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  1. Here's the thing, its the same length as an NFL game. If it were 10, maybe 8 minutes, and a mistake wouldn't lose you the game, it'd be a lot more interesting and fun.
  2. I don't know how it would look, but how about the V with the V being a bite mark
  3. The first logo could be the main logo, and the second logo could be a tropical alt. And where is the NBL
  4. Will you do a Worcester team? I have family from there, and visit every once in a while, so I just wondered.
  5. I have a strange, strange, strange idea. A fictional planet, football league. Football as in World Cup Football
  6. Will you be doing hypebeast collabs, such as Supreme x Louis Vuitton
  7. Can you make a Suns one with the classic feel
  8. Agreed, the throwback is near perfect, but why is there a scaly, liny pattern on the collar
  9. Agreed, as a die-hard Cardinals fan, that logo is a downgrade. The home jersey has too much black compared to the rest of the jersey, and there's a similar problem with the away. And why can't our Color Rush be all red, I hate the all blacks.
  10. As a Coyotes fan, I liked the Kachina jerseys, but never liked the Green, I like your Kachina-ey jerseys because they have the pattern on the Shoulder area. Nice Job