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  1. With good reason. The Canucks were a Rangers minor league affiliate when they wore these jerseys.
  2. Well yeah, but that was obviously a Silly Nannies home game.
  3. I read your comment with your avatar and sig and thought for a second that you said the Philadelphia Eagles wore all maroon for a game in 1979, and was very disappointed that there weren't any pictures.
  4. The Sabres had 2000's Night tonight. They avoided all the issues they had with counterfeit jerseys on 90's Night and just gave the 2000's Alumni 50th Anniversary jerseys instead. On one hand, kind of a cop out, but on the other hand at least we didn't have a bunch of guys out there in Slug jerseys.
  5. The Metrostars started in 1996, but the screenshot above is from season 1 of Seinfeld, which aired in 1990.
  6. When Reebok first proposed the Edge system the jerseys were intended to be tucked in. It was part of their plan to make the player sleeker and more aerodynamic. Then when they started testing them on ice the players complained that they were holding too much heat and sweat in. Eventually they changed the materials to be more moisture-wicking, and decided against tucking the jerseys, but the rounded hem remained.
  7. The IHL's Detroit Vipers (the last pro team that Gordie Howe ever suited up for) wore teal, black and red (with a touch of athletic gold). They looked pretty good in their day.
  8. You forgot about Buffalo, Columbus, Edmonton, Florida, Montreal, The Islanders, The Rangers and St. Louis (not to mention Vancouver themselves) who also wear blue. As many teams (15) wear blue as wear black in varying amounts.
  9. Imagine having the worst team name in a league that includes Chrome and Chaos.
  10. They still do that. Last year they wore white at home.
  11. I think the lighthouse shoulder patch was the best part of that set. If they would have built the identity around that instead of the constipated fisherman it might have gone over better.
  12. Another reason why it's more common there is that those teams represent independent clubs, and aren't franchise clubs of a specific league like North American pro teams are. They're not beholden to league rules for rebrands like teams are here, where they are often required to keep a redesigned logo or uniform for a certain number of seasons before the league will allow them to rebrand again.
  13. For this year's Skills Challenge the Sabres will be wearing replicas of the jerseys worn in the 1978 All-Star Game, which was held in the Buffalo Memorial Auditorium.