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  1. Bottom of the "Guardians" script looks like a chainsaw
  2. Don't mind the wordmarks and cap logo but what in the world is that baseball logo supposed to be? Awful logo
  3. Football and Basketball, everything else is Nike
  4. Love it. Also read the top part of the logo is meant to be the Montreal Olympic flame. Super cool
  5. Paul Lukas posted this on Twitter and now it cannot be unseen..
  6. I fully expect the Cubs to come out in green uniforms with sublimated Ivy. I'm kidding, but not really
  7. These leaked this morning. Not sure if real or not-
  8. These are a HUGE upgrade but something seems off with the Orange jersey. Perhaps they should have used Black numbers instead?
  9. This just confirms the leaks are legit. Expect white, black and orange sets that can be mixed/matched
  10. As a Bruins fan I might actually have to buy that hat. I can pretend its a UCLA hat, right??
  11. That red stripe on Vegas golds doesn't look like it belongs
  12. Hopefully the Clips and Blazers get more creative next year
  13. Canucks will wear their's tonight for the first time
  14. Habs have one of the top 3-5 uniforms in all of sports. The blue RR is just icing on the cake. Such a good looking brand
  15. In no particular order- * Cardinals * Broncos * Saints (logo is perfect but uniforms have grown old. Time to go with the color rush throwbacks full time) * Dolphins (go full time throwback) * Titans
  16. As someone who doesn't follow soccer I love this logo. Great work
  17. Earned uni's have leaked on twitter. Really like the Bucks, Magic and Nets
  18. Mashup of three different jerseys, not sure about this one.
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