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  1. That is subtle but brilliant, and they should absolutely do that from this point on. Were it not for Little, we would have been watching the Birmingham Broncos since 1968.
  2. Having worked in media relations for multiple professional organizations, once hospice is entered, it is an indication that preparations, memorials, tributes, etc should be readied, as they could be needed at a few hours notice. The situation is, indeed terrible, however it's part of being a professional organization. At one point the owner for one of the teams for which I have worked passed away. It was not an unexpected passing, and the structure of the memorials and tributes, in-stadium reminders, etc, were already determined. I have no doubt there will be tributes tomorrow, however I was hoping that someone who is in the loop might have some insight as to the specifics.
  3. As he has been in hospice for a few weeks, my assumption would be that they were proactively working on something appropriate.
  4. Greetings all Has anyone seen any information regarding a potential memorial patch/sticker for Floyd Little on Sunday? If so, please share information/photos here.
  5. "...the trophy boldly symbolizes the amount of embezzled money involved in the FIFA/Qatar award process" Keith Myaths
  6. It's a $19 sublimated truck-stop gift shop jersey. Very disappointed. Change for the sake of... well... for no reason really.
  7. Who Dat... say they have been a Saints fan for more 3 months?

  8. Here are the SPHL (Southern Professional Hockey League) rings from the last two seasons. Ring from the 07-08 Season Ring from the 08-09 Season. Rings Together
  9. Greetings all The new football helmet templates are nice, but does anyone have an old fashoned TWO BAR facemask/helmet template? Thanks a ton Mark
  10. I only made it through 9 pages but I didn't see this one. Cobb as an Athletic
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