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  1. Hey, BMoore... I've been posting a new NFL concepts thread in Concepts.  Seems like the reaction has kind of petered out towards the end.  If you have any thoughts, I'd love to hear them.

  2. I noticed your new logo and I wanted to say it looks sharp. Big upgrade

  3. hey man is there a place i can DL your revo speed helmet? id like to start using it in my concepts

    1. Julius Seizure

      Julius Seizure

      I gave it to drdougfresh to convert it. I can check up with him and see what his progress is and I'll let ye know:)

    2. Julius Seizure

      Julius Seizure

      ...on second thought, I could just email it to you if you use ai

  4. Is it common for people to freak the hell out about thread intent here? I don't get the backlash in that "from a designer" thread.

    1. BrandMooreArt


      yep pretty much. the designers here are respected by some and others just want to argue with them or try to prove them wrong about something. eventually, every thread, even the good ones, turns into an argument about something. the Browns face mask color, or Oregon's brand, or Nike flywire, it all ends the same

  5. If you need help, I can try, but if it's help with the computer drawing itself, I'm not on your level or anywhere near that. Ideas, I can help with.

  6. Any idea when we can expect your A's concept?