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  1. They caught my eye in a series with the Red Sox, and then I gradually started following them online and on games shown in my area. Within six months, I'd bitten the bullet and signed up for MLB TV so I could keep up with them. Something about the underdog gets me every time. ...And really, what bigger underdog than the Royals?
  2. I've never gotten the idea of falling in love with a team strictly because they're local. It's probably because my family weren't huge sports fans. I used to catch Yankees-Red Sox games on TV, so at 8 I decided to be a Red Sox fan. Then, at 15 I fell in love with the Royals, so for a while they were my second team. Now, I can't even bear to associate with the Red Sox, and stopped rooting for them in 2006 to focus on my last-place KC darlings. I'm also a Pittsburgh Steelers fan, and I didn't really start rooting for the Bruins until I watched them lose a heart wrenching Game 7 (curse you, Flyers!) I have tons of teams I like in the NFL or feel a soft-spot for, but since I'm a born-and-raised Rhode Islander, they have no backing based on my past or connections. I simply like who I like. And in the age of 1000+ channels, you can really follow almost any team from wherever you are.
  3. Clearly, the Royals will be in the playoffs, so people stop pitying me for loving them. ...Actually, I'm calling that we'll be at or above a .500 record by the All-Star Game. I think we can do it this year, and that would make me ecstatic.
  4. is engaged to JimmyN64 :D

  5. Vancouver would've still burned. 100% agreed.

  7. I bet you're one of the few Harry Potter fans who watch sports, just saying. Yeah, and everyone knows that Gandalf would kick Dumbledore's ass any day. Just sayin' Gandalf's got nothin' on Dumbledore!
  8. Oh my goodness. Davidson, as usual, you blow me away. You're absurdly talented, and I love reading your threads and watching your videos. I'm so inspired to create something after watching these videos. However, having never created images with the pen tool: methinks my attempts will be much less remarkable than those posted here! Also, Shumway, I love your take on Howie Kendrick. It's fabulous!
  9. Wow, you boys sure do get upset about the color pink. I like the repeated statement that "this isn't Italy," as if Italy's acceptance of pink is wrong. Honestly, this thread made me giggle Anythinglogos, I 100% applaud you for thinking outside the box. I love that someone on the boards thought to go with a unique and controversial color for a concept. However, I agree that it doesn't work for the team you paired it with. I also think that an all-pink uniform with black pinstripes is a bit too shocking to a market that usually only sees pink when it's associated with breast cancer awareness. I think if there was good reasoning behind it, it was paired with a different team, and it was a bit more toned down, you could really make it work. However, I'm sure some men would still grumble about it, and vapid women would root for "the pink team" because it's "cute." Despite what's been said, purple doesn't have nearly as many negative connotations surrounding it as pink. As for your Bullets concept, I actually prefer the uniforms the Washington Bullets wore over the alternates you created for them. I think they look too busy and cluttered. And if you were going to have the Wizards return to their old identity, I'd want to see you update their entire look. Their logo looks too dated to be used as more than a throwback today.
  10. It's not that simple. Even if you think the players and owners are being ridiculous, a lock out hurts so many people in the working class. Think of all the jobs created by stadiums and the NFL. This hurts more than corporate fatcats and football players.
  11. I now feel foolish for my lack of knowledge of state flags. However, I stand by the flag and swirl (which I did know was meant to be a horn), making the uniforms too cluttered. I do, however, like your Jaguars concept.
  12. I like that you're trying to bring a unique feel to each look, but I think the Rams' uniform looks too busy with the addition of the swirl. I also don't understand the striping and star underneath the Cardinals logo.
  13. I read the extended version of this girl's story and it just confused me. She tried to sell it, went on record, then asked her name be left out because she was still "close to Mark & the Jets" and didn't want him to be mad... then she freaked out and said she no longer consented to the story, and that she was worried she wouldn't get into college if it ran. Um, what? I have a feeling Mark Sanchez saw a hot girl and went for it, and that hot girl simply thought "ooh, a rich quarterback!" She just happened to be 17. It's still wrong and all that jazz-- but I agree with illwaulk (bad circle of friends or not). I doubt she was 100% forth-coming while trying to sink her claws into him.
  14. Or, you know, the Steelers version of that song. Or how about, the NFL uses neither because um, they're both pretty awful. Really, I won't be upset if my team loses--- as long as neither rapper gets to taint my ears like that.