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  1. I could be crazy but aren’t the Mavs expected to change uni’s? That’s the only one I remember “confirmed” but not sure how concrete that is anymore because I haven’t heard anything lately
  2. I’m coming in hot over here but the worst part of any uniform in the four major sports in the USA is the Cowboys pants. Change my mind
  3. interesting @Teal thanks for the info. Any changes to the logo? And any others that you know of?
  4. Its interesting to me that the Wolves are the only team with visible sides. They look good overall and it's a + that none have sleeves.
  5. He left one out.. could be it. Happy the Pacers + Clippers are changing - their sets just suck and are both are inferior from what they changed from. Pretty surprised to see Suns - I thought they would just get rid of everything black for purple. Also surprised for Cavs - but not really since they want to squeeze as many uniform combinations in to whats remaining of Lebrons career as they can. I hope Wolves bring back the trees in some shape or form. Blazers we knew - modernization of sorts (I predict it will be similar to 'Rip City') Thunder / Lakers / Spurs / Heat - I think one of them I think will be the last team.
  6. I've been extremely hard on Adidas the past few years, and it was justified. BUT, they are leaving us with a gem. Specifically my team, the NETS. We looked amazing in our new black(ish) Nets jersey in our WIN over the Pacers. Simply beautiful. These need to become our primary aways ASAP. Far and away our best jersey.
  7. I never thought that until now. I can't unsee it. Thanks.
  8. OT - as many of you know the it's the Pacers 50th season and they have a patch for the jersey and court. Technically, it's the Nets 50th season too but recently they've decided to forget about their NJ history and now go by "est. 2012" as it says on their warm ups. I only bring it up because YES network had their own patch for the Nets 50th season, which is somewhat surprising given the Nets could care less.
  9. Someone will probably change for next season. I saw somewhere that this is the first time in almost 2 decades (17 years to be exact) that there is no new uniform in the league. I just wish the Jags revived their last helmet with the teal finish over the black but add gold into it too with the new logo. In my head it looks really nice, but so do a lot of things... If the jags did that, Jets stick to one good looking green, Bengals get rid of white side panels and switch number font to what the color rush is and Falcons ditch the Vick jerseys -- it would be perfect and I would get madden 18 most likely. Didn't get 17 because other from it basically being the same exact game, no new unis. (disclaimer - the foregoing is all opinion)
  10. I think it's too late for this season but the next one, maybe... Not sure if you're over at NetsDaily like I am but Lin has brought on a population larger than some small countries already. If we progress and develop the way Markinson intends, I think we could be on some national games next season, or maybe even get flexed late in the year when the Knicks inevitably collapse. Everyone loves teams that plays hard and leaves it all out there and from everything I've gathered this offseason, that should be us. Also on the Lin fans -- Expect a significant jump in Lopez's all star votes this season.
  11. Whatsup with the two shorts though? Is that apart of the look for the jersey or did S Dot layer up for media day? I've never seen something like that in media day pics
  12. The Rockets - I would prefer the numbers outline to match the word mark but solid and better than their main set imo, but not by much. Their main set is just really stale and could use a refreshing. Magic just look silly -- the shorts look like a canal street knock off of the Penny and Shaq days. You know it's bad when the uniform looks better on a 5 ft woman than it does on the player who's supposed to be wearing it. Adidas are very hit and miss on this last go around - from 9.5 on the new Nets jersey to a -9.5 on the new magic jersey. Nike will have to be epically bad to not be an improvement over this joke of a company. Wise for Por to not use the 3 stripe kings on their new set, one can only imagine the field day adidas would have with those stripes!
  13. Is it?? Sorry about that then, Shadojoker! (And thank you Conrad for clearing that up) Another note about the Nets jersey, looks like Adidas was still able to squeeze in their damned 3 lines on the bottom of the side panel of the jersey. Down to 9.5 for me. I love the piping on the new Grizz jersey but whats with (and what IS) that logo under the collar? is this the new trend? It's kind of like how secondary logos used to be on the back but they've now migrated to the front due to the NBA logo going back there. Looks sillier on the front imo (and yes I know the Clippers already were the first to have it on the front on their last set). At first I thought the Grizz jersey was a new Buzz City alternate.
  14. They are black... might want to lower the brightness on your monitor! Lol look up the pics of Lopez in them, better lighting in those.