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  1. Like I stated previously, I first attempted to use the FM Editor to simulate but after I ran into some problems I just went week by week manually setting scorelines after generating a schedule. I believe the font is called Geometos from Dafont.

    This seems like a really great resource! I will definitely be using some of these.
  3. Thanks! The most I have for historical stats is a list of previous champions https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1-RfytYbiFE8Z5GYiDB3xAqrtZHnJgSu-Ki20TXp3IUE/edit?usp=sharing
  4. 2017 League Ladder AFGV crowned champions of the premiership again! It is the first time a club has won back-to-back titles since Nenor City won three consecutive in 2005, 2006 and 2007. The top 8 clubs will compete the 2017 NISSAN Premiership Playoffs which seeks to give glory to lower teams. Tallon, Northam and Wanderers fans will be saddened by the relegation while Great Oak supporters will be happy with their survival in the top flight.
  5. New England Revolution Rebrand (Updated Kits)

    Kits The primary has a unique sash to match the angle from the logo and the secondary is just a basic red and white design.
  6. New England Revolution Rebrand (Updated Kits)

    Just gonna bump this to see if anyone else has any thoughts. Here's what it looks like with a green outline
  7. New England Revolution Rebrand (Updated Kits)

    So I updated the stroke thickness, added some white and a monogram and made a few different options. The empty space is a bit awkward so if anyone has any ideas on what to do I'll see what I can do. I also threw in an alternative idea I had but it's again really awkward with the empty space. I'll make some kits as soon as I decide on the crest. Thanks for the C&C!
  8. Floridian Premier League (Derby Posters)

    The effort and commitment put into this series is incredible. Looking forward to see what you do in the future! As for a champion, I like St. John's logo and kits the best of all so I'd vote for them as the underdogs lol.
  9. A few months ago I was scrolling through my Instagram feed when I came across the logo for the Patriots' Draft Preview which was in the shape of the crest seen above. I became inspired by it and I finally got around to executing the idea. The crest includes a diagonal stripe representing the American soldiers, a curve at the top representing a colonial hat and the tree of the Flag of New England. High Quality version Examples of usage C&C is appreciated! If you notice any flaws in need of fixing I'll see what I can do! Kits to come soon.
  10. Philadelphia City Soccer Club

    I don't really think the silhouette really works, imo. I feel like the bell would represent Philly better as well as being instantly recognizable. Also this is kind of off topic but isn't the whole reason why the the Union are so far away is because the Red Bulls said it interfered with their location or something?
  11. Colonels Logo

    I'm back with another quick concept! This time I took a Civil War Colonel and created a logo out of him. I had some struggles with the eyes, especially his left eye which is hidden by the nose. I originally thought that the hat would cause me some trouble but I think It came out okay. Something I'm not completely sold on is the shading and how it doesn't really look like shading for a logo, if you will. C&C is appreciated.
  12. MFF Cup Semi-Finals In leg 1 of the semi-finals of the MFF Domestic Cup, Fort Hymm lost on the road to East Island while Bolian drew against Montpellier. This season, all final four clubs are from the premiership.
  13. WFA Club Championship 2017 (Week 4 Scores)

    Reims has to step it up!
  14. WFA Club Championship 2017 (Week 4 Scores)

    Take it easy, Bolian! Awesome stuff as always!
  15. NECA | New England Collegiate Association (URI Rebrand)

    Rhode Island Rams Their "RI" wordmark is pretty much flawless so I found no way of improving it.