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  1. Sweet!! I like it.
  2. It doesnt matter if its an alternate uniform, orange and green trim or they have a white helmet. I'm just stating they're similiar and finally I dont care if they are, READ my last sentence in my last post!!
  3. BZZZ...wrong! Blue with green collar, and the all blue jersey and pants is similiar to what the broncos wear now, so even if you went with white pants, you still are similiar because the broncos also wear that combo too. But really don't care if they're both similiar, navy and orange is my favorite color combo in sports uniforms.
  4. To me the current logo resembles more of a cougar than a jaguar. Jaguars have a more of a stocky, round head like that of a pitbull. The current head logo looks more like a size of a house cat. And whats up with the ears hanging down? Looks like its just been scolded, or guilty of something, doesn't show a fierce attitude or look.
  5. Even with the white pants, Seattle will still be similiar to the Broncos...
  6. Did McMahon ever say he'd let the older teams come back? Like Frisco, Las Vegas, Chicago, etc. Of course, the Hitmen and the Extreme wouldn't unless the current teams changed, but that's unlikely.
  7. Wait a minute, look at the concept helmet the Jaguars used and how the Jaguar car company filed a lawsuit over that logo cuz it was similiar. It COULD happen.
  8. I don't get how the V logo is so bad. What it's too simple? Besides what if they put the snake head on the helmet, Mattel/Hasbro might complain it too close to their Cobra logo?
  9. I'm thinking that Tampa Bay should've used forest green rather than the kelly green. It's just like AAF Salt Lake with the blue and baby/light blue. The shades of the color are too close.
  10. Alright I'm leaving this funeral procession, you only want to hear what you want to hear, so have fun!
  11. Yeah, I bet the same was said about the Penguins when they entered the league too?! I was giving reference not a suggestion!
  12. They're only names people! What we have to be that technical that team name HAS to be associated with the city it represents? It cant have nothing to do with anything mystical/ imaginary, only an honest, realistic, present representation or you'll critize it? That pretty absurd and self centered don't you think?
  13. So what? How many tigers, bulldogs, cougars, etc. Countless nicknames are used over and over, doesnt matter. Oh one team is using that name throw it out...geez. (rolls eyes)
  14. Totems and Emeralds aren't the first names that pop up when you're talking about names being fierce and aggresive. But look at Firebirds, it's on the list of names copyrighted as potential names, not on the top of everyone's list nor the odds on favorite; but think about it, Seattle is located on the Ring of Fire ( don't know what it is? Google it), there are volcanoes and mountains that are dormant volcanoes (Mt. Rainier is one of them!), when Mount St. Helen blew its top or any mountain/ volcano does, people locally certainly take notice or head for cover! So while the Firebirds could represent a bird like Rodan from the Godzilla movies that appears out of a mountain or volcano, or the symbol of Native American culture, I can see why it was picked. I live Michigan, and I'm surprised why the name Freighters hasn't popped up as a name for sports team around here, since those steamships frequently traverse the Great Lakes, theres a restaurant at our local convention center named it, but thats beside the point.
  15. Sea Otters rather than just Otters, actually there was a uniform concept floating around here that someone created the looked pretty cool. Can't be any worse with the likes of the Penquins and Ducks.