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  1. It shows a minus symbol in the middle where the image is suppose to be. And I can see images on others posts.
  2. Ballpark Digest recently posted an article that there is a former Premier looking at purchasing some land for some commerical real estate and a future ballpark down in the Bassin Peel area of Montreal riverfront.
  3. Sorry, IMHO the Als and Lions are a downgrade from the previous uniforms. With the Als, I liked the Anthony Calvillo "french" themed look ( red jerseys with white vertical stripes, blue shoulders and sleeves). The current ones look too cluttered far away. You cant decipher between the red and the blue on the dark jerseys. And the white uniforms look too plain/generic. As for the Lions, ditch the black helmet, leave that for the REDBLACKS and the Ti-cats; orange or white should be the primary color for the helmet and black or orange primary color of jerseys.
  4. Uh no..the NFL teams wear the dark jerseys at home and white on the road.
  5. The comment about the Bears was a joke, the University of Chicago designed the wishbome C logo first but the designer was never found, so the Reds actually get credited for it. here's the story from ESPN: https://www.espn.com/blog/playbook/fandom/post/_/id/12724
  6. Some of your comments had me scratching my head, but everyone is entitled to their opinion. Anyways... My top 3: 1. Bengals 2.Rams (blue helmet- gold horns) 3.Broncos 30: Dolphins- Please bring back the 80's helmet- darker Aqua colors and facemask. You stick your tail feathers up in the air, not your tail like the current dolphin logo does! 31. Giants- Again, I loved the 80's GIANTS underlined logo. So you went back in time and decided on the lowercase ny, I get it. Lets upgrade. 32. Bears - MLB Cincinnati Reds called, they want their capital, wishbone C back!
  7. And where did you get this information? The exhibition games played at the Big O in the past 2 yrs were nearly sold out. I believe Montreal would have found success and built a new stadium if it wasn't for the MLB lockout in 1994.
  8. Im not a big fan of the "A" shield, it's too generic; at least with the football boat, yes, its cartoonish, but it has character, and represents the Argos nickname.
  9. Are we getting that technical that we have to determine a team's colors based on what the team's nickname? Is this what it's coming too?
  10. Those uniforms and helmets were some of the best. You want to criticize a logo? Check out the current Tampa Bay Lightning, a bolt with a circle; now that one looks like a child drew it!
  11. Sorry that last remark was for the Cowboys logo..not about the Cowboys team colors.
  12. Good job, but to me it looks like one of the bad guys that always got to the best of Tonto in The Lone Ranger.. lol!!
  13. I agree, maybe white font for names and numbers and white outline of the D?