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  1. Hey I noticed your a Detroit sports fan on another post of the jets jerseys. I recently posted a new lions logo and would love your feedback. I got some suggestions from others earlier like removing the black and also the light blue highlights in the main on the side view lion. Essentially there are 2 proposals , one sideview lion head and one perspective view just one has the black and the other does not. I prefer the black because the lions use it now as an accent. The dark blue may not be bad though.





    presentation 2.jpg

    presentation 2a.jpg

    presentation a.jpg


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    2. Brett Jayroe

      Brett Jayroe

      That's the one I prefer as well! I like the added detail and the black over the dk blue 

    3. Tygers09


      I like to draw football helmets and sports logos on my spare time. I've always had a passion for football uniforms, more than the play, players, and aspects of the sport itself. So believe me when I say that when it comes to sports design, even for marketing purposes, that less is more. But in your designs, it's an exception because the attention of/or detail, makes the logo stand out more.

    4. Tygers09


      I just never learned or purchased the tools (Illustrator, Adobe,Photoshop,etc)and know how to use those programs. I' m more old school, using markers & pencils.