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  1. Imo that’s the best jersey they’ve had since being Bullets. This should inspire their next set.
  2. Wait a minute, does that mean city jerseys aren’t dead @Conrad. ? Maybe they scrapped the warm ups idea to bring back more jerseys Makes $ense to me
  3. White coogie aka “Brooklyn camo” confirmed. Told y’all. damn it feels good to be a gangsta
  4. We’re they leaked in the redit thing or is it out of left field, for the most part.
  5. Have we seen all the classic jerseys for next season yet or are we still waiting on a few to drop?
  6. ^I’d add BKLYN. Looks better than PHX or Rip City imo
  7. Also you get a quick glimpse of KD walking off the bus in the new warmups. Seem almost same as last year but with a secondary color stripe (?) on side of pants and jacket
  8. Not sure if anyone has seen the 2k20 gameplay trailer but there’s a shot of the black Magic jerseys. Very underwhelming imo
  9. On the 2k rating reveal they said they can’t show Klay bc of the new jerseys coming out soon so it must be different than just the logo update on the front of them....
  10. Good luck taking those jerseys away from Yormark. This is a live look at Yormark leading a meeting about coming out with the white version of last years city jersey:
  11. I guess it’s mostly semantics. I’m a Nets fan so I’m also biased but they are so deeply entrenched in the black and white and it works so well it’s become theirs. In terms of winning obviously they have net earned “modern classics” yet but it’s just how I see things, ya know?