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  1. Nice to see another Tech fan!

    THWG :D

  2. Ah, yes. Another Tech fan. PM sent.

  3. I see you're a Tech fan, good sir! Hello :)

  4. Wow. Way to spark an 18 page discussion, all because you're a girl. I read some of it. I don't think Tom Brady's anything to get hung up on either ;D

  5. I've heard there's an extreme shortage of girls here. Is that really the case?

  6. haha i don't wear jerseys either... just jeans and tees :P

  7. Yay, another girl! It's alright if you don't like frilly outfits; I like them enough for multiple girls. Haha. But don't worry, I still wear jerseys & I'm not afraid to get my outfits dirty ;D

  8. I'm a girl too! Yay! But I don't like frilly dresses.

  9. Hey just saw your comment today! ...Whoops. I agree. We should start a girls club lol. Hope college is treating you alright. :)

  10. Hey, SG! Long time no talk! We should start a girls club :P