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  1. Monaco FC Founded in 1928, the Monaco Football Club is the most important and unique club in the Principat de Monaco. Coming from the ashes of the Sport Club de Monte Carlo, Monaco FC is one of the most successful teams of France. The club participated right from the start to the Première Ligue, The club is one of those who participated in the first season of the Première Ligue. However, in the postwar period, the club fell into disrepair due to the loss of many key players during the conflict. Retrocedged in 1949 and remained in the second division until 1963, when its returned to Première Ligue, and since then he has no more relegated. In its history, it won four times the national title, all in the 1990s, exactly in 1989, 1991, 1992 and 1996. In 1996 the club was able to conquer the famous "Treble", the championship, national cup and the most important European cup. Since then, only two national cups have arrived in the Monegasque clubs trophy board. Today, the club is back to the top for winning the national title, returning to being one of the most important teams. The club crest is inspired by the crest of the little nation of the "Principat de Monaco". The outline comes from the national coat of arms, as well as the crown above it. Inside, we find the famous rhomboid symbol of the Monegasque culture, and above it stands the name of the club. Map Kits From its inception the kits of Monaco was always skyblue. The choice fell on the skyblue, as the color of the sea and the Cote d'Azur, where Monaco is located. Adidas is the sponsor of the club since 2010, instead the russian bank VTB appears on the club's jersey since it was detected by one of the major Russian tycoon.
  2. Hello everyone! First I wanted to introduce myself, I'm PascalHugo and I am a designer. I wanted to create a football series, sorry soccer, across the Europe and maybe the world... So let's start this! ( Yeah yeah I know, I try inspiration by Berlin Wall and Lafarge) DEUTSCHE FUßBALL LIGA The Deutsche Fußball Liga was founded in 1960, after the DFB and the DDR decided to create an unique championship for Germany. It's a merger of several regional championship across the two Germany. It was one of the Top 5 championship in Europe (England, Spain, Germany, Italy and France) and it's most unpredictable of all. There are 20 clubs in the Deutsch Fußball Liga . During the course of a season (from August to May) each club plays the others twice (a double round-robin system), once at their home stadium and once at that of their opponents, for a total of 38 games.
  3. It all depends if I can get time to devote to this project. first work on crest, to have all the necessary material. Then I start working on the uniforms. First work on the home kit, found the various sponsors (although in some cases I have already in mind) .After that up the rest. In the amount of time I do not know exactly quantify it.
  4. Yes, I want a club similar to Lorient (for the choice of colour) Thanks Xenon!! Thanks my friend, thank you so much. So, I already have some ideas and some concepts in mind for Spain and for England and even Italy ... But I'm undecided on what to begin with. I think England.
  5. Now I realized that simple I try inspiration from Airness kits
  6. Jeunesse Sportive de Limoges The Jeunesse Sportive de Limoges, or simply JS Limoges, is a sports club founded in September 1978. In Limoges football was represented only as at amateur level, because basketball was the totality of the town sports scene. Thanks to some local entrepreneurs, was founded a club, with the objectiv of reaching the summit of French football in the space of a decade. The target proved more complicated than expected, but the club did not give up and continuing on his way. After spending his entire history in the lower categories, this year has finally managed to get to Première Ligue. With the landing in Première Ligue, the club crest has undergone modernization. The emblem until last year was circular with inside the club's initials. The new version has the shape of the coat of arms, internally divided into 4 sectors with th club colors. Above them there is a white band with the initials. Instead below it, there a ball topped by a halo of the holy symbol of the city. Map Kits The JS Limoges colors are orange and black. It is not known why the choice of these colors, but are thought to be due to the tastes of one of the founders. Today the club is sponsored by Airness, while the main sponsors commericiale is the Intermarche hypermarket chain.
  7. Yeah i know that, sorry for the mistake, i thought "Stade Club de Paris" was correct. I change it in Stade de Paris, like Stade de Reims. Today I change it.
  8. I'm not really fluent, but I try to inform and use correct names. Why its feel weird?
  9. So many thanks!! It depends, sometimes if I have already thought of something, do it before a project on paper and then start working on PS. However in other cases, when I have no idea, I start directly working on Photoshop. in terms of time, in half an hour I can finish a logo.
