Kochak Sports concepts - PARMA FC. Yes, Soccer.

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I'd stick with royal blue for Rangers home shirt. It looks good, it just doesn't look like Rangers.

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Hello everyone, and welcome to another post...I don't know if the last sentence is right ( neither do i about this one ), but whatever...
I present you my Società Sportiva Lazio uniforms concepts. Both of them inspired by the amazing work the also italian Macron have been doing.
These kits were made especially for the "FM Challenge", a competition that takes place three times a month. I have suggested the theme, since I won the 3rd Challenge of July. August is a "special month", so it was the theme of the 1st contest of September, which I also won.



That's it for today.... I promise that one day I will record the "Presentation", because it takes more time to write the text properly ( sort of... ) than making the kits themselves...

Till next post, VLW, FLW !!!!!!!

( Suggestions, C&C in general... Please, leave it on the comments... )

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Hello everyone ! It's time to resurrect another one of my topics ( Paraná State football is officially dead... RIP );

So, I'll post some new football / soccer kits i've made in the past few months, and hope for some comments.....


First, one of Scotland's most tradicional teams, Celtic :


Then, Os Encarnados ( Or just SL Benfica, from Portugal, if you're not familiarized with the nicknames of European soccer teams... ) :


Getting out of Europe, landing in South America... Here is Colombia :



That's it for today... Till next post....

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Here are some AC Fiorentina kits.
First entry in 7 months.



Yeah, that's it. VLW, FLW !!!!!

( Não, eu não desisti disso aqui, nem do outro tópico, com concepts de times da NFL usando logos feitos por Max O'Brien, etc... Mas eu só tenho três problemas : Falta de ideias, Falta de disposição, e preguiça de escrever em inglês )

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Hello everyone !

It's been some time.. But, I'm finally trying to get back at ( on? in ? på ? I really can't use prepositions.. Sorry "by" my mistakes ;-) ) my "rhythm".. So.... Post some comments if you like the work you see.. And........................................................................ Well.. Have a good time ! ( PS :I'm using the "spoiler" tool, I don't know how to use it, but i'm using it anyway.. Hope it works the way I think it does. )

First, LEICESTER CITY : These kits were made for a Competition held by Federação dos Mockups, and also were the first concepts I completed in months.. Surprisingly, I won the Desafio.
Link to the original post ( Portuguese ) : 







And now, Atlético Paranaense, one of the main soccer teams of my city, Curitiba, Paraná, Brazil ( Lovely place. No Carnaval here. Some nice cold days in Summer, too...Quite an amazing place, really. )







That's it for today. I really want to post more stuff here, as much as I want to fix the accent of my "Inner English voice"... And I will do both.

Vlw, FLW !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

( PS : Yes, the "Spoiler" feature works just like I have imagined... )

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Hello everyone.. New entry, new sport. After MORE THAN 1 YEAR left in the dark, desperate and alone, this thread will be updated "constantly" this year.... Once in every 3 months, if everything work...

Well.. Here are the kits ( and also a link to the original post - in portuguese : )






That's all for today... Vlw, FLW !!!!

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I'm back !!! Yeah, I know... Work as Designer can REALLY make one tired of designing stuff, and that is why I only write once in every Ashes series or so. Yet, here is the kit / uniform / concept / file / I don't know how to call it :

AUSTRALIANS : if there is ANYTHING wrong, such as logos, etc., Please let me know.  

 The idea heere was pretty basic : It is called Victoria, it has a tradition of using the V as an important part of the design.. yeah....

Original post ( portuguese ) :

That's it for today.  VLW, FLW !!!!!!!!!!!

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Back to "normal" sports.. Em breve.....

( This is a teaser, BTW... I don't think I know how to make this.... )


PS : My phone is the technological equivalent of a under developed potato so.... yeah..... And NO, I will not translate that sentence.

That's it for today.. Vlw, FLW !

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AND THE FIRST POST AFTER A OAKLAND ATHLETICS TEASER IS ..............................................................................  a second division Italian soccer team. Yay !

Hello everyone. My english is not in its top form today, and I have 0 energy to google a decent translation, so... here :
Ok, maybe I still have a bit of energy.. Translation from original post in Portuguese :

-"There it is : Not too far from the traditional Crociatti uniform, perhaps the most different things are the addition of stripes on the socks - arranged in a pattern similar to that of the crest, and the small striped "tags" on the cuffs, a nod to the famous 1990 shirt.
This said, on that night of indecisive weather and the calm and soothing sound of Slayer [...]"

[...] Vlw, FLW !!!

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