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  1. Next up is the Iowa Barnstormers. The Barnstormers are one of the most iconic indoor football teams of all time and have a pretty long history of great uniforms. I went back and took inspiration from many of their looks with the iconic goggle helmets and propellers on the pants.
  2. Staying in California next up is the Oakland Panthers. This concept goes all out with the claw marks that team uses on their current jerseys. They are enlarged over the shoulders and on the pants. An oversized panther is featured on each side of the helmet.
  3. Next team is the San Diego Strike Force. I am a huge fan of ever part of this team's brand. The colors are very unique and the logos are flashy. My jersey design doesn't change a whole lot from the current set but adds some striping based off of the primary logo to the shoulders and pants.
  4. Next up are the Quad City Steamwheelers. Went with a unique striping pattern that wraps around the shoulders and up to the collar on the front. The helmet is quite unique also with the smokestacks being moved from the front of the helmet to the side.
  5. Next team us is the Tuscon Sugar Skulls. I really love this team's brand and I think they could have something much more unique in the uniform department than they currently wear. My concept uses the triangle pattern from the hat in the logo across the chest of the jerseys and down the pants. I think this would make the team stand out in the league so much more.
  6. Next up is the Green Bay Blizzard. I'm a big fan of this team's color scheme, especially the shade of green. Because of this I only used black in the numbers to bring out the green and silver more.
  7. Next up is the Cedar Rapids River Kings. I'm a big fan of this team's colors and logos so I tried to use them all evenly. The unique jersey design warps around the shoulders and follows down under the arms.
  8. Next up is a new team to the league this year, The Frisco Fighters. This team usually uses a bit of light blue in their jerseys but I wanted to just stick to grey, white, and blue. The striping is sharp to represent the speed of a fighter plane and continues from the jerseys down to the pants. Also here is an update to Spokane. No blue filing on the white jerseys shoulders.
  9. Hey Everyone, I figured since everyone else has some quarantine projects on the go, I'd start one up of my own with something that's a little out of my comfort zone. I have never really done football concepts before and I've never really watched indoor football but I have seen it and I find it very interesting. I also like how the teams aren't afraid to do something different with their uniforms and don't just stick to the basics. This league has expanded quite rapidly recently so I think now is a good time to do a little redesign of the current teams. These designs won't be super outlandish or anything but will definitely have some character and I hope you enjoy. First up is the Arizona Rattlers I went off the Rattlers old jerseys here and took their triangle pattern and sublimated it across the entire uniform. The pattern appears in color on the sleeves of the jersey. The snake from the R logo appears large on both sides of the helmet. Second for today is the Spokane Shock I went off of the team's primary logo with an electric blast effect on the shoulder, pants, and front of the helmet.
  10. So Pretty much exactly one year after my last post I have finally gotten back to this project. I said I was going to do more teams when I had more time on my hands and I figure there is not much of a better time than now. I have four more teams planned for this but who knows, there could be more than that. Anyways let's get to it, team number 7 the Edmonton Tusks. Went with Blue and orange for the color scheme as a bit of a homage to the Oilers but also because it's very unique to the league. The logos feature a mammoth head and a sharp angled E for the cap logo. The jerseys feature a sharp string pattern on the shoulders and some piping down the front.
  11. 3 More defunct teams for today Montreal Express Syracuse Smash New York Saints
  12. Next up we have the Columbus Landsharks New Jersey Storm Vancouver Ravens
  13. So I guess I kinda forgot that I had a whole bunch more of these concepts made up and just never posted them. Lots of defunct teams to come! Baltimore Thunder Washington Power Portland JumberJax
  14. While the concept is quite nice, a quick Google search shows this is stock clip art. I would refrain from using stuff like this in the future if I were you so it pushes you to improve your own logo design skills and not rely on pre-made assets. If you do use stuff from Google at least mention it before selling it as your own.
  15. So here we are at last. The conclusion of the NBA 90s series. Last up is the Seattle Supersonics. This set dons the space needle on the front of the jerseys. I always wished the team would have done something like this because they used it so predominately in their 90s brand. The rest of the design uses large swooshes around the jersey and shorts with that awesome red, green, and yellow color scheme. So that's it, Thanks a to to everyone who stayed with this thread and supported it. It really means a lot to me that these concepts are enjoyed by many people. Maybe one day I will tackle another 90s league redesign as I find these really fun to do as I get to really be creative and go wild with these designs. Thanks again. See you next time, whenever that may be.