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  1. Yea, Its always hard, as the field was a disaster with all the mud during the game. Most NFL films I have seen have just shown huge amounts of mud!
  2. Awesome topic. If you need anything when it comes for dimensions from around SB 15 and on (Just field dimensions, the graphics I have been using the NFL database here on the sportslogos site). I have the NFL diagrams for those years and current. (started my own diagrams, but was having problems with the shading of the field colors). As well as several pro fields (it helps when your a football referee, but in the HS and JC leagues, No where near D1 or Pro level though!)
  3. I can understand dispising domes. In some instances they are a necessary evil. Here in Phoenix (or Glendale for the Cardinals) the shear fact of Arizona's severe heat in August to late October makes a dome the only viable solution Same with the Diamondbacks for baseball. The heat is too much in the summer. The years the Cards played at Sun Devil Stadium several hundred people either suffered a heat related injury or came real close, and that was nearly every game. Even the late evening games with ASU and many High School Games still to this day have several required "water Breaks" due to the heat. Domes, though are ugly and can be eyesores on the horizon are better for events in Arizona. IMHO
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