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  1. Wow, the sea lion have changed. Also, why don't the new Sabertooths' unis have stripes on the back?
  2. iCriEvryTiem

    Fun With Flags!!!!

    Vanuatu, Nagorno-Karabakh, Niue, the Ă…land I. and Faroe I. have nice colors, Aruba, and Sarawak. Oh, and those Japanese ones. Y'know what I'm talking about?
  3. iCriEvryTiem

    American Basketball League (Alternate League!)

    I'm with Neo, Cinci and Pittsburgh
  4. What do you use to make the logos, jerseys, courts, etc.?
  5. iCriEvryTiem

    United States Baseball League- After MLB

    Also, I'm not the world's biggest NBA fan, so what's the difference between city and alternate?
  6. iCriEvryTiem

    United States Baseball League- After MLB

    I haven't been here for a while and I have a few things to say. 1. Some jerseys don't have front numbers, was that intentional? 2. The 'ES' on the Knights' city hat is a bit sloppy. 3. The Lumber hats should have some more variety. 4. I can't read what is says on the Hartford city jersey, could you clear that up? 5. I think the Chicago hats should also have more variety. Possibly make one or two be the same logo as the batting practice, without the 'i' in it? 6. I love the Chicago city hat, their flag is good for that. And how you made the stars snowflakes. Wow!
  7. iCriEvryTiem

    ACCL American-Canadian CrashBall League

    Toronto will be the tigers. There will be a logo update. I am open to any suggestions for a different name.
  8. I just didn't know what to put on it.
  9. iCriEvryTiem

    Wiffle Ball League America

    When you say that I think chameleon.
  10. iCriEvryTiem

    the World Hockey League: 1949-50 Season

    Will this league truly live up to its name as world hockey league?
  11. iCriEvryTiem

    Wiffle Ball League America

    Hartford Firearms (Colt, Browning and Gatling Weaponry was manufactured in Hartford), Houston Launch, Minnesota Double (for STP and Minneapolis), Portland Pines, Denver Pike (for Pike's Peak) and San Francisco Inmates (for Alcatraz).
  12. iCriEvryTiem

    United States Baseball League- After MLB

    Saintly City might be good
  13. OK, I made a website for the Philadelphia Row.
  14. iCriEvryTiem

    Tonga League Premiership

    One question... how did you make these uniforms, they look great. Otherwise, this is really good, and as ItDoesntMatter said, I too and they would be good for sports leagues.
  15. iCriEvryTiem

    ACCL American-Canadian CrashBall League

    Edmonton Kodiaks and Calgary Jets have been updated.