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  1. im realizing what looks so odd about the new Ram logo is its using an abstract horn with a more true-to-life head rendering.
  2. that mockup doesnt nail the details but its close enough. a much larger package coming along with all of this
  3. thats the kind of clashing of eras i dont want to see. why go backwards with a 50's number font, but forward (or back to 80s?) with a white mask? whatever direction the uniform moves, all the elements need to move together. lets either do the '58 uniform, or move it all forward with subtle adjustments that better ties all elements together
  4. the one on the right is an actual player issued helmet. numbers on the back and all that. the logo is more condensed; not as wide i have questions about the Irsay desk helmet. one, if it were a real 2020 helmet why the hell would he have one already sitting on his desk for everyone to see? sure its not like its a big change but thats odd. i wonder if its actually a retail helmet like you might buy in the team shop and if those logos vary
  5. i'd definitely be for the single stripe on the pants. that feels like a nice refinement. i like the idea of using the helmet numbers on the jersey as well, another refined step forward. i wouldn't be for them using the "old block" though. thats going backwards, cool for a '58 throwback.
  6. you never think it could happen to your favorite team, it only happens to others. and here we are. sure, say "its just small tweaks" but im preparing myself for those to be awful. if i had to take a guess though, i'd say they'll probably change the jersey stripe a bit. maybe LSU like?
  7. i think it would be very odd if the helmet didn't reflect the new logos.
  8. not many. i don't believe italic "LA" should match like that in a font. but monograms shouldn't be treated as "type out the letters you want from a font" either. they are logos that should be finely tuned and the evidence of this one being built straight out from a font is one of like 10 things that cheapens the specific mark itself.
  9. this is likely the 2019 logo suite. we're expecting changes to at least the Rams head, Bucs, and Falcons logos, no? it could have been a cool idea had they built a simplified version of the logos that would actually work in neon, which would actually work on apparel. i dont know how you just apply a stroke of color to all the linework and say that any of those work, outside of a handful like IND, NO, HOU, GB.
  10. might be a bit of a loophole there. i dont think teams are so committed to logos. will be interesting to see how they use the updated ram head as well. one of these logos is almost sure to be on the uniform
  11. sounds like they are trying to incorporate the story of the franchise into this new horn design. using all the colors they've had through history (probably not red though). sounds about like the current uniforms
  12. naw mate, thats lifted right off the LA / StL Rams helmet. i see what you mean by the beginning of the "spiral" off the U, but in this case, its really ASU that should get a cease and desist
  13. @infrared41 im just going to consider you an expert anyway. you’re one of us now. welcome to the dark side
  14. i say your expertise does make you more qualified to judge its quality than me. thats essentially what an expert is, right? and not because of the awards but because your experience, knowledge and ability to get a point across. your opinion very much matters to me as someone who knows nothing about that field. i like the Blair Witch, but you’re saying there are flaws in production? thats interesting! id love to hear more about that and yes it might actually sway my opinion. to say not to without even hearing it would be incredibly closed minded. and if you make a good point as to why its terrible, i might agree its terrible and still like it.