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  1. The Lightning one is now out, and this is easily his best Congrats video yet.
  2. The 3 lottery winners got leaked and posted on Twitter 20 minutes before the winners were announced. Only the NHL would manage to let this happen.
  3. Thanks for finding that. While I'm still excited to see them wear the old jerseys, the fact that they're screen print is pretty disappointing.
  4. Kitchener Rangers unveil their annual Remembrance Day jersey:
  5. You can even purchase your own Regular Season Western Conference Champions banner from the team store.
  6. That's still Marlins Man, he just grew a beard.
  7. A couple of one-offs coming up soon in the OHL. Kitchener is wearing a special jersey to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Oktoberfest: Also, Peterborough is wearing jerseys to celebrate their alumni:
  8. It looks like they slapped a jersey onto Chester Cheetah's pubes. Like I get that Flyers is a hard brand to turn into a mascot, but you can do much better than that. Edmonton's mascot is still the most nightmare inducing, but this one is a very close second.
  9. I wouldn't be the least bit shocked if the raccoon was swinging a rocket or a trash can instead of a bat.
  10. So I happened to be on the London Knights Twitter page today and stumbled across this tweet, in reference to the Spider Knight jerseys from the mid-90's: I might be reading too much into this, but it would be fantastic if they brought back that glorious abomination in some way (unless it's a screen print jersey). Even if they just sold it in the store like Guelph did with their 90's jerseys, they would make a killing on those from collectors such as myself.
  11. I read Twitter first, so this is all I see now. As for the logo itself, it looks more like a Jr. B team's logo than one you'd see an OHL team wearing IMO. At the same time though, Guelph is one of those teams that I feel are hard to find a suitable replacement logo from the last one. There was one in the concepts here like 5 years back (made by @sparky chewbarky I believe, though I may be mistaken) that would've been much better of a replacement for the Storm, though I can't really judge what they came up with here too much until I've seen it in action a couple of times. EDIT: Yeah it was Sparky who made that one I was referencing:
  12. Just when you think the NHL awards can't get more unbearably awkward each and every year, they always somehow find a way to top themselves.
  13. I'm in the group of people that is happy about the Golden Knights success this year. While they did get a bit of an advantage from the expansion draft process compared to others in the past, they still did overcome some adversity and I would still consider them an underdog story. Going into the season, most people predicted that they'd be near the bottom of the Western Conference and wouldn't have a shot at a playoff spot. Now look at where they are. To add to what's being said above regarding the team being deep, while they are deep, it's still a team made up of 90% 3rd liners and 2nd or 3rd pairing players, plus a few players who up until this year may have only had potential to be a 2nd line player at best, plus Neil and Fleury. The only reason this is an issue is because they pulled of a winning season somehow, and to a lesser extent the whole sunbelt stigma that exists. I guess we'll just have to give it time to see if the Vegas experiment will be a fluke or not, both on ice and when it comes to drawing fans. Also, when it comes time for the Seattle expansion draft in a couple of years, I'm sure that they'll probably change the rules up a little bit. If not, I don't believe they'll go on a run like Vegas did this year. There were too many things that just happened to go well and work for them, it'll be tough to replicate that.