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  1. The Suns' "Phoenix" bevel is off on the H and X... Has it always been that way??
  2. What site did you happen to find this on?
  3. While historically accurate, another reason that the weight of the C makes sense in the secondary logo's context is that The C had to have a substantial weight to offset the weight of the bear... I couldn't imagine the C getting too much thinner than how it currently is without looking a little less sturdy. At the very least, there is a standardized C, because in doing the research, there were instances amongst different sports where the block C was much heavier than others, and altogether inconsistent in its structuring. The Sather font carries some of the key characteristics from this iteration of the block c, but is weighted so that works in numerous contexts. If you notice on campus, there is currently a lot of equity in the Block C, as you can see it on Tightwad Hill and also the bleachers in Memorial Stadium... I get producing brand assets for merchandising purposes, but, and no disrespect, what was produced really got away from what the brand is all about when you consider it holistically.
  4. Not a dumb question. Yes, Cal is the first school in the California system, being founded in 1868.
  5. It's aliiiive!!!:
  6. The savagery coursing through this thread... I LOVE IT!!!
  8. Like the team, like their colors, not feeling the logo… Played it safe, feel it lacks personality. Would much rather rock the Blue Jackets C-Flag. My two cents, that is all.
  9. I had a blast talking to @krisbazen. Hands down the funniest guy I've had on the show yet. Good times. Also, in case anyone missed it and is interested, I talked to the folks from 8by8 Magazine the last episode Forgot to post last week. And just think, I was able to keep it clean too!!! Seriously though, thanks guys. Really enjoyed participating.
  10. Agree with this 100%, and I think there are a few that stand out as well as a few that could easily have been eliminated. I myself am partial to this one: This one kinda reminds me of the Philadelphia Union...