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  1. FYI- of all NFL teams: the categories and number of teams nicknames listed are: People -12 Big Cats- 4 Birds- 5 Animals- 5 Aircraft- 1 Misc- 4: Bills - animal ? Browns Chargers - animal ? Giants- People? And of course Washington is unlisted but would be classified as People.
  2. Face it... Go ahead and try to think of a specific/logical/ reasonable team name. Because whatever name the team decides, someone or some people are going to critize or hate it. You cant please everyone.
  3. Wolves is generic, but think about it, how teams in the NFL have nicknames associated to dogs/wolves? The Browns unoffically because of the "Dawg Pound" but that's about it. I'd go with Wolves instead of Red Wolves. Here's another name that has popped up and has been suggested: Renegades- yes it's usually aimed towards Native Americans, but it can also represent outlaws and rebels too.
  4. My suggestions: Red Tails Sentinels Razorbacks - better/ meaner than Pigskins; pays hommage to the Hogs ( nickame of the offensive line in the 1980s),
  5. I.thought about that, has a nice ring to it. I mean they already have the Wizards...
  6. I disagree, while 4 stars actually represents the title of General, the ranking of a 5 star is "General Of The Army" and that covers the Army, Air Force and Marines, sans the Navy which is totally different but still has 5 stars and shoulder stripes, its equal is known as "The Admiral Of The Navy".
  7. Yes its basic, but in design less is more...
  8. I disagree.What do mean more developed? How more developed do you need? The logo has spot on detail of what the five star general would wear on his military uniform. The shade of both colors are exact. And I didn't even serve in the military and still see, let alone know this.
  9. Personally I'm split between Sentinels or Redtails. I understand how the name Hogs is popular because the offensive line nickname back in the 80s, but not really feeling that name or the Pigskins as well. Maybe Warthogs, but they had an arena football team awhile back that didn't fair so well, so I don't know how that would go.
  10. The turf at Veterans Stadium in Philadelphia was notorious for the seam ripping apart!
  11. And thats the difference between baseball and football. Baseball players want this nice grass, pristine baseball field. And football players could care less if it's grass or turf as long as they have a field to play on, with the exception is it's rough sport and concussions are part of the game, and everyone is trying to make it safer, it has been an ongoing issue and synthetic turf isn't helping.
  12. The thing that is so irritating and pathetic is that the bar is set so high because no one is truely satisified. The city has to have a population of 1 million plus, the stadium has to cost billion dollars. Because not only does the owner expect the public or government to fund the stadium because he she is so cheap; they expect the people to pay outrageous ticket prices for not only a seat but for a suites as well at the Super Bowl, also lets hike the prices on concessions (drinks, food and merchandise). When will it end? IT WONT why?? Because everyone from the owner down to fan has the mentality of a teenager with their first paycheck, rather than save their money, they go waste it. Then they complain they have no money. It's ridiculous. But hey it CAPITIALISM at its best!
  13. Ok then extend that over 10-15yrs, whatever length, see what I'm saying?
  14. Red McCombs, owned the Minnesota Vikings back in the late 90s/ early 2000s, went to then Governor Jesse Ventura, and asked for the State to help build him a new stadium. Jesse said no, his suggestion? You have a 60,000 seat stadium, you sell out all 8 home games and raise your tickets prices by $12. In about 5-8 yrs, you'll have the money to build yourself a new stadium. There's probably one owner who did that, I think his last name is Jones and he has a team in Dallas???
  15. Why not just the Seattle Yetis?? lol And Slim Jim can be one their main sponsors!!
  16. Ok when you're talking about the Canucks, I understand the popularity of the original blue and green color scheme, I get, it represents the Pacific Northwest. But the C Rink logo on the original uniforms, is too bland for me just like some people think about the skate logo on the early 90's uniforms. I like the German colors because they're unique, not that it doesn't represent the team name. My favroite uniforms overall are the ones from 1997 to. 2007. Yes they didnt have green, I can except that (most people can't, but hey can't make everyone happy), but the ocra out of ice logo and those colors were the best, IMO. Now talking about Seattle, I say keep the Salmon Red, seafoam green, and maybe throw in a deep purple or eggplant like the original Mighty Ducks jerseys. There's enough uniforms or team colors that have navy or blue colors in the league.
  17. Yes they were, and maybe the skate logo, but that's even a stretch. Just don't bring back the V jersey, which was voted the worst jersey of all time by numerous polls and rankings.
  18. Seattle had a MLU ultimate frisbee team, called the Rainmakers, - always thought that was a interesting and fitting team name, nevertheless...
  19. Well you're entitled to your opinion, but I can also see why they built them back then as a way to cut cost. No, it didn't have the best results, but they served their purpose at that time. IMO, I dont see why stadiums have to built purposely for each and every sport, especially when cities, businesses, etc., are so strapped for money. But hey it doesnt matter just let the people foot the bill! Like most owners do.
  20. If you put basketball stripes in the wave on the Waves logo and call them the Breakers and you'll have a cool suggestion to rename the NBA's Clippers...Just sayin!
  21. It's really to bad that we are seeing the demise of the mult-function stadiums of yesteryears. You know, San Jose and Las Vegas came out the bread winners when it comes to the new football stadiums. They spent the money got the stadiums built, now 2 cities (San Francisco & Oakland) with combined metropolitian area of 4,731,000; neither could come up with a plan to build 2 new stadiums ( let alone one football stadium for 2 teams like New Jersey did and Los Angeles is). I always said there is more than enough property at the Oakland Alameda complex to build 2 stadiums, now that the Warriors have a new arena across the Bay in San Francisco. And the A's are finally thinking about building at new stadium on site, which they should've done from the get go. If they don't, San Jose could very well make a push for the A's as well, and put the final nail in the coffin to Oakland.
  22. Detroit Drive Colors: Black & Gold Logo: Cheetah, why? Fastest land animal, paying homage to other big cat teams of the Lions and Tigers.
  23. I was just talking about how kraken is spoken, I with you about choosing it as the name of the team.
  24. The plural form of Kraken is just that. It's like deer or moose, that is a plural form of those names. A herd is the collective of a bunch these 2 animals, they're not called deers or meese.