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  1. I think it would be cool if Veras made merch out of his AFA teams.
  2. Raphael Vega, 25 tech entrepreneur, creator of the Vega Prism, Vega Tech's first foray into the video console market. Tony is keeping a close eye on all the best players as face as he hope to have the rights to video game licences. Atlanta and Memphis.
  3. I was hoping to introduce a character who would be the one to have the contract on all AFA games but he may not be seen until the mid-90s.
  4. I suspect that the SL will be for St. Louis and the steam paddle boats on the Mississippi River.
  5. US Super League (19/64)

    Will there be anything for Denver?
  6. Any chance at a preview of the USFA uniforms or will we have to wait until the inaugural season.
  7. The Colorado/Portland game is what happens when you entire strategy is focused on one man.
  8. To further help the Avalanche have a bear drive where they're fans throw teddy bears on the ice.
  9. The problem is that the power is in the players, so there is going to both team jumping and a consolidation of good players to the richest team or teams.
  10. I don't see the USFA lasting beyond a couple of years, but having said that do you have names for the 12 teams for the USFA or are you taking suggestions?
  11. As much as I like the design (and I really, truly do) but scientifically speaking Sabretooths were more closely related to lions than to tigers, sorry.
  12. I think the sixth option is closer to mine, but I agree that the darker green works better.
  13. The following are just suggestions for Seattle's unis, hope that's okay.
  14. What's the source of the maroon (I hope it's maroon) because you might be able to replace that with the teal.
  15. I agree, while I'll root for the US first the Germans are my second team and to score nothing, bad form Germany.