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  1. lookin good. both me and @New York's Greatest will be posting from now on as well.
  3. @adidas, if you are going to make changes for the Devils, here. This looks amazing
  4. i wont say anything about the BOO PENCIL LOGO (bc i dont wanna get a ban...), but tbh, all the Kings need to do is just throw some purple in there. i might be one of the few to actually like the LA logo...
  5. Im afraid of what is going to happen to the Bruins, and the Penguins... I like the Pens new jerseys, and I don't want them to change. But the Bruins, idek... the current set is starting to grow on me a little...
  6. Orange...
  8. Next up is the Hollywood Dragons. Hollywood went up against Ontario in the first year of expansion. They lost, and Hollywood got a IHA team. Hollywood would later get promoted, and, sadly, Ontario moved to Oakland. For the Dragons, I went with something outside the box, like Hollywood. Who's sign seems to be missing...? White - Home Gold - Away
  9. @New York's Greatestugh whyyy
  10. i mean this has been dead for over a year now...
  11. Up next, the Detroit Racers. This I guess was meant to be 1990s style, but the only thing that makes it 1990s is the striping... The Racers are the affiliate of the Toronto Bucks. White - Home Navy - Away
  12. me too
  13. i mean, a NHL team wore the exact same font.
  14. Next up is the Buffalo Thunder. The Thunder are the Brooklyn Emperors affiliate, this affiliation would also last until 1995, when Buffalo got promoted to the WHL. For Buffalo, I went sort of 1990 style with this, using some things that you would see in the 1990s (or in the Sabres case, today). Dark - Away White - Home
  15. @Darknes