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  1. Houston barely uses the cap with the orange bill anymore. But they have worn it this season with the road uniform so that's the one I used it with.
  2. Cleveland Indians baseball uniforms
  3. Marlins dropped a new uniform. Time to update the set.
  4. Let's stay in the American League. Here we have the Baltimore Orioles.
  5. Today we have the Chicago White Sox. This is the second team with a designated throwback uniform and a warm up jacket to match.
  6. Let's do two on this Saturday. Philadelphia Phillies
  7. Oakland Athletics. One of my favorite uniform sets
  8. Milwaukee. I only have one Stance design for the Brewers. If you guys spot any other ones, I will add them.
  9. You can thank Chris Paddack. If you want to see a little more while he is pitching, he wore these on 4/27 against Arizona. He also wore a pair of yellow ones in Spring Training but I didn't get a good enough look at them. Once I get a better picture I will include those as well. San Diego went wild with the socks.
  10. You are correct! Thank you! This is why I post them here. It will be fixed
  11. The Mets are supposed to be wearing the black alternate a handful of times this season but I need to see if they will wear the Seaver patch and if Stance will add a different design for the socks before I add it to the set.
  12. I was planning to add the hat as an alternate but I feel it is appropriate to use it as the primary for that set so I will update it. I didn't forget the throwback jersey, it's just one of those situations where we haven't seen it in 2 seasons and I want to wait until it actually does make an appearance to add it to the rotation. This is how I handled the Cincinnati Military appreciation set. If it shows up, I'll add it.
  13. I use the 33 on the front of every jersey that requires numbers for consistency purposes, and because the number means something to me, personally. For the first (and maybe only time) I wanted to use 44 for the great Hank Aaron.
  14. Here is Colorado. I only saw a couple of patterns for the Stance socks with this team. If there are more out there, let me know
  15. I did not run that site but I did provide the uniforms for it. Rob, the guy who runs those sites, wanted to concentrate on football. I wanted to get further along in the process before we made another attempt. I believe I am getting to that point now.
  16. The mannequin look is inspired by the work of Marc Okkonen. Back when I started this project his only real request is that I use my own template. This is version #4 but I feel it is the better one. Although it is more work to present the uniforms on so many different little guys, the presentation is way better in my opinion. I think this look pays tribute to Mr. Okkonen while at the same time, giving a fresh look to the presentation.
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