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  1. Alliance Day The bond between Granon and Normania is very close. To many, they're just states within the country of Monarch Island. The two countries hold joint military practices, often have government leaders plan with each other and obviously share a soccer league. A special way they celebrate this connection is through Alliance Day, a day-long celebration in the border-city of Saint-Paul. First, a parade starts at 9am, goes along the river promenade, passes the stadium and ends at the palace lawn. The next event of the day is an international friendly between the two countries at 2pm. Thousands usually gather outside of the jam-packed stadium and watch on. Finally, at the end of the day, a concert is held in front of the palace. Fireworks end off the night, accompanied by the Saint-Paul Orchestra as they play the Anthem of Alliance. The performance is done in front of the once British palace and stronghold where they surrendered in twice, once to the retalliating army of Granon and once to the rebellious southern Normanians, with aid from the already well established Republique de Granon. New team tomorrow! EDIT: Forgot an "L" in alliance but lets just say thats how they spell it on the island!
  2. Thanks! Updates are coming! I've been very busy with school and sports leaving me tired and with little time to put much effort into this. I first have to catch up with the results and rankings first and I suppose this is a perfect week considering it's the international break. Plus I have a special historical event that coordinates with the league coming soon as well...
  3. I did originally have that idea but I just couldn't execute it well enough.
  4. Today I was bored and decided to digitalize a sketch for a ski mountain logo. The mountain is named Whittier thus, the W and the mountain in the center cuz its a mountain. Anyone have any thoughts? Improvements I can make?
  5. If Thomas was to get a logo I feel like it would definitely have to just tie in "IT" because he's most often associated with that, not his number. Nevertheless it looks good!
  6. Originally I was going to use Football Manager but I couldn't get the editor to work so I just determine the results myself based on a few different factors.
  7. Meant to post these earlier but I forgot. Also if any mods can move this thread to the new sub-thread, I think it belongs there.
  8. I think the design on State Line's secondary would look better if it was subliminal because most of the details are far too small. As for Albany, the crest looks sorta boring but if you made it a true rounded and got rid of the white in the back it would be better imo.
  9. I made a new league logo because I wanted something that was more modern than what was being used previously. Any C&C is appreciated!
  10. Williamstown FC Williamstown was the first ever club to win the Premiership back in 1932 but ever since their second title in 1963, the Lions haven't been the competitors they used to be. Having only finished in the top 4 twice in 2 decades, the fans and the club feel they need a rebuild. In 2006 they began the construction of a new 50,000 seat stadium right on the harbor and revamped their ancient logo. Somewhat recently in 2015, the club ditched their old habit of using classic kits with no sponsor as they signed a deal with Carnival and Puma. Once kings of the league and MFF Cup, the Lions have slowly been dropping off, but the future seems bright.
  11. Something about that Revs kit that the leak didn't have was that the shoulder stripes alternate white on the red and red on the white which is interesting.
  12. Yes I do! https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1-RfytYbiFE8Z5GYiDB3xAqrtZHnJgSu-Ki20TXp3IUE/edit?usp=sharing List of league champions and domestic cup champions
  13. A few updates! First, I made a little storyline thing and also I made a graphic showing the top scorers as well as an updated table.
  14. Finished watching Frontier on Netflix in about 2 days. such a great show, can't wait for season 2.
  15. Saint-Paul The city of Saint-Paul is located on the border of Normania and Granon, split by River Landes. The city has embraced their dual country culture as many speak French and English. At first tensions were high between citizens of opposite sides in the 1800s but the close bond between the two countries has mended the relationship significantly. The city is ften used a common ground stadium. Saint-Paul has recently won their fifth MPL Championship in 2013 under the leadership of legendary Nenor City manager and former S-P player, Rob Flowing. An academy product in the 40s, Flowing won the Premiership 3 times in his 20 years with the club. In 1976 he retired at 36 and in 1989 became the manager of Nenor City, winning the league 8 times until he returned to Saint-Paul in 2013. He became the first coach to ever win the league back to back years with 2 different clubs in 2012 and 2013. He decided to retire from coaching in 2013 and is one of the most beloved characters in the history of the league. Recently the club has dropped off, but has been investing heavily in their academy, hoping to soon be able to reach their past success.