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  1. 8 minutes ago, Discrimihater said:

    I figure one thing, if UW had USF's QB instead of Coan, the blowout would probably have been bigger.  If, conversely, USF had UW's receiving corps, they would have stood an actual chance of an upset.

    Taylor looked good after a bit of a slow start, but Coan looked off.  Won't lie, I'm worried about how things will go against Michigan in a few weeks if the bastards in blue are able to bottle up JT.


    Meh, first-game-as-true-starter jitters. He got better when he focused on the shorter, safer throws. Build that confidence before going for the long ball and he'll be alright. Same with the defense: early on they got lucky on dropped passes but after that, they were in control. Jonathan Taylor Touchdown (JTT) had himself a nice night. I'm a happy badger this week; and it's not just the brandy old fashioneds talking. On Wisconsin!

  2. I'm really looking forward to how some of the European teams perform. France & England have showed promise in the past but are they ready to matchup against the powerhouses; the Netherlands are reigning European champions and played the Japanese well before their exit in 2015. I don't think it will be/look as easy for the USWNT this time around as it was/did in 2015.

  3. Ugh. That one sucked. Sharks outplayed them for 45+ minutes but in that other 14+ they give up 4. Hockey is cruel.


    Obligatory referee comment: holy soft penalties batman. Luckily one of them led to an instant-karma shortie; the others just showed how ineffective both power plays have been.


    Gotta get that home ice back. I don't want this team to have to try and recover from another 3-1 deficit.

  4. 20 hours ago, spartacat_12 said:



    A couple of the main takeaways:

    • The team name is expected to be announced sometime this fall (it doesn't say anything about the logo/uniforms/colours)
    • While the site's colour scheme is the black, red, grey we've seen so far, the poll options for team colours are: "blue & green", "green & something else", "blue & something else", and "anything but blue & green" (I voted green & something else)
    • The options for the type of team name are: "Mythical creatures" (referencing Kraken), "Sea animals" (Sockeyes, Sea Lions, Seals, etc.), "Historical references" (Totems, Metropolitans), and "Anything that eats Canucks"


    Green & Something Else. Sea animals. Ferry Horn. The rest were 'all of the above.'


    Hope I did you proud Seattlites

  5. Rules, man. Damned if you follow them (refs), damned if you don't (Avs).


    18 minutes ago, McCarthy said:

    What I'm not in favor of is removing blue lines altogether like a few hockey personalities have called for. Half the drama of a possession in an offensive zone is whether the defense can clear the zone and whether the defenseman at the blue line can hold it in. Taking away the blue line would dramatically alter the way the game is played and I'm not sure it'd be for the better. 


    This is a thing? Oh my lanta


  6. 11 minutes ago, habsfan1 said:


    I'm okay with the name.


    But for the colors, definitely because they created a grey jersey that's one of the most beautiful, by making it pop with the perfect accent colors.


    To make a grey jersey look this nice, you need to kick your design game into that next gear, and they sure as heck did.


    As much as I want to disagree with this, I can't. They really did nail it. My first impressions were not positive (and can be found on this board somewhere) but old me was so wrong.


    That being said, gold is tough to pull off in a primary. Look at the brewers attempt:



    It's not exactly beautiful

  7. Rough start for the Sharks again. Slightly more understandable after a physically and emotionally exhausting game 7 but please please PLEASE don't make that a theme again in this round. Jumbo's line was outta sight tonight. Jones did exactly what he needed.


    Nathan MacKinnon scares the hell out of me. Hopefully that fear will not amount to anything. Go Sharks.

  8. 1 hour ago, DaRadniz29 said:

    NHL apologizes to Vegas for major penalty... 



    In addition, the two refs that worked game 7, Dan O'Halloran and Eric Furlatt, will not work the second round.


    I don't know if removing these officials from Round 2 should be looked at as punishment or more as protection, because any game the were to officiate, any call would be scrutinized. 


    Sharks homer here; not intentionally, and hopefully not accidentally, being obtuse but I don’t agree with this move by the NHL. After the fact, yes it was a tough call for Vegas but you know what? The refs have very little time to react and for a player to be lying motionless on the ice with blood, they huddled and called it based on the written rules of the game. The only reason this turned into such a controversy is because the benefitting team ended up scoring 4 goals in 4 minutes. If they hadn’t, we wouldn’t even be talking about it today. If the NHL is as serious about player safety as they say they are, then they made the correct call based on the situation at the time. 


    End soapbox rant. If I am being obtuse, please tell me because I was really irritated upon reading this earlier today. 

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