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  1. Any chance U could make a Percy Harvin in a Seahawk uni and just him in .png format ? Thanks in advance M
  2. id love the instructions on how you make these in EXCEL. M
  3. really like the Jaguars and the colors. I know the NFL has its pride but some creativity in the unis would get with the times. NICE job on this thread M Also looking forward to seeing the Chiefs... Maybe a white or a Chiefs Gold helmet...
  4. Its Tebow holding the flag...
  5. maybe IRON it that will help
  6. George Brett in the 1980's (was there anyone better) ROYALS AWAY... funny thing is it look like Woody Harrelson to me. But he never played for the Royals Love the yellow Stripes. The Jayhawk has yellow in it.. Why not in the Jersey. CLASSIC. Just look at Deberg. CLASSIC. Todays player would be on the IR and not even attempt to play. Two tone WILDCATS unis. Beat the gray ones that they wear today. R E G G I E !!! With the KINGS
  7. KU - with Jayhawk KSU - powercat logo Thank you in advance Mark