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  1. The Canes have already announced they will be wearing black for their designated "home" games.
  2. You're probably right, especially now that the NBA has broken the ice.
  3. Yep, and if they can get away with putting the team patch there this year without any significant pushback I fully expect that to get quietly replaced with a sponsor's patch in a year or two.
  4. I'm afraid that patch is more insidious than silly. That's a Trojan Horse for advertising on the jerseys.
  5. Sorry you got boned Rams fans.
  6. I think the point was he never wore that design when the Bulls had it originally (Jordan did), but he did wear the throwback version.
  7. Add the black =O= jersey as the 3rd and this would be a great set.
  8. Does everyone get one of these?
  9. Speaking of numbering rules, did the rules change to allow WRs to wear single digits in the NFL? The Bills released number for their new draftees, and they have Gabriel Davis, a WR, listed as #3.
  10. Both of these make sense though. The Texas Rangers are named for the legendary law enforcement bureau of the same name. Walker wasn't a Dallas Ranger after all. Florida panthers are an actual subspecies of cat. I'm pretty sure there's no such thing as a Miami panther.
  11. And before that you wore a suit and tie for pretty much any public gathering, including sporting events.
  12. I think it goes without saying. An NHL team in Quebec City would be the Nordiques, just as sure as a team moving to Winnipeg was gonna be the Jets.
  13. Closest I can find is this Pirates of the Caribbean alarm clock.
  14. Before the invention of radios drums were used for battlefield communication. Different drum beats were used to send signals between officers and troops. The sound from a drum could carry further and more clearly than a voice and more quickly than sending a runner from group to group on the battlefield.