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  1. I like the Canners' uniforms, but I think with the Captain C it looks busy and it'd look better if it were implemented into the fish in my opinion.
  2. The font used on the Phoenix wording, doesn't look as good as the Suns word mark, but however the design is pretty solid. I do think a suns logo is in need of a sunburst/sun however though.
  3. That new Diamondbacks kit is gorgeous! Fantastic work!
  4. Oh my, that Terrapins set is fantastic, a good start to this series!
  5. The Cheongju Flames logo looks good, but it feels out of place among the other logos.I think the logo should be similar to the Ulsan Arrows, with some sort of shape surrounding the Flames wordmark.
  6. Here's the thing, its the same length as an NFL game. If it were 10, maybe 8 minutes, and a mistake wouldn't lose you the game, it'd be a lot more interesting and fun.
  7. I don't know how it would look, but how about the V with the V being a bite mark
  8. The first logo could be the main logo, and the second logo could be a tropical alt. And where is the NBL
  9. Will you do a Worcester team? I have family from there, and visit every once in a while, so I just wondered.
  10. I have a strange, strange, strange idea. A fictional planet, football league. Football as in World Cup Football
  11. Will you be doing hypebeast collabs, such as Supreme x Louis Vuitton
  12. Can you make a Suns one with the classic feel
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