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  1. 3 More defunct teams for today Montreal Express Syracuse Smash New York Saints
  2. Next up we have the Columbus Landsharks New Jersey Storm Vancouver Ravens
  3. So I guess I kinda forgot that I had a whole bunch more of these concepts made up and just never posted them. Lots of defunct teams to come! Baltimore Thunder Washington Power Portland JumberJax
  4. While the concept is quite nice, a quick Google search shows this is stock clip art. I would refrain from using stuff like this in the future if I were you so it pushes you to improve your own logo design skills and not rely on pre-made assets. If you do use stuff from Google at least mention it before selling it as your own.
  5. So here we are at last. The conclusion of the NBA 90s series. Last up is the Seattle Supersonics. This set dons the space needle on the front of the jerseys. I always wished the team would have done something like this because they used it so predominately in their 90s brand. The rest of the design uses large swooshes around the jersey and shorts with that awesome red, green, and yellow color scheme. So that's it, Thanks a to to everyone who stayed with this thread and supported it. It really means a lot to me that these concepts are enjoyed by many people. Maybe one day I will tackle another 90s league redesign as I find these really fun to do as I get to really be creative and go wild with these designs. Thanks again. See you next time, whenever that may be.
  6. Here we are at the last two concepts for the current NBA teams. First up is the Utah Jazz. This concept basically just takes the Jazz's 90s uniforms to the next step by adding a blue sky gradient behind the mountain on the front of the jersey and also putting the mountain on both sides of the shorts. Second is a team that never existed in the 90s, the New Orleans Pelicans. I made up a new "what if" identity for this team using Mardi Gras colors and some very festive and bright stripes shooting across the uniform. So that just about does it, just one more team to go. Stay tuned for the finale.
  7. Two more teams are up for today. First s the Orlando Magic. I kept the pinstripes that the team has used for a while now and added some very large tars down the side of the jersey and shorts that come from the logo. And next is one of my personal favorites, the Vancouver Grizzlies. This concept uses the teams fantastic alternate Haida logo and blows it up to the front of the jersey. The awesome pattern from the original jerseys returns but is sublimated across the entire uniform.
  8. Next up we have two more teams. First is the Denver Nuggets. I decided to use their navy,red, and gold identity as that is what they used for the majority of teh decade. Nothing too crazy. The chest stripe follows the front logo and stretches around to the back. And second is the Toronto Raptors. This team's uniforms from the 90s were one of the main inspirations for this series but I think I took it a bit further. The striping is based off of the old shorts striping and fits with the supersized dinosaur on the jersey.
  9. Ask and you will receive. I figure it's about time we get through these last few teams in this series. I've got two new concept for you after over a year hiatus. First up is the Indiana Pacers This set is based on the Pacers early 90s jerseys with the addition of the ball and stripes from the team logo across the front and back of the jersey. Second for today is the Washington Wizards. The wizard logo makes a large appearance on the front of the jersey holding the player number. The numbers and name of the back follow the arc of the top of the jersey design. Gold also makes a much more prominent appearance then it did on the team's actual uniforms. So I don't know how quick the rest of the teams will be out (it wont be a year I promise) but I will try my very best to get this finished and have some new quality concepts to show all of you.
  10. 3 more defunct teams coming up. First are the Boston Blazers Chicago Shamrox And the New York Titans
  11. Here's the first batch of defunct teams. Keep in mind that I am going to be designing these to fit the time period when the team played so expect some wild 90s inspired designs. First up is the Albany Attack The Arizona Sting And the Pittsburgh Crossefire
  12. So I know it's been a while since I've posted on this thread but I have quietly been working on some concepts for it for the past while. I have lots of defunct teams concepts ready to post so be ready as I will be sharing them in the coming weeks. First I want to post my concepts for the three new teams in the NLL this year. First is the Halifax Thunderbirds. I really love this team's color scheme and wanted to emphasize the purple more than anything. I also made a new shoulder logo for the team. Next is the New York Riptide. Another color scheme that i really like. I emphasized the light blue color as it is very unique to the league as opposed to navy. Last is the brand new Rochester Knighthawks. I love this new logo and the colors are cool. Went with a unique arched chest stripe that I think fits the bird logo pretty well.
  13. Hey Everyone, I know it's been a while for updates on this project. That's because I've been busy with the final deliverable for the school pat of the project. I now present to you a promotional animation video for the league. This is basically like a video that would be released to introduce the teams of the league and get it's hype up for starting this summer. Let me know what you think.
  14. Back again with the rest of the realistic mockups. First is Bartolo Colon pitching for the Calgary Engineers Next is Khris Davis lining up with the Saskatoon Prairie Sox Lats is Edwn Encarnacion trotting around the bases for the Oshawa Motion I have also done up promotional league poster featuring the leagues' best superstars. Let me know what you think.
  15. I just recently found out about the ECHL's Norfolk Admirals 3rd jersey that they currently wear and it looks very close to a concept that I did for the Hampton Roads admirals for my ECHL series back in 2015. The Norfolk team didn't adapt the old identity until 2017 so mine definitely predates it. The striping is absolutely identical and the only differences are really the white outlines on the numbers and the chest stripe continues to the back. I'm thinking someone from the team saw my concept online and decided to use it.