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  1. Next up is another Phoenix Coyotes Concept. This one uses a prototype logo from the team's 2003 rebrand. This logo was one of many prototypes for what would become the coyote head logo that is still used by the team today. This prototype logo is different then the final version but I really don't think it's a worse logo overall. The jersey design is similar to the striping from the rebrand but adding more sand and black to the color scheme to make everything pop a little more. I never liked how the Coyotes only used red and white for so long. Link to the Icethetics prototype video. The logo can be seen at 4:52
  2. Next up is another concept for the New Jersey Devils. This is based on jersey I found online that I don't think is an actual prototype but was instead made up for the New Jersey Devils Fan Club called the Devils Den. I'm not sure if this was ever used for that but it was put on a jersey shown below and either way I thought the logo was really cool and that it could work for a 90s style Devils concept. This concept goes with a fire pattern along the hem and arms and focused more on black. The third jersey is a more basic and sharp design.
  3. Next up is the Tampa Bay Lightning. This is a concept that I recently found in Icethetics wonderful video on NHL Prototypes. There are a few concepts coming up in this series inspired by this video. The sketches are seen at 5:34. These logos for the Lightning were just sketches but there are some really cool concepts in here for the rebrand in 2011. I picked the Zeus inspired logo for the primary as I really like the uniqueness of it and how it would stick out in the NHL. The secondary is the TB lightning logo shown in the sketches which also appears on the third jersey. The home and away jersey are pretty tame similar to most of Tampa's jerseys in their history. The lightning bolt is still on the pants and also appears on the shoulders. The third jersey goes a bit out of the comfort zone with some more jagged lightning striping.
  4. Next up is the Hartford Whalers. This concept uses a set of logos that were a few of many considered for when the Whalers cam into the NHL from the WHA. Many of the concepts shown in this article are earlier versions of what the Whalers would end up going with but the one I chose is something very different. This logo features two abstract whales that form a W. The concepts shown also show a blue and orange color scheme. The Whalers obviously didn't go with this but I though it would be fun to use for this concept. I'm thinking the Whalers maybe went with blue and green to differentiate themselves from the Islanders and Oilers. To deal with that I prioritized orange over blue in this concept with an orange primary jersey and helmet to give them a unique look to the NHL.
  5. Next up is a whole proposed NHL franchise, the Toronto Legacy. The Legacy were a proposed team in the late 2000's that would serve as a rival to the Leafs. The idea never got too far but the team did make a logo and jersey to show off. The logo is very average to say the least and is pretty much the most basic approach you could take at branding a hockey team in Toronto. The jerseys I came up with utilize more grey as it would make them stand out a little more to all of the other red teams in the league. The third black jersey features the Toronto skyline from the primary logo on the hem. Link to a story on the Toronto Legacy
  6. Next up is the Rocky Mountain Extreme (commonly known as the Colorado Avalanche nowadays). This was a proposed identity for the Avalanche in 1995 which has gained some publicity in the past few years. This name and logo set screams 90's and I really love it. The team never showed off a color scheme so I kept the Avs colors as they are one of my favorite in the NHL. The home an away jerseys are similar to the Avs jerseys of the era but much more going on to fit the team name. The third jersey features a giant X that spans across the front of the jersey and onto the arms. Link to the story on the Extreme logos.
  7. Next up is the Buffalo Sabres. This concept uses a proposed logo from the rebrand in 1996 which would eventually result in the goat head logo. In this YouTube video around the 18:30 mark you get a rough look at a couple of different proposed ideas but this one was definitely the most polished and interesting of the bunch. The colors are grey, navy, and red. The image I had to work off of is not great and I changed the buffalo head up to what I thought looked a little better than the original. The secondary logos are made by me and are just different versions of the other logos used by the Sabres in the 90s. These being the B sword shoulder patch and crossed swords logo for the 3rd jersey.
  8. Next up is the Los Angeles Kings using a proposed logo from the 1967 expansion. The jersey below shows a prototype of what the team was considering wearing for their inaugural season. The logo isn't bad by any means and fits the time period. My concept uses a bit of a different striping pattern as well as keeps both the yellow and purple pants that the Kings wore through the 70s.
  9. Next up is the Atlanta Thrashers. This concept uses a proposed logo that was apparently one of many considered for the Inaugural 1999 season. This picture is the only thing I could find but it shows many different concepts featuring more cartoonish logos than the team ended up going with. I liked the middle left logo the best and went with it. The jerseys are definitely out there but remind me of templates that were used in the early 2000's, The secondary logo is my own creation and features an A with wings on each side. Fairly simple but I think it fits with the brand.
  10. Next up is the Columbus Blue Jackets. This concepts uses logos and ideas from many of the unused concepts that the Blue Jackets almost used for their inaugural Season in 2000. The primary logo is an unused full body version of the stinger logo that was almost used as the team's main identity. This makes for a very fun and unique color scheme of light blue, red, black, and lime green. The home and away jerseys feature all of these colors as well as stars on the cuffs and slightly darker horizontal stripes across the jersey which were used in another set of blue jackets prototype jerseys. The third jersey goes full like green for the base. This is very bold but I think the design is tame enough and the colors contrast well to make what could have been a sharp looking uniform. Link to the story on the unused logo.
  11. Next up is the St. Louis Blues concept featuring a sort of mix between some proposed concepts for the 1995 season. This concept uses the very unique pink and blue idea shown below combined with the logo from the bottom left concept. I really like the idea of the double blue concept in the top right but pink was the definite winner for me. The design is similar to what the blues went with just with a few more stripes and of course, more pink. The third jersey is an idea based of the blues proposed 3rd jersey from 1996 that never saw the light of day. This concept uses a full pink base and brings down the trumpet idea from the original jersey but would still fit right into the 90s. Proposed concepts
  12. Next up is the Carolina Hurricanes. The logos used in this concept were unused prototypes for the team's expansion in 1997. I really love these logo and I think that it would have been a much more unique identity then what they cam up with. The primary logo would still look alright by today's standards. The jerseys are 90's inspired with waves of many different colors flowing across the jersey. Link to the story on these logos.
  13. Next up is the New Jersey Devils. This logo is one of the more well know unused logo in the NHL and was shown off with the announcement of the team name in 1982. The logo isn't bad but doesn't hold up to what the Devils ended up using and have been using ever since. This concept uses a design somewhat similar to the Devils inaugural jerseys but with more black thrown in. The third jersey is more of a second dark jersey option as in the 80's there wasn't really third jerseys being used league wide yet. Logo on the Sportlogos.net mothership.
  14. Next up is the Florida Panthers. This concept uses a proposed logo from the 1993 expansion. This logo is very different from what the team ended up going with and tried to capitalize on the popularity of colors of the Florida Marlins at the time. I also modified the inaugural palm tree shoulder patch to fit with the primary logo better. The jerseys use a unique sunburst style effect on the sleeves with some angled striping. the third jersey is bright yellow to represent the sunshine state. Link to the story on this proposed logo.
  15. Next up is the Washington Capitals. This concept uses a prototype logo from 1995 that was ultimately beaten out by the blue and gold screaming eagle. This logo is very strange and I'm definitely glad it didn't see the light of day. That being said, this concept tries to follow the trends of the mid 90s by going a bit outside the box with an abundance of black and pointed stripes down the arms. The third jersey goes full 90's and full American with a giant eagle head emerging from the USA flag. This logo can be found on the mothership along with another unused logo concept.