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  1. This is just a concept someone posted on Twitter, but it's allegedly based on a report from someone who has seen the finished product.
  2. Not feeling the white shoulder patch on the white jersey. I think the blue stick-in-rink would have looked better on the white jersey.
  3. It's a throwback. If the original didn't have a logo on the side of the helmet, the throwback shouldn't have one either.
  4. I was watching Redwoods vs Archers the other day and I noticed that a few of their players had white letters for their NOBs, while the rest of the team had yellow letters. Looks like a slightly different font on those players as well. Does anyone know if there's a reason for that? I didn't notice any Archers players with different colored letters on their jerseys. #16 Perkovic and #23 Dunn have white letters here. There may have been others that I didn't notice. Sorry for the crappy pictures.
  5. There was an ABA team that used that name from 1968-70.
  6. Trump did try to buy the Bills, as did a group of Toronto investors fronted by Jon Bon Jovi. The Bon Jovi group had plans to move the team to Toronto. Trump stated he planned to keep the team in Buffalo, but nobody here really believed that would really happen. LA and Vegas were still on the table as possible destinations at that point. Luckily for Bills fans the Pegulas came through and bought the team, keeping them here for the foreseeable future.
  7. Even though he's worn dozens (hundreds?) of different jerseys over the years, I always think of this particular Pens jersey as the "Snoop Dogg Jersey".
  8. This isn't the first time in league history that a team left a market and was replaced with an expansion team bearing the same name and a new logo. In the previous cases there was a gap of a few years between the original team leaving and the new one being awarded. The Boston Blazers existed from 1992 to 1997 when they folded. Then in 2009 a new Boston Blazers team was established. The new Blazers only lasted three seasons before they too folded. The Philadelphia Wings were one of the founding members of the Eagle Pro Box Lacrosse League (the earliest predecessor of the NLL) in 1987. They remained there until 2014, when they moved to Uncasville, Connecticut and became the New England Black Wolves. In 2018 a new team began play, also calling themselves the Philadelphia Wings.
  9. Even weirder, the Knighthawks 2.0 will be owned by Terry and Kim Pegula, who also own the original Knighthawks' biggest rival, the Buffalo Bandits.
  10. How so? There are 8 other players who played more games for the Caps than Laich.
  11. He played for the Bills for 9 years, including leading them to the biggest comeback in playoff history. How is that not a right uniform for him?
  12. Long time Bills backup (and current Colts head coach) Frank Reich with the expansion Carolina Panthers: With the New York Jets: And with the Detroit Lions:
  13. Echo

    Castle Rock?

    Castle Rock is the setting for a bunch of Steven King's horror stories. I'd be worried the jersey is haunted.
  14. That's Rhea Perlman (Carla from 'Cheers'). She's 5'0", so there's a height reference for #33 behind her.