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  1. Player Brand Logos (Kimi Raikkonen Added)

    Wentz logo seems too Bears-esque for me.
  2. High School Football Redesigns

    Could you do Pendleton (SC)?
  3. Yellow Jackets Football Concept Logo

    The logo itself looks great, I just couldn't see it being GT's logo.
  4. Super Bowl LI Concept

    I second this.
  5. NCAA Color Rush

    Dang it. Only a minor mistake. I'll work on that in my future sets.
  6. NCAA Color Rush

    The pant stripe isn't ideal on this one, but black wouldn't work considering there wasn't any black anywhere else. I kind of like the numbers without the black outline, too. Georgia
  7. NCAA Color Rush

    I'm pretty sure that the NFL has a one helmet rule, could be wrong tho. The NCAA doesn't have that rule, so I just assumed that if there was a CR then the teams would use different helmets.
  8. NCAA Color Rush

    It was a little tricky mimicking GT's jersey stripes, but I did my best. Also fixed the pant stripe. Georgia Tech
  9. NCAA Color Rush

    Georgia Tech
  10. NCAA Color Rush

    Hello, A couple of days I was thinking about the "Color Rush" unis that the NFL teams use. I wondered how major NCAA teams would look with these flashy sets. I did a quick search, and found BKKnight95's old thread about NCAA Color Rush unis. If you would like to see his, Click Here. Anyways, I decided to give a crack at it, and came up with a pretty nice set for Georgia. Here it is. List: Georgia (Edited) Georgia Tech (Edited)
  11. Did you shut down the SEC concepts? I no longer see it on the site.

  12. TED Talk on Flag Design

    This is my city's flag (facepalm):