  10. Stade de Paris On October 23 1893, in one of the most famous places of the French capital, was born that is now the most important and most famous club in the nation and one of the most important of the world: the Stade de Paris. The Stade de Paris is the symbol of French football. Throughout its history he has won practically everything, both nationally and internationally. 30 Championships are a record, no team in the best European championships won so much. The Stade de Paris has never known the humiliation of relegation, and in fact is one of the few clubs to have participated in all editions of the Première Ligue. At Stade de Paris have played most of the best players in history, making this club a real legend all over the world. In over 100 years of history the club has remained at the top, forming a true dynasty that hardly fade away in future years. Besides the capital city derby against Cercle Rouge, the most heartfelt game is the one against CA Marseille. This game is known throughout the world as "Le Classique" one of the most bright and fiery derby in football scene. The club crest full icon corresponds to the soul and essence of the club. A white coat with black border in which there is the characteristic red band, undisputed symbol of the club. Above the band, in the foreground, there is the Eiffel Tower and at his feet the lily symbol of the city. Map Kits Those Stade de Paris are among the most famous kits in the world. The transverse red band on white background are a unique sign of identity. Legend has it that in a duel with swords, one of the founding members of the club was hit across the chest, the blood will gush impregnating on the white shirt. Adidas is the sponsor of the Paris Club since 2001, while the Korean giant Samsung is sponsoring the club in 2013.
  11. Thank you so much! When I create a club, I want also to create an identity and history, I think is more realistic.
  12. Racing Club de Rennes Founded in 1930, the Racing Club de Rennes is one of the most known team of France. Born from the ashes of the FC Rennais, RC Rennes is a very important team of French football scene. For most of its history it has remained stable in Premiere Ligue, managing to win it in 1957. During the seventies and eighties has experienced its darkest period, going down in the third division. Despite that has succeeded in the feat of winning a domestic double despite being in the second division. At the beginning of the new millennium thanks to a mix of young and veteran managed to reach the semi-final of the most important European cup. Today the club is going through a period of tranquility. The pride of the Breton club is definitely his "cantera" capable of giving to the national different players made history. The emblem of the Racing Club de Rennes has two basic elements. The first is the "Triskell", world-famous symbol of Brittany and Breton people. The second one are the tails of Ermine, undisputed symbol of the city and the region. It has undergone many changes throughout its history, remaining unchanged since the nineties. Map Kits The shirts with black and white stripes are very well recognized at European level. They modeled the colors of Britain have a real pride in the fans. Patrick, who has his headquarters in Vendeé just in Britain, sponsors the club since 2008, however Samsic appears on the shirts since 2012.
  13. Yeah, I think is better more darker or more "light blue", something like Olympique Marseille. Really thanks, I tried inspiration from Club America because I want to create a simple but strong identity.
  14. CA Marseille The Cercle Athlétique de Marseille, or more commonly known as Marseille, is definitely one of the most strong and important teams of France. Founded May 24 1899 in an important house of the city, by some important people of "marseilles" society. The club was founded as a sports club, they were in fact practiced over 10 sports. The club is one of the most successful, with 12 national titles, various national cups and many successes at European level. After winning the fifth title in 1968 the club snub a serious crisis, which made sink into the second division. Things change in 1973 when the club came under the control of an important company of the city. The return to Première Ligue occurred in 1979, and in 1982 came the conquest of the sixth national title. Since then came another 6 titles, the last in 2015. Today CA Marseille is considered one of the great powers of European football, with one of the most important academies of the world, and one of the most solid companies in the financial and commercial level. The club crest has remained almost unchanged since its creation in 1899. A simple yellow ball inside with the initials of the club in red. There was just a simple renewal respectively in the 50s and at the beginning of the new millennium. Its simplicity made him very famous and recognizable everywhere. Map Kits If you say Marseille, you say yellow. The uniforms of the CA Marseille are among the most famous in the world. Nike has designed a third jersey in honor to the colors of the city. The contract with Nike is one of the most enduring and profitable in France, in fact, has been in place since 1994. Fly Emirates appears on the shirts since 2010.
