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  1. Thinking Nike is making these uniforms for any reason other than to sell more merchandise is naive. Players might think they're cool, but without the possibility of yet another jersey to sell to fans, these never get made. But they do not sell the helmets. Or the shoes. Or anything except the replica jersey and the promo t-shirt. So I think there is more to it than just selling more merchandise to the fans. It's about exposing the brand to young athletes in hopes that they will stay loyal to Nike as they grow older. It's also about creating something that players and recruits are attracted to, something that makes the occasion of wearing the uniform seem special. There are a lot of reasons these uniforms are being made. No school would see it as a good business decision to get a whole extra set of helmets, jerseys, pants and shoes if it's not really necessary, so I would think that these uniforms are given to the schools. The jersey sales probably just make up for all the money Nike loses in the production of the on-field gear. There are Ohio State "pro combat" mini-helmets for sale all over the place here in Ohio. Yea I've seen 'em all over the place here to. I for one actually really started to like the Pro Combats of last year. Seein' them in the stores made me see them in a different light. It would be cool if they sold the "authentic" ones, but I guess we only get the replica's. I'm not real hip on the new one's for OSU, but maybe I will be after seeing them on the field or in the stores.
  2. Hi guys I'm kinda new around here, but is it any consolation that Buckeye Corner stores around here in Columbus sell or at least did sell Ohio State's Pro Combats from last year. Not the full "authentic" jerseys, but replica's with the stitched number's. I haven't seen this year's P.C's yet, but I'm assuming after the Michigan game they will pop up.
  3. Hey guys, I've been a lurker for quite sometime, but decided to finally get out and post because I found proof to this topic that this logo is actually real and it's not a fake. On Dodge's facebook photos, they updated the new 2011 Dodge Durango. They put the new logo on the steering wheel and it doesn't look terrible, though I think the old ram logo was the best.