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  1. SG30

    Name That Font!

    Anyone know this font? We've been struggling here to figure it out!
  2. The 90s Sabres-esque side panels look great. I feel like the pants might need a stripe.
  3. I feel like this idea is a bit genius.
  4. I want Baller Ben everywhere. Baller Ben is a phenomenal idea. Ben Franklin was a boss. If I was a guy in Philly I would dress up like Baller Ben for every game.
  5. Hi Crabcake. I did a Seattle Kraken concept in my 4 NHL Teams... thread. Yeah, the name's a bit out there. I just like saying "Jabberwockey Hockey".Good advice on the colours. It does tie the mascot in to the colour scheme better. Thanks s. This reminds me of the children's operetta turned Disney movie I sang in high school. Here's the cover of the book that I had. If this is intentional that's awesome. If its not, still awesome.
  6. I believe I sum up my feelings nicely in this rant.
  7. Your profile pic was perfectly engineered for this post. To further this point, my hat is from the '94 World Cup. My parents brought it back for me when they went to Atlanta for a match (something about having more fun without their young kids) and I've a toddler denim kit in storage somewhere.
  8. Regarding the USWNT uniforms, I have a huge huge personal opinion. This latest design isn't good or right or even respectful, in my mind. The USWNT is one of the front runners in women's sports. They're one of the most important things to happen in history for girls like me who went from kicking around a soccer ball to actually being able to dream about playing a sport on an important stage. (For the record, that was never really an option for me- but still, to be able to dream!!) Men's sports wish they had USWNT success and they keep raising the bar and aiming for parity between men and women. The USWNT is a big deal. I wouldn't care if Nike turned US Soccer into some sort of Oregon for producing outrageous and loud uniforms in soccer...but don't dishonor our traditions and our importance. America is flag obsessed. That's who we are. That's something people from all over the world note- how much we care about our red, white, and blue. At least prior experimentations with colors and the USWNT had a rhyme or reason, no matter how absurd. The gold kit and gold trim were added because the USWNT was the 'golden team' (that turned out to be a horrible idea.)... and the "black widow" kits had a cool theme behind them, because, you know, black widows eat their mates and girl power and all that. Black and volt has nothing, and they've completely removed our red, white, and blue. It's just a shirt. It's just a kit. It's just some colors. But they're *our* colors. They're American colors. Its my flag. It's my pride. I believe its very safe to say the women don't love it as much as Nike is telling us they are. Here's a screen shot of Megan Rapinoe's twitter, one of the ones Nike claims loves the kit: for the record, I've had a great experience as a woman in sports. I'm not accusing anyone of sexism or anything. I'm just saying this is a team that's really really important and done a lot of inspiring for girls and women since it's inception, and it's a disgrace regardless.
  9. SG30

    Lion Concept

    I think you could even play with a more structured mane and make the crown more obvious at the top. I'd like to see the symmetrical idea that JH360 suggested. I think you're going to find some strength there. Throwing some yellow on the ears might help too.
  10. SG30

    Lion Concept

    I think, based on what you've said, you know this already, but definitely part of it is the contrast in the purple stroke on the main being so stagnant and fixed vs the purple strokes of the face being so much more dynamic. The face is very solid. I also quite liked the "crown" you had going on. It read properly, in my opinion. But for the rest of it asymmetry looks better thus far. VERY solid work. Keep it up.
  11. Texas Rangers game, pics all over the place, I'm sure it'll make SportsCenter. Because what better way to treat a guy right out of rehab than putting a camera right on him the day after.
  12. One of the things that looked the most awful to me was the orange numbers, but on the player it doesn't look bad.
  13. The Baltimore Ravens black pants ESPECIALLY when paired with black socks. It looks like something I would wear to go work out. Internet disclaimer: not me in the photo. so don't get weird.