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  1. The 90s. Where you can do whatever the he@# you want That Preds jersey.. I love it
  2. I love your Ranger tweaks. I always thought the set could use more red.. Maybe swap the gloves color?
  3. Nice with the Isles. I, despite being a Rangers fan, like that logo.
  4. Yes. Love that you ditched the yellow helmets. Every set needs color balance, and I think you nailed the preds. Is the sleeve stripe supposed to look like a tooth? It's a nice touch
  5. FISHERMAN!! I love that logo..
  6. I like the new logo. Good mix of old and new.. As far as the jerseys themselves, I like the look. The double outline of the numbers though.. I think you need to swap blue and black here.
  7. Kings in purple!!! Awesome!
  8. I love how wonderfully crazy all these concepts are. Just about the Canes, shouldn't the circle around the jersey flow from back to front instead of ending?
  9. I just want to say you are doing an amazing job on these. I remember trying to use this template, and how annoying getting the stripes and logos warped and aligned was..
  10. Looks like a mash of the current SB template, and the old dueling helmets template..
  11. More chest stripes?
  12. The teal will take some getting used to, but it looks amazing..
  13. North Stars.. GOOOD! Blue Jackets: SO MANY STRIPES!! But I like it..