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  1. I'm back with another quick concept! This time I took a Civil War Colonel and created a logo out of him. I had some struggles with the eyes, especially his left eye which is hidden by the nose. I originally thought that the hat would cause me some trouble but I think It came out okay. Something I'm not completely sold on is the shading and how it doesn't really look like shading for a logo, if you will. C&C is appreciated.
  2. MFF Cup Semi-Finals In leg 1 of the semi-finals of the MFF Domestic Cup, Fort Hymm lost on the road to East Island while Bolian drew against Montpellier. This season, all final four clubs are from the premiership.
  3. Reims has to step it up!
  4. Take it easy, Bolian! Awesome stuff as always!
  5. Rhode Island Rams Their "RI" wordmark is pretty much flawless so I found no way of improving it.
  6. Welcome to the NECA, an elite conference of universities throughout New England which strides to create a top enviorment for collegiate athletes and help them succeed academically as well as in sports. The conference contains 16 top schools from Maine to Connecticut. Over the course of this series I will be rebranding school logos that I feel need one, if not then I will create uniform sets for several sports. We'll start off with the University of Maine. UMaine Black Bears Rhode Island will be next!
  7. I run a fanpage for the New England Revolution in my free time and have found it really fun to make all the score-cards and other branding for it so i figured I would share it! Goal Matchday Fulltime Game Info Starting XI
  8. The two Nenor clubs! Both based in the capital of Normania, the streets are divided among Loyalists and Tridents! Nenor City The younger of the two, Nenor City was founded in 1913 by a group of laborers who were fed up with football in Nenor being only for the wealthy. Known as the Club of the Working People for many years, the team was bought in 1936 by a mining corporation owner who changed the name to Nenor City had had a trident placed of the crest after his surname (he was quite arrogant). Although many were angry at first, the club progressed greatly, reaching the premier division by 1947. In the 1960s Nenor City really started to take off with constant success. Between 1960 and 2012, they've won 19 titles which is enough for second most all time in only about 50 years. They have lots of cash to spend each year as they have investors from SkySports and Samsung as well as many Chinese businessmen. The supporters have always been criticized for their history being built on money but the argument of having 19 titles will surely shut many up. Nenor United The Loyalists are one of the oldest clubs in the league being founded in 1898. The crest takes the Nenor Crown which was used a symbol during the British days, as their main logo, as the city was loyal to Britain for many years. Usually their fans are more upper-class and wealthy, as has been throughout their history. Over the years they've only managed to win the premiership 7 times for fourth most in the league. Their most recent title came in 2010 after a 14 year drought. But they were only kings of the city for 2 years, as usually superior, City won the title in 2012. United have worked tirelessly to invest in youth instead of buying proven players like City. Their chariman has said that he wants to see United have more titles than City one day, and that will only happen with the youth. In Nenor, though, the academy recruitment is extremely difficult and the two clubs are often forced to fight over young prodigies which made the league install boundaries to their recruitment areas. United controls north of the river to the border of the greater Nenor metro area, while City is south. This further expands the stereotype of United being for the rich and City being for the working class as many high income families call the north their home. United currently are ahead of City in the table and are still possibly in the hunt for their 8th title.
  9. I've been experimenting with many different styles and ways of improving the design including making it a full-face and lots of other elements. But, I decided I didn't want to go too far away from the original logo so I updated the nose, mouth and added an eye to the left side to match the original. I have also made a few soccer jerseys and a secondary logo which is an update of their current primary. In my opinion, the nose makes him look like a scarecrow but it looks even weirder without it.
  10. Those are concepts. http://www.footyheadlines.com/2017/01/unique-nike-chelsea-17-18-concept-kits.html
  11. Agree with joob, the text feels too default, like something you'd write an essay in. Personally I think getting rid of the gradients and going for more of a simplistic design would work well with the kits and crest.
  12. I love how all your concepts tend to stick with the templates of the provider making them all pretty realistic.
  13. So a local high school of mine has been really trying to get away from this old logo and I decided to try an remake it, after all they mistakenly put it on their football field so they can't wipe it away forever. There's something off about my design that I can't quite put my finger on so that's why I'm looking for to C&C before I move onto working on jerseys and other branding. This was pretty difficult to do, especially the little staff which was nearly impossible.
  14. JSL is probably my favorite so far! Love this series.
  15. Thanks! Some advice I'd give would be to make the league more than just dots on a map and logos. Make the area have history and each city have individual things that make them unique. Also, I like to play around with what the stadiums are like and how the supporters are as well. I think the main mistake I did on my first attempt was not giving each team and city individual characteristics so eventually the crests looked all too similar and basic.