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  1. C's

    Is CS85 getting the same warning? Or do the rules only apply here if you're not far enough left?

    1. IceCap


      I'm taking this to PM because going back and forth via each other's profile comments sections is just way too cumbersome.

  2. Sleeves will always be the worst thing ever.
  3. Irving is a flat upgrade over Thomas. Jae Crowder did good things in Boston but after bringing Tatum and Hayward on board he was a spare part. Losing the 18 pick stings a bit (the Nets are going to be awful this year, more awful than usual) but signing Hayward meant that the pick was going to go eventually. I'll gladly take this year's Celtics team over last year's team. I'm not sure I'd take this year's Cavs over last year's.
  4. What happened to the pitchforks you guys were waving around when the (now) old uniforms were first unveiled?
  5. Beats the hell out of the set they had before.
  6. The regular season was great, it was the playoffs that sucked.
  7. Stephen Curry is definitely on the NBA Punchable-Faces first team.
  8. I like this. Cleveland should have changed the logo with the uniforms in 2010, never liked the re-colored ball and sword. Black on some logos and navy on others is a little bizarre, I'd prefer one or the other but have no real preference between the two. However, the number fonts from those mockups above are crap. Reminds me of the alarm clock numbers on the Buccaneers uniforms.
  9. The rev30 change ruined their uniforms, without the shimmer they look really dull. At this point they should just change their whole set.
  10. C's

    NHL 2017-18

    The Bruins' current home/away set is flawless, I really hope that these rumored 'changes' only involve an alternate of some sort.
  11. The Celtics went into halftime with LeBron on the ropes and a 10 point lead because they were actually moving the ball. In the second half they're reverted back to half-assed heroball and I don't think they've challenged LeBron once.
  12. What the hell are you even talking about? Are you high?
  13. Don't care, have another top 5 pick next year. IT is 5-8, a total liability on defense, and a non-factor if his shot isn't falling. I appreciate what he's done but he shouldn't get a max contract. Not from us at least.
  14. Part of me hopes Cleveland does sweep us. We can't win this series, I don't want to get my hopes up and have them crushed. It's like Miami in 2012. I knew, or thought I knew, going in that we had no chance. Then they win the middle three games, suddenly they're up 3-2 and now I let myself believe that they can get to the finals and maybe get the championship that got away in 2010. Then we get LeBron'd in game 6 and outmuscled in game 7 and the series loss was 10x more painful than it should have been.
  15. You watch basketball and you're rooting for the coach? Ooooooookay.
  16. Well I was on the right track here. Didn't think it would be this bad though. Some day, Danny Ainge will stop thinking that rebounding is overrated.
  17. 10, because that would mean that the Celtics, Raptors, or Wizards reached the finals. I'm a Celtics fan, I'd love it if they did make it, but they can't rebound at all, they only have one star in a league where every other contender besides Houston has at least two, and honestly that first round matchup with the Bulls makes me pretty uncomfortable. As for Cleveland, plenty of teams have sputtered toward the finish line in the regular season and then turned around and won it all or at least reached the finals. Off the top of my head, the 2009-10 Celtics (even though they were an awful rebounding team and ultimately it came back to bite them in the ass in the most agonizing way imaginable). Cleveland just blew the Celtics out of the water in their building a week ago, that should tell you all you need to know.
  18. WESTERN CONFERENCE 1st Round GS > POR 4-1 LA > UTA 4-3 OKC > HOU 4-2 SA > MEM 4-0 2nd Round GS > LA 4-0 SA > OKC 4-1 Conference Finals GS > SA 4-2 EASTERN CONFERENCE 1st Round BOS > CHI 4-3 ATL > WSH 4-3 TOR > MIL 4-2 CLE > IND 4-2 2nd Round BOS > ATL 4-2 CLE > TOR 4-2 Conference Finals CLE > BOS 4-1 FINALS CLE > GS 4-2
  19. The Celtics never wore a font like that. Or if they did, definitely not in 1986.
  20. Don't forget the botch job that is the 85-86 Celtics. McHale in particular. I'm curious about when they started :censored:ing this up. Of the past five 2Ks the only ones I've played are 2K13 and 2K16, and 2K13 definitely did not have these errors. Not on the 360 version at least.
  21. All Seattle cares about is the Seahawks. I think Seattle has too many people with very limited free time pouring 60-something hours a week into soul-sucking IT/software jobs for there to be much of a fanbase for teams playing more than once per week. The Mariners are the only other big-four team up there right now and, despite having a baller stadium, they can't even pull enough scraps to stay out of the bottom third in MLB attendance. People act like the Sonics were Seattle's Cleveland Browns when they moved but in reality they were one of the most forgettable, whatever franchises in the NBA and had a following to match. A Seattle NHL team would probably do better than Arizona/Florida/Vegas but not by a whole lot. And that's if they put the arena downtown. If the arena goes up in Tukwila or whatever Glendale North they were throwing around last year before the bidding deadline, forget it.
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