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  1. Does anyone have (or know of one online) a good template for illustrator or photoshop for championship rings? If so... link away or PM me. THANKS.
  2. This is beautiful...and will absolutely be better than what they finalize on. Would be interested to see it in the navy, red and yellow color scheme. Only nit picky point is that the tip of the head feels like it has one or two too many feather details. But on the whole, I love this. Would buy merch in a second!
  3. Funny. Wrong (in regards to the logic). But funny. All that list shows is who has the most alums. Nike can put a PSU logo on all of its off the rack stuff and the huge alum base will buy it regardless, but TCU, Boise and the other hot programs I mentioned are moving merch in categories of stuff that don't have the schools logos on them. That is why they are in the elite tier of Nike schools and PSU isn't. TCU will never outsell PSU for any extended period of time, but that isn't the determinant of who is hot and who is an elite program in Nike's eyes. Nike sells gear. Plan and simple. If you think being 49th in that is more elite than 9th...we'll agree to disagree.
  4. Why isn't Ohio State on this list? Because I don't believe there's any chance they'd be out of the top 10, let alone the top 75 That's the first thing that I thought as well. Maybe we had to give back our merchandising sales like we did our sugar bowl winnings lol jk OSU doesn't license their gear through CLC. Not sure who they use...but they've have to be Top 10/15 for sure.
  5. Let's put the Penn State vs. TCU argument to bed. 9 vs. 49 I think Nike knows where the love is.
  6. Sorry to bump this old subject back up to the top(especially on my first post on CCSLC). The logo above is the logo currently used by the Marlins for Spring Training. I imagine its possible that this could be the new logo, which would be a nice choice for a cap logo. The color combo is also possible, although the picture is not what its ultimately going to look like. The Marlins WILL NOT be the colors of the new stadium logo. That would be worse than the Twins' Dairy Queen unis. I'm sure they will not be sporting the "rainbow" look. The new stadium logo consists of the "colors of the new stadium", but that doesn't mean at all that the team has to take those colors. Also, as far as seats colors are concerned, there are plenty of parks I've been to where the color of the seats do not reflect the home team. I could see the Marlins turning to a "blue-navy" type color, as long as its not exactly the same as the Yankees. Orange is a huge possibility as a primary color. Yes, this would be the same as the O's and Giants, but if there is a color change what color could they possibly go to that wouldn't resemble an existing color combo? But after all of that, they should bring back the TEAL in full force. I loved the all-teal hats, the teal pinstripe vest with teal undershirt, teal belts and socks....But there was something about those helmets that left a vomit taste in my mouth. I'd be very happy with the color combo when the all-black hats were first introduced. Black became dominate, but teal was still existant(which it is not on the current unis). Hate to say it, but almost everything written here is wrong. Brace yourself for what you're going to see on November 11.
  7. I predict this forum will HATE the Marlins new look (as everyone outside of those involved in creating it will) and like the new Blue Jays look.
  8. The Mets are making some changes...but I don't think a blue alt (sadly) is one of them.
  9. LOVE it! Bravo, MLB Properties and the Royals.
  10. Umm, wasn't the Wiz's new logo already leaked? yes...but this is the first glimpse of the jersey
  11. Just got this as a header in an email from the Wizards...speculate away!