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  1. You give a team to ANCHORAGE but NOT anywhere in Florida?
  2. *claps*
  3. Really nice thing you got goin'. The 'Sota thing is kinda like how the Sixers do "Phila" and it's neat. The back numbers are a bit high though.
  4. As much as the Bolts' logo looks good already, this redesign is pretty interesting.
  5. What if the Browns stayed in Cleveland.
  6. I just want you guys to post concept of what the new T-Wolves look will be like. Can't wait for 4/11/17
  7. Always thought the biggest w/o a team was Austin. D-League doesn't count.
  8. nfl2 update

    Maybe there should be a team in Orlando or Ft. Myers. Two under-appreciated markets.
  9. Better than having a team in Virginia.
  10. Yeah. I think the one from 1958 is the most "welcoming," or "kid-friendly."
  11. If Miami works out as a good market, then I hope to see a team in Tampa Bay soon. If they're bad in Miami, Tampa Bay is wide open. If none of that happens, then that's okay. Only a near 4 hour drive or half-hour flight and you're in MIAMI!
  12. If you do requests, could you do the Academy at the Lakes (FL)?
  13. How 'bout the Buccaneers.