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    Redesigning Logos. Wait, Wait, Wait. Logos, Period. Also, the Sports Fanfiction Page.
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  1. I just didn't know what to put on it.
  2. Wiffle Ball League America

    When you say that I think chameleon.
  3. the World Hockey League: 1949-50 Season

    Will this league truly live up to its name as world hockey league?
  4. Wiffle Ball League America

    Hartford Firearms (Colt, Browning and Gatling Weaponry was manufactured in Hartford), Houston Launch, Minnesota Double (for STP and Minneapolis), Portland Pines, Denver Pike (for Pike's Peak) and San Francisco Inmates (for Alcatraz).
  5. United States Baseball League- After MLB

    Saintly City might be good
  6. OK, I made a website for the Philadelphia Row.
  7. Tonga League Premiership

    One question... how did you make these uniforms, they look great. Otherwise, this is really good, and as ItDoesntMatter said, I too and they would be good for sports leagues.
  8. ACCL American-Canadian CrashBall League

    Edmonton Kodiaks and Calgary Jets have been updated.
  9. Mississippi Football League (3rd Try 🙂)

    This is really good, I'd like to see more. How do you make the logos/uniforms?
  10. ACCL American-Canadian CrashBall League

    NC North, woo! I made these logos a long time ago so there might be an update. Top to bottom and left to right: Calgary Jets Regina ??? Winnipeg Lakers Toronto ??? Edmonton Kodiaks AC East coming within 3 weeks. CC welcome, and make your guesses.
  11. United States Baseball League- After MLB

    I like the 'Sin City', and 'Los Angeles' instead of Las Vegas and Hollywood Any chance that would be possible for STP I'm also with everyone else on the numbers.
  12. Wiffle Ball League America

    When I saw the standings: Am I the only Columbus fan? Thank you
  13. Baseball in the Future - League Start

    Nashville Olympians Chicago Machine (drop the s) Columbus Cannons I like coco1997's idea of Charlotte Monarchs Atlanta ??? (I'm with coco on this one too) Memphis Blues Raleigh Explorers Louisville Thunder
  14. Baseball in the Future - League Start

    I feel you... I'm on a Mac so I have to use online junk
  15. Canadian Baseball League (Joke)

    I don't care if you lock it.