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  1. God bless Nick and his family. What an awful tragedy, he will be missed forever. 34
  2. I still hate having the bottom line on screen at all times. I don't need a pitch by pitch report of what else is going on. I really wish they would go back to :28 and :58 of the hour only.
  3. I am still on the fence about the white halo logo, however, I would still buy the hat in a heartbeat. I think that the halo on the hat needs to make a comeback and the BP jersey is the perfect place to do that. And you know, I really like the numbers too. I think that the use of white over blue is pretty awesome.
  4. Erik121

    NHL wallpaper

    Dude, sweet work. I also am a huge fan of the conference star. They look really tight.
  5. Here is the link to that video: It is a classic...anyways on topic...Even though I can't stand the A's they really do need a new home. That park is just a big concrete mess. I think that they could get away with a remodel sort of like the Angels did when Disney took over and changed the Big A in the late 90's, but it would have to be drastic. Mount Davis needs to fall.
  6. Ugh...another series loss to the Red Sox ugh...thats crappy. However the logo looks nice as well as the early returns from this years game look to be promising.
  7. Dude nice job. These look really cool. I really like the basketball design it came out really sharp.
  8. Yeah I hate this trend, the NBA has just been going by All Star since 2000 and that really has to go.
  9. That is why he wants a second NFL, because he could use that stadium for the Olympics. It is just plain stupid. I personally don't want anything to do with the Olympics in the area, but the mayor doesn't seem to give up on the idea.
  10. They better! All White was ugly! I like the all white look, but never the less, on Bears All-Access I think it was the great Rasheed Davis , made a comment that the players like the all white look because it makes them faster. So yeah, whatever that means, but honestly it doesn't matter what they where because this team as it is sucks and always does a great job of disappointing me.
  11. Sorry to be such a pain but could I get one last sig if you get a chance? Angels Primary Bears "C" Blackhawks Tomahawk C Ohio State - With the colored reflection. That would be totally awesome. BTW I love the Fluery sig, pretty sweet.
  12. Dude, preaching to the choir. What the heck is still with the mesh. The last 4 years have brought us at least one design with mesh. I settled on this about two years ago: It is the most normal I could find, but either way you look at it, the NFL with jack you with the price.
  13. Dude what? I really liked the word mark and lighting ball logo, i guess the red color just stands out too much for me.
  14. Looks sweet! Thanks again!
  15. Could I get mine updated with the color drop shadow if you get a chance? Thanks my good man.