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  1. Opens up a window to fix the quite inspired but quite flawed logo.
  2. TSN is down a guy with Cuthbert moving to Rogers, wonder if he'd want to pick up the Toronto/Ottawa job.
  3. Wow, what a surprise, another great "analytics-minded" organization is really just being cheap. Forslund was wasted on Raleigh anyway; no one watches Hurricanes games and the other guy is a dolt. It'd be funny if he went to Tampa Bay, following Rick Peckham there as he did in Hartford.
  4. The Athletic already did their Thoughtful Examination piece last week, which, read between the lines, is a demand to change the name. That's why I'm stuck defending the Redskins, because for all the "oh but the Blackhawks do it respectfully" talk, we know in our hearts it's give an inch, take a mile, and I don't want them involved with a team I actually like.
  5. They're going after the Blackhawks next. They're feelin' themselves too much not to now.
  6. The stadium's name will change before the Redskins do.
  7. Crosby Field and the Agreed Monster, autocorrect is really taking batting practice on page 9 here
  8. The key to understanding the New Orleans accent is that it's a closer cousin to the old Brooklyn accent than to any southern accent. Anyway, the sparkle helmet looks neat, but that defeats the purpose of settling on a unified shade of gold, unless they're going to have sparkly numbers and pants, too.
  9. It's nearly the same uniform design. The Maple Wings of its time. Of course, it endured beyond the '67 Leafs set and became a classic in its own right, but they didn't really hide their brushstrokes here.
  10. The truth is that they wanted to look like the Maple Leafs but had to add an extra color. I've always picked up a "western" vibe from the old Sabres stuff, too, but I wouldn't go any darker than dark royal.
  11. Cam Newton probably deserved a better contract but he also probably shouldn't have stood around with his thumb up his ass instead of diving on the ball four years ago. The extent to which his blackness contributed to how that play has stained him for life is up for discussion but you know how this league thinks at the management level.
  12. Absolutely. You'd confuse the Rockies with the White Sox.
  13. There is truly nothing new under the #FDB813.
  14. The Canucks were red-orange, yellow, and black because it was the '70s and that was the kind of thing you did back then, but then a new uniform manufacturer didn't make that same reddish-orange dye, so they had to switch to regular red. Maybe there's something Canadian about that.
  15. Yeah, I like that a lot better because it reads clearly as southwestern without the Totally '90s vibes of teal and purple.
  16. It's kind of a typical CCSLC thing to poke into a binary argument with a third choice (ball-in-glove vs. barley? no, the best is the Motre Bame), but both primary D-Backs sets are bad and the true path forward is brick red and turquoise.
  17. I like the dreamcatcher logo and the city script, but I can't get over the Oklahoma City Thunder colors. The relocation of the Supersonics was so deeply crappy that seeing the blue and red-orange for OKC still leaves a bad taste in my mouth, even though the 2012 Marlins themselves ended up using the same colors or colors that were very very close, so it ends up making sense in a parallel-universe way. Do you think that 1889 has the same historical currency as 1849 and 1776, the other two years that spawned team nicknames? I'm not sure it does, but in a sport as locally driven as baseball, I'm not sure it matters, either.
  18. Mississippi retired its flag, to be replaced with one that doesn't have a symbol of the Confederacy. I've been critical of what I've seen as empty gestures, but this is not one of those, this is actually fixing something broken. I did see that the new design has to include "In God We Trust" on it, but I guess you had to do something to get it through.
  19. Needs Stripes™ on the socks, especially the white ones, but absolutely, that looks outstanding.
  20. While I understand that "civil war" can refer to any internecine conflict, it's unusual that it wound up in Oregon, when you would expect it in either 1) a state where the two universities are clearly in the northern and southern parts of the state, hence, a clear allusion to the American Civil War 2) a border state like Missouri or Kentucky. It doesn't mean anything to me because I don't live out west and I don't like college sports, let's just not pretend this is improving anyone's material conditions. It's cheap talk and you get what you pay for.
  21. UNC and NC State are both in the Raleigh area. U of I and Illinois State are about 50 miles apart, but they're both downstate, closer to each other than to the rest of civilization.
  22. Yeah, it's sort of like Oklahoma and Oklahoma State in that regard. I remember when the Texas-OU series had to be changed from "Red River Shootout" to "Red River Rivalry" because of gun violence, which, well, missionaccomplished.jpg on that one too
  23. Nothing was ever as obnoxious as Big Ten grads acting like Nebraska joining their sports club turned all their universities into diploma mills.