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  1. Here's something for Kolzig: Right team, right uniform, wrong position. Olie playing defense during a Caps Alumni game.
  2. When Reebok originally designed the Edge system the jerseys were meant to be worn tucked in to the pants. That's why there weren't hem stripes on any of the early prototypes. The players, thankfully, rejected the idea since tucking the jerseys in would trap in too much heat.
  3. I'm a Sabres fan, so I think of him as a Senator mainly because of this:
  4. Tugnutt only played 18 games (7 regular season, 11 playoff) as a Penguin. He played the most games and had his best career numbers with Ottawa.
  5. For a Habs fan seeing Lafleur as a Nordique must have been even more wrong.
  6. Not really 'in action' since he's just kind of standing there, but here's Jim Zorn as a Buc.
  7. They were the LA Rams for a lot longer than they were the St. Louis Rams. Why would they leave the identity there?
  8. Huh? There are tons of players with higher numbers in MLS, including both Wright-Phillips brothers.
  9. Not at all. The reason they referred to the team as "White Elephants" is because they were trying to make an AL team work in a market already dominated by the NL Phillies. The Phillies were literally the competition they were trying to survive against, so it would make no sense for them to adopt the elephant as their logo. That said, the elephant really doesn't make any sense in the context of Oakland either, but they keep it out of tradition.
  10. According to Stegall only played one game against the Vikings in his career, during the 1992 regular season. The Bengals and Vikings didn't play in the preseason during his time there.
  11. I don't know. This seems like a worse '90s logo change to me: Also, dat mullet...
  12. NHL franchises have almost always rebranded when they've moved. 1920 Quebec Bulldogs > Hamilton Tigers 1930 Pittsburgh Pirates > Philadelphia Quakers 1934 Ottawa Senators > St. Louis Eagles 1976 California Golden Seals > Cleveland Barons 1976 Kansas City Scouts > Colorado Rockies 1980 Atlanta Flames > Calgary Flames 1982 Colorado Rockies > New Jersey Devils 1993 Minnesota North Stars > Dallas Stars 1995 Quebec Nordiques > Colorado Avalanche 1996 Winnipeg Jets > Phoenix Coyotes 1997 Hartford Whalers > Carolina Hurricanes 2011 Atlanta Thrashers > Winnipeg Jets Out of 12 franchise relocations only 2 have kept the same name, and Minnesota to Dallas only half counts, since they obviously had to drop the "North" from North Stars.
  13. Here's Stegall going up for a pass as a Bengal. He must not have caught it. According to his only NFL TD was against the Oilers in 1992.
  14. Also interesting to note is that according to the article, the blue jersey is the home jersey and the white the road. The NHL switched to white at home and color on the road prior to the 1970-71 season, the year the Sabres joined the League.
  15. Before the Canucks joined the NHL in 1970 there was a team called the Vancouver Canucks that existed in the PCHL and WHL between 1945 and 1970. They used Johnny Canuck as a logo. This puck was most likely the 20th anniversary logo of the WHL Canucks in 1965.