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  1. While the USFA still exists will we ever see a exhibition game between the champions of both leagues?
  2. Nashville HoundDogs (spelled like that) or Kings Denver Prospectors Orlando 'Canes (spelled like that)
  3. Antonio Vega, 36 tech entrepreneur, founder of FaceSpace, heir apparent of Vega Tech Inc. Tony is keeping a close eye on this new sport that if proven successful he hope to have the sole rights to all video game licences. Vega votes for Denver, Salt Lake City, and Houston because he believes that the sport needs to expand beyond the Mississippi River.
  4. I only ask to see if my character was any competition for a video game licence or his company already has it? If the later who has been on the covers?
  5. I hope Denver gets a rebrand, they need something to change their luck.
  6. @hawkfan89 I don't know if you do the same thing as Veras but how do the new characters from the last Expansion Council fit into the PHL.
  7. Would you be willing to let others (not me) do some pics for you?
  8. @Veras Have ever considered creating mascots for the teams in the AFA or the USFA?
  9. I think it would be cool if Veras made merch out of his AFA teams.
  10. Raphael Vega, 25 tech entrepreneur, creator of the Vega Prism, Vega Tech's first foray into the video console market. Tony is keeping a close eye on all the best players as face as he hope to have the rights to video game licences. Atlanta and Memphis.
  11. I was hoping to introduce a character who would be the one to have the contract on all AFA games but he may not be seen until the mid-90s.
  12. I suspect that the SL will be for St. Louis and the steam paddle boats on the Mississippi River.
  13. Any chance at a preview of the USFA uniforms or will we have to wait until the inaugural season.