguars' logo?
  9. MLB Redesigns Series

    Yeah.. Also, I get the playing cards reference, but if you want Las Vegas to be a loud team(racing stripes) black just doesn't fit..
  10. MLB Redesigns Series

    How about a purple cap with a gold brim for the purple jersey?
  11. 2017 NHL Refresh (22/31 PIT Added)

    Wow. That's an awesome Vegas concept..
  12. MLB Redesigns Series

    Excellent job on the new purple!
  13. MLB Redesigns Series

    How would the 2nd shade of purple in the tequila look?
  14. MLB Redesigns Series

    I'm gonna have to agree with you. The purple looks better.
  15. MLB Redesigns Series

    How would an orange on orange look as the away? I don't feel the mono-purple.. But the concept is great