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  1. NotFromBuffalo

    The World Hockey League, It's Back!!!

    You give a team to ANCHORAGE but NOT anywhere in Florida?
  2. NotFromBuffalo

    Timberwolves Concept Uniforms

  3. NotFromBuffalo

    Minnesota Timberwolves

    Really nice thing you got goin'. The 'Sota thing is kinda like how the Sixers do "Phila" and it's neat. The back numbers are a bit high though.
  4. NotFromBuffalo

    Ice Cap's NHL Concepts: San Jose Sharks

    As much as the Bolts' logo looks good already, this redesign is pretty interesting.
  5. NotFromBuffalo

    What if scenarios: Vancouver Grizzlies

    What if the Browns stayed in Cleveland.
  6. NotFromBuffalo

    Minnesota Timberwolves

    I just want you guys to post concept of what the new T-Wolves look will be like. Can't wait for 4/11/17
  7. Always thought the biggest w/o a team was Austin. D-League doesn't count.
  8. NotFromBuffalo

    NFL 2 - Team Finals - BOISE

    Maybe there should be a team in Orlando or Ft. Myers. Two under-appreciated markets.
  9. NotFromBuffalo

    Playing around with the Pirates logo

    Yeah. I think the one from 1958 is the most "welcoming," or "kid-friendly."
  10. If Miami works out as a good market, then I hope to see a team in Tampa Bay soon. If they're bad in Miami, Tampa Bay is wide open. If none of that happens, then that's okay. Only a near 4 hour drive or half-hour flight and you're in MIAMI!
  11. NotFromBuffalo

    High School Football Redesigns

    If you do requests, could you do the Academy at the Lakes (FL)?
  12. NotFromBuffalo

    Team city flag recolor (REQUESTS TAKEN)

    How 'bout the Buccaneers.