  15. I like it my friend...the new league logo is simple but efficient..Keep it up!
  16. I love LOTR, and this is simple beautiful...bell'idea Pulv!!
  17. Thanks! I'm so proud of this type of comment. Thanks Thanks! Thank you so much!
  18. Thanks, yeah its a bit like Cagliari But the Moor's Head is the symbol of Corsica and Sardinia, and its cant stay out from a crest.
  19. FC Ajaccio The Football Club Ajaccio or commonly Ajaccio, is the most important team of Corse. Founded in 1925 and is the most important team of Corsica. Despite not having ever won the national title, it has spent most of its history in Première Ligue. The darkest period was definitely in between the years 80 and 90, in fact, at that time the club met relegation, even finishing in fourth division. After this period, the club was re-established in the first division in the late '90s and since then it has managed to spend most of the time in Première Ligue. The crest of Ajaccio has undergone few changes throughout its history. The only thing that changed was the shape, in fact, it has gone from a circular shape to a more marked form, up to the present form. Inside, besides the name of the team, there are two important symbols, that of the city of Ajaccio and the Moor's Head symbol of Corsica. Map Kits The Ajaccio has always worn the same combination of colors: blue and red. The first uniform was red with vertical blue stripes, then step to a completely blue uniform with red sleeves, and finally after the war step into the current combination. Hungaria is the technical sponsor of this season, however, Oscaro appears on the shirts since 2007.
  20. Congratulation Raysox! Good luck for all!
  21. Thank you so much! I hope you continue to follow this.
  22. Olympique de Toulouse The Olympique de Toulouse, or simply Toulouse, is one of the most known and important teams of France. Founded in 1903 by some students of the Universitè de Toulouse, the Olympique was a club where they practiced various disciplines including football. Football over the years got the upper hand on the rest, becoming the first and only club activities. He took part in the first edition of Première Ligue in 1933, but got only the first successes in the 70's, namely in 1972 and 1976. In fact, after the first few years in Première Ligue, after the war the club were relegated to the second division and stayed there until the 1955/56 season when they managed to get back in the top flight. After the successes in the seventies, the relegated club back in the late '80s In 1994 the club returned permanently to Première Ligue. The 2000s have been a continuous increase until the victory of the third title in 2014 and the European consecration. The crest of Olympique had a clear evolution in the course of its history. This evolution, however, has maintained two clear symbols, the Occitan cross that is the symbol of the region where it stands Toulouse and O and T club initials. The current solution came in 1994 with the return of Première Ligue. Before it the crest was circular and inside had no written. Map Kits Since its inception the Olympique has always used the current uniform: pink shirt, pink short and black socks. The choice fell on the pink because the city of Toulouse is nicknamed the "Ville Rose" which means the rose city, because of the color of its historic houses. Under Armour equiès the team since 2011 when it replaced Puma, instead of the giant Airbus, which has its headquarters in Toulouse, sponsorizing the club since 1994, forming one of the most enduring partnership in football.
  23. Cercle Rouge The Cercle Rouge de Paris was founded in May 1900 in a well known local in transalpine capital. Winner of two nationals titles, respectively, in 1967 and in 1977, the Cercle Rouge is one of the most famous teams in France. While drawing a name from the popular flavor is the club par excellence of the Ville Lumière bourgeoise. He took part in most of the Première Ligue editions, except for the years in the '50 and a paranthesis at the turn of the 80 and 90. It's considered an eternal unfinished, in fact in the 68 edition of which took part in, was ranked second for 19 times. Today the club is one of the most equipped and appreciated, both at the level of play that at the corporate level. The club crest is very simple and straightforward, and can eclose in a simple symbol whole soul of the club. Cercle Rouge in english means Red Circle, and in fact the symbol coinceved by François Vernes in 1900 is a simple red C that goes almost to clos to form a circle. In the late 90s it came to th current solution, in addition to C were added the ship symbol of Paris and royal lily with inside the year of foundation. Map Kits The uniforms of the Cercle Rouge follows tha national colors, blue jersey, white shorts and red socks. Since its creation, colors of the club were always these. Famous also the red C on his chest,undisputed symbol of the Parisian club. Puma has replaced Nike in 2012, however the main sponsor is Havas that appears on the shirts from 2014.