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  1. frankofamerica

    Personal Sports Logo

    Well there goes this logo...
  2. frankofamerica

    Personal Sports Logo

    I think many of us dreamed of being a professional athlete one day. Perhaps a famous one, lucky enough to not only have their own sneaker but their own logo. Had my basketball or baseball dreams had come true I would've worn the #4 anywhere I could. My first name is Frankie. So what if... what if Frankie and the number 4 was as common as MJ and the number 23... I came up with this logo: it can be an "F" or a "4". It is turned on a 31 degree angle, which represents the day of the month I was born. (Blue is the actual logo, gray is just an example of the "F" and "4")
  3. frankofamerica

    2017 MLB ASG LOGO

    @stephencase24 funny you mention that - one of my earlier ideas involved the outfield sculpture. Decided to scrap it and keep it clean.
  4. frankofamerica

    MLB 2018 ASG - DC Logo concept

    Concept logo for the MLB All-Star Game in Washington, DC.
  5. frankofamerica

    2017 MLB ASG LOGO

    Decided to tackle a concept logo for the 2017 MLB All Star Game which will be in Miami. Had some ideas to make it glitzy with an over the top Miami-style. But eventually led to a simpler clean logo.
  6. frankofamerica

    LA Clippers Rebrand

    Awesome, great job!