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  1. Thank you, phutmasterflex! But Cal used that one without any button, it's a Majestic pullover jersey.
  2. Thanks to all you guys for your comments! BTW, what do you call as a wordmark? Unfortunatelly this is the only picture as you can see clicking the source's link. I also think it would be legit because as far as I remember, in the Russell years of the MLB during the '90s, one rarely find a Russell knockoff. Today knockoff jerseys are killing Majestic and Mitchell & Ness.
  3. Folks, I found this old Baltimore Orioles jersey apparently legit: The source is an eBay styled website based in Argentina. Do you think it's a genuine jersey or a knock-off? I'm asking because I don't remember if the Orioles ever used a Russell black jersey in the '90s. Thank you in advance.
  4. I always loved the Giants jersey of Theriot... because it may be read like THE RIOT.
  5. Ichiro is one of the best pure hitters of all time he is a lock to be in the Hall and he is the best player to come from Japan in the Majors. Add to it the fact of a 2012 World Series ring in the right hand of Ichiro.
  6. Old grudges in the Canadian Football League don't seem to fade away as former B.C. Lions quarterback Joe Kapp, 73, fights former Hamilton Tiger-Cats defensive lineman Angelo Mosca, 74, at a Grey Cup luncheon earlier in the week. Their animosity dates back to a controversial hit Mosca delivered on Kapp's teammate, Willie Fleming, in the 1963 Grey Cup. Above you can watch all the complete video:
  7. I knew that shirt but I never liked it because of its waving stripes. Not very "soccerish" the shirt.
  8. I chuckled when I saw that cover... the two men seems a pair of baseball robots.
  9. It would be nice if the US National Team adopts the same model from the Estudiantes LP (Argentina) shirt. Of course, maybe it would be retooled with some blue field and some stars anywhere over the shirt.
  10. That's nice, but do we know if it's from the period, or a modern creation? Well, I found it just from the website. http://www.sportslog.../team.php?id=84 Doesn't necessarily make it period. I'd love to see how it might have been used. Let's ask Chris Creamer how did it reach his website.
  11. That's nice, but do we know if it's from the period, or a modern creation? Well, I found it just from the website.
  12. Man, I'm a diehard fan of the Red Sox and the SF Giants and I have caps and jerseys from the Yanks and Dodgers just for collection purposes. And I have more caps from other franchises nothing to do with me and I have used all of them. First before everything, I love baseball. Love it! Can you make one at 640x480 for android phones? . Is there any for iPad? And are there any from Red Sox and / or Giants?
  13. Just a thing I was thinking about... why just now with that big discount M&N are selling the baseball jerseys? Is it due to the baseball season and postseason end? Or are they feeling the economic crisis with a sensitive low in their sales? Another thing I was founding since a time ago watching in a regular basis their website: since alots of time that they aren't selling the beautiful 1951 New York Giants home and road jerseys with Willie Mays number in its backs. It's evident that they aren't restocking that jersey.
  14. There's part of the font. Here's the 3-D embroidered thing, courtesy of one of Chris' tweets: However, it's only 3-D on the authentic. Hey, if someone will wear it with that apparently very charged logo, will that guy feel the jersey kinda heavy? Or that embroidered logo is really light?
  15. Hey phutmasterflex, by a chance, do you know until when will finish that M&N promotion? Maybe in December I can buy two jerseys. Ah, being you an A's fan, don't let pass that 1927 Philadelphia A's road jersey... it's a jewel! I loved the 1918 Red Sox road jersey ($135, I think that it's an acceptable price) and the two St. Louis Browns jerseys with the Satchel Paige number (each one at $150, a bit tough price). I say that a fairly price for the baseball jerseys between 1901 and 1957 is $125.