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  1. personally, I believe that they should simply replace all the black in their entire look (uniform and logos both) with navy blue. I think navy effectively does the same job as black, but is more cohesive and doesn't look that out of place. Plus, they already have all navy equipment on their alternate anyways so that makes it even easier.
  2. Well it's been a few years since I've posted a concept on here, but since the Senators are getting a new design I figured I would throw my idea out there. It's based off of their 90s look, but gold accents added, and the numbers are free from the stripes. I also utilized their awesome alternate logo that they never use (simplifying it a little bit too). The colors I just slightly tweaked because I felt like this popped a bit more. I really like the way it turned out because it's classic and modern at the same time, and I feel like it's just a nice, clean, simple uniform that makes their look infinitely better.
  3. Basically this is what we're expecting for the Preds
  4. So are we looking at something along these lines? Just a quick mockup I did
  5. @hendocfc what are the biggest changes on Nashville's jersey?
  6. Looks a lot like the Milwaukee Admirals
  7. Looks pretty legit to me, seems pretty high quality. If not it's a very good fake
  8. Did a quick edit of what I would like to see from Atlanta
  9. I know they can use their alternate at the draft, but could the Wild be making a switch to the green unis for the home set? Have they used the green at the draft before?
  10. Yes, and I think they need to return to the league, and I hope that Las Vegas will do it
  11. This is how the new set should be, based upon the alternate
  12. Flip the colors of the away jersey's yoke to balance the colors a little bit more and I agree with the above comment, the checkerboard pattern has no real connection to Nashville and is hardly noticeable, solid concept otherwise.
  13. As much as I liked the old set, these are an upgrade. The logo is great, the collar is really cool because it looks like the state flag, the captain's patch on the sleeves is also a nice touch, it is much better than I expected, and it is a really nice upgrade, even with a lack of a lot of blue.
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