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  1. Is it?? Sorry about that then, Shadojoker! (And thank you Conrad for clearing that up) Another note about the Nets jersey, looks like Adidas was still able to squeeze in their damned 3 lines on the bottom of the side panel of the jersey. Down to 9.5 for me. I love the piping on the new Grizz jersey but whats with (and what IS) that logo under the collar? is this the new trend? It's kind of like how secondary logos used to be on the back but they've now migrated to the front due to the NBA logo going back there. Looks sillier on the front imo (and yes I know the Clippers already were the first to have it on the front on their last set). At first I thought the Grizz jersey was a new Buzz City alternate.
  2. They are black... might want to lower the brightness on your monitor! Lol look up the pics of Lopez in them, better lighting in those.
  3. Love them. 9.75 / 10. I just can't get over the secondary logo under the collar but other than that they're perfect imo
  4. I thought there was a rule against mutliple helmets? Not a complaint though, they're beautiful (Giants). Love the set.
  5. I hear ya. It's just personal preference at the end of the day. I agree that the blue jersey suffers but from my point of view, its the inconsistency of the side panels. They have the old Bucks set side panels (if I'm not mistaken). If it had the primary sides or even the stars and stripes, it would be dramatically better. The front stripes don't add much aesthetically as much as it just is there for nostalgia, and for that they should make that the pride/fauxback jersey and this new jersey the basis for the primary set. One things for certain -- this jersey is a beauty.
  6. Instantly their best jersey, imo. The only bad news is that this is an alternate. 100x better without the unnecessary chest stripes that should've been left with the Bullets. I like the stars and stripes side panel too. Good on them for this. This is the forth team with a better alternate template than primary template (Blazers, Nets, Rockets, Wizards). Jazz jerseys are better than what they were but I cant get over the old kings side panels... like why?!?!? So unnecessary. It bothers me when teams just throw something there when it would look better with nothing at all. Jazz are one of the few teams that could get away with nothing on the sides, but they blew it with unnecessary clutter. Rant over.
  7. possibly a home alternate? Interesting. I want to like their set but I can't because of the numbers / grey outline on the numbers and their whole set just feels forced, if that makes sense. Their jerseys are close to being great but fall short imo. Always bothered me. I know it's petty but isn't that what CCSLC is for? lol thinking about it further, a white alternate is a little weird though. Maybe it's a pride jersey like RipCity / Motorcity ?
  8. who does all this fall on -- management, ownership or marketing or all of them? I need to know who I have to hate in that organization
  9. ^^^ great find and a great update for them. I always felt the heavy abundance black and orange was too halloween feeling for the Suns. This is more in place with their identity. I wonder if they will drop black completely or just start to phase it out
  10. I can't believe I'm going to say this but it might as well be sleeved. The reaction would be probably the same. So garbage.
  11. I see 3 little stars, that's about it. Screw Adidas. Not surprised that one of the last jerseys they release is basically their 3 stripes... I have a feeling this ASG will be aesthetically horrible, like all-time horrible with 3 stripes all over. They're really setting the bar low for Nike to come in and just do everything better.
  12. I was hoping the Pistons would hold off until Nike takes over and releases something fresh with them. This set seems stale to me. It needs more than a logo swap imo. Regardless, it seems that they've fumbled the whole execution.
  13. Note the adidas logo on the jersey. What's the point in even Photoshopping that in? Gotta wonder if adidas asked them to because it feels really forced. Means the "volt yellow" is still hideous. This set would've been immensely better with the old yellow. I just don't get it.
  14. I wouldn't even call them new though. Kind of just updated/ mashed with the Kings old uniform.
  15. that hat looks like it's from one of those stores at the airport you stop at when you land/about to take off.
  16. I wish they went full-pinstripe and sleeveless. Could've been a sick alternate if so, but the shorts side panels on the normal jerseys are much better than these imo.
  17. Yeah I noticed that his sleeves look looser than I'm used to seeing. I was wondering why he hasn't tore off part of it yet. At least they seemed to fix the fitting issue in regards to shooting. I've played in sleeved jerseys before and it's fact (at least in my case) that it impacts the way your arms move in the shooting motion. Just not comfortable after being used to sleeveless. I'm happy to see there's progress with them but I still think it's ugly af. Can't believe these will now be all time jerseys. I'm sure Adidas is smiling from ear to ear today and all summer.
  18. Safe to say it's an NBA team. Cases can be made for each of the above listed. My vote is Thunder. Just meh identity with no real flow or sense. Why is there black in their collar?? With a name like Thunder they could've done much better.
  19. ^completely agree as well. No set that has ever come from change for changes sake has ever been good. Most recent notable is a tie between D-Backs/Browns IMO. Old Cavs set was beautiful. The blue alternate too. Man what a great set. I may be in the minority but I think the 2000's are very underrated jersey-wise in the NBA. Even the last sixers set before the rwb return (the updated black gold red blue) was nice. Cavs, Nuggets, Mavs, Jazz, Clippers, Magic (early Dwight years), Kings (before this past set) all looked better then what they have now with exception to Kings with newest jerseys since I haven't seen them officially yet. *ps if anyone knows how to change the username please let me know. I've been searching for a how to and can't find it anywhere and my name sucks. Thanks!
  20. It's fresh for a team identity. Not a gimmick one night promotion to sell jerseys.
  21. A lot of people have such a specific look in mind for the LA Rams but I don't think it would be such a bad thing to change it up. In my opinion, it's better than staying in the StL set. At least come into LA with something fresh. Don't fear the raidersaintRams. It's not like those colors are restricted to those two teams. Hey, there's even two RWB teams in the same division. For the record, I do like the old LA Rams B&Y but I hate the StL set. *can someone give me $20 Million? Apparently I gave it to a hooker or something after getting off my unicorn that I tracked down with my "modern technology". innovate.
  22. New era, bring in something fresh. Old LA Rams failed. Why do we want a replica of that so badly? I think Raidersaints would look sick with a Rams template/modernized version. Just a personal opinion.
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