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  1. "the craftsmanship of the city and passion of the fan base"
  2. too much orange. its bright and loud; energetic. the subtleness of brown and white looks more professional
  3. im against orange pants because it looks like a college team. brown or white pants add a touch of gravitas.
  4. yea its a bit trendy right now but i dont think thats bad for an identity that only really last for 2 years. moreover, i think the approach here is appropriate and not necessarily building on any graphic design trends. he's positioning himself as someone who is "for all people" and not subscribing to any labels. for someone who has a very independent approach to his politics, i think the identity serves that perfectly. its absolutely utilitarian and takes no sides. just a problem solving approach
  5. naw, we suggested they look at the Wynwood neighborhood for inspiration (doesnt sound like thats where they took it) and maybe shared a Dolphins "new Miami" moodboard, which would fit what you described but hard to say how much influence any of that really had
  6. Isnt a popular complaint about the NFL (or every modern sport) that it’s too serious? Isn’t there a want for fun, bright colored, dancing mascot sports teams??
  7. Is it really any worse than Packers, Browns, or Bills? Some really silly names become normal with time. The point i think, if those names came to be, is that they’re not traditional; it wont be the NFL. So its fitting their team names would reflect that. No big cats, dogs, birds, etc
  8. 1 year of candy purple for me. didnt win anything, but it was pimp AF
  9. agreed, probably more driven by aesthetics than anything. didn't everyone lose their minds over "toilet seat collars"?
  10. the FlyWire was designed to prevent stretching of the collar where it would slip under the shoulder pads sometimes. if memory serves, im pretty sure i saw that it made a positive difference, lowering the number of times it happened over a season.
  11. its clear what they are uniform and identity wise, but sticking to the same hierarchy gets pretty stale when you apply it to stadium graphics, video boards, marketing pieces, Season Ticket packages, apparel, social media graphics... there's no reason to only use black backgrounds on everything, for example. i dont think it ever gets confusing and just switching the colors up year to year can make those pieces feel pretty fresh.
  12. and with that, ive lost all faith in the story they've told. i guess we can also assume the white helmets that were being sanded are primer white as well. they've butt-fumbled this whole thing as far as im concerned.