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  1. Really great appreciation jersey. I think my favourite part is how the collar of the jersey works with the tie and the lapels. If it were me I would use a different font that the Canucks style. It just seems everyone is using that for everything these days.
  2. Those Blues jerseys are really well done! Great idea, playing on the theme on the mid-90s jerseys. I don't know if the number font suits the jersey though. I suppose it's similar to the font used in the time of written music, but it just doesn't work IMO.
  3. I think your NYR concept is what we'll see for the Winter Classic. The BUF concept is great. That shoulder patch is just fantastic. The CLM concept is good because it's new, but the arm panels and stripes remind me of the style the Pens use. Seeing as the teams are so close geographically that may be a bit of an issue with CLM fans. CHI concept is great. Kind of a new idea on the Stadium Series jersey. Well done. I always love seeing your work. Always quality stuff.
  4. I really love your version of the "Chevy logo". It's strong enough to be primary on the home and road IMO
  5. This sounds like it's going to be an awesome series! I really like all of the jerseys. Maybe a very traditional and standard block font would be better on the Pride jersey? Also are the 6 and the 8 different shades of black on the Storm jersey?
  6. Just to let all 6 of you that posted on this topic know, HJC is back now. @UniformJipetto: I'm glad you really like the TEMPLATES page. It's good to hear you enjoy as I hoped people would.
  7. I like both the coloured strap ideas and the silver plate ideas! I'm not a fan of having a different belt for each show, but I will give it a shot. After all it would make the coloured strap thing work better.
  8. Raw & SmackDown on the side plates...
  9. I like the idea of using RAW and SmackDown on the side plates. I'll give that a shot. Should the show logos be in colour or in gold? It's my opinion, but I think placing an actual TV on the belt would make it look cartoonish, or more like a toy than a respectable wrestling belt. It was one of the main things that I was staying away from.
  10. WWE Television Championship... Thoughts...
  11. Here we go. The last version of the WWE Championship that I'm going to post. It has the floral detail on the main plate, as requested. Next up: WWE Television belt
  12. Using a new shape for the side plates. It will be hard to get EVERYONE to agree on what looks good. I'll take some C&C on this version, see how it goes, and then maybe move on to the next belt.
  13. D got a few votes. I'll try to put something together tomorrow using those as side plates.
  14. Haha. 3 different answers! This is what I was talking about before. A is now out of the equation. I used it on my TV belt concept which I will post after we are done this belt.
  15. Here are some side plate shapes I was thinking about using... Which one do you guys like, or perhaps suggest a shape. I personally don't want to use a shape already in use on a WWE belt (other than square variations). But maybe something can work. I also really liked the World Tag belts side plates as well for that belt.