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  1. Cardinals Rays Rangers Blue Jays Nationals So thats it.
  2. phillies pirates Padres Giants Mariners
  3. Brewers Twins Mets Yankees A's
  4. Astros that Roma kit design is perfect Royals Ignore the adidas logo. Angles Dodgers Marlins
  5. White sox Really like this patten as you can tell. Reds The patten is quite nice. Indians Zig-Zag patten doesnt look bad. Rockies I kept the mountains idea. Tigers plain shirt. didnt feel like it needed a design.
  6. AYY we is back. 1 kit per team. D-Backs Braves Orioles Red Sox Cubs i like how these look alot.
  7. Its still friday somewhere. BLUE JAYS The blue they use is really nice. i like the light blues. i also wanted to do a canada day kit but also wanted to do a throwback so i did a canada day throwback. NATIONALS Championship away. ive used the world champions logo instead of the mlb logo on the sleeves. gold details on all 3 jerseys. and thats it. finished. i gonna do a more soccer kit look for each team starting monday. also im gonna do some milb kits. but need some ideas for it.
  8. We back. its too hot in the uk. RAYS big fan of the devil rays jerseys RANGERS huge fan of the classic
  9. Once i've done all teams i'm gonna do a one for each team that uses more soccer dna for the jerseys than the baseball jerseys. so big sponsors on the front and smaller badges. GIANTS quite like the home shirt. and i quite like the bridge on the 3rd. the colours are nice too. SEATTLE MARINERS Quite like these. the colours work well. the design on the away is nice. also huge fan of blue and yellow (but i suppose ive grown up with a team that wears blue and gold/yellow (leicester)).
  10. The problem has been fixed. New kits out Monday.
  11. I really wanted to get teams out today but the website i use had an update. and i cannot place team sponsor logos or sock logos. currently. so might bit a bit of a wait. and im not gonna upload stuff im unhappy about.
  12. THANKS St. Louis Cardinals More powder blues seriously need more. Padres I like the browns. The sand pinstripes are nice too. Went with the blues from 2004-2010 for the classics did a combo of the 2020 text with the 2004-10 colours. Came out quite nice.
  13. More teams gone. Pittsburgh Pirates went for the camo as the 3rd because why not? Philadelphia Phillies Powder blues again, Like the colour scheme.
  14. Well it got a bit heated last night. Twins i really like powder blues. Oakland Athletics Really like the yellows i made.
  15. Well at least we had 3 games. New york pack. METS time Went with some crazy designs on this one. Blacks for the throwback. because i they used the new york wording Yankees Went with a red away to stop clashes with gray GK shirts. also went with an unused blue pinstripe for the throwback. i moved the twins so we had the new york teams together.