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  1. Ummm.... What about the other 64 teams in the country? edit: Oops didn't read the bottom. Georgia Tech would lose every game.
  2. Would you mind possibly making a Civil Air Patrol one? My boyfriend just joined the Civil Air Patrol (the civilian branch of the US Air Force) and I'd love to send him a nice wallpaper These are really great. I know it's not sports, but I saw you did military ones, so I thought this was kinda close here's the logo
  3. NBC is by far the best, as a few of you have stated. I think ABC definitely needs the biggest upgrade. This thread reminds me of "scary" TV logos. DOes anyone know what I am talking about? Back when I was a kid, I would get scared of some of the logos and music that production companies used. This is actually a common thing on Youtube, I have learned. Many people were afraid of these logos (and the incredibly dischordant "music" that goes along with them)- one even has a name. The Viacom "V of Doom." If you go on Youtube and search "scary TV logos" so many videos and comments will come up.
  4. When I was in NZ and AUS I basically lived on Maggi. The chicken flavo(u)r was disgusting! It tasted nothing like the chicken flavor here in the US. But I enjoyed the "oriental" flavor, which tasted much more like the chicken flavor over here.
  5. I love white helmets, so I'm just going to say this: The white aTm helmet is perfection. I'm basically drooling over it I also really like the white GT and white Miami helmets. I know you said you were interested in what I thought about the GT unis so here goes. I really like them, but I think they are kind of boring. I really enjoy their unis that they wore last year. I generally tend to like more classic-styled uniforms than more modern ones, but I think the ones from last year work well with them. Also, I really hate all navy alternates because 1) I just think we should never use too much navy since it is not an official school color, and 2) we always lose in them (disregard 1990 Citrus Bowl MNC... also I'm sure you'd like that ) But yeah. I think you did a good job and really like a lot of your concepts. I think my favorite so far is Baylor but that might be because that green and that gold are my two favorite colors together. They should use athletic gold instead of old gold all the time. Also, I am gonna say it again-- I love all the white helmets that you made. Every one of them.
  6. All I wanted to say is that Purdue one is awesome. I can't really put my finger on exactly why, but I absolutely love it.
  7. Because I'm not from the Chicagoland area, or much less the Midwest, all I know about Schaumberg is that it is the home of the headquarters of Zurich North America, which is the company my dad works for, so he takes a lot of trips out there. I think they should be called the Schaumberg Insurance Agents.
  8. I don't believe too many Jews have crests, so I highly doubt my family does. (Also, my family is all descended from Russia, Poland, Ukraine, and my ancestors were all very poor, and it seems like something rich families would have)
  9. I don't take criticism from Georgia Tech fans... ...kidding! Yeah, the LSU number font is out there, but I really want to try new things, and that was the MAIN thing that would kick my LSU concept in a different direction than their current set, without doing away with a great uniform. also, be on the lookout for the Jackets. I love doing concepts for them (mainly because for such a fun to work with identity, their real uniforms have sucked). I knew you would say something like that... especially what you said about me (females at GT) being ugly (OH SNAP... and totally kidding) I definitely see what you were trying to do but I guess I just think it's kind of hard to read. But I've never really liked LSU's modern-looking wordmark anyway. I am definitely looking forward to Tech. You always have great concepts. Strangely, I actually like the unis they had last year. But I really don't like the identity in general. I especially hate how the logos are athletic gold and black while the unis are vegas gold and navy, and the official colors are old gold and white! Shoot me!
  10. I LOVE the Vanderbilt number font and that you used one of my favorite sports logos (I'm really not sure why), the "M-flag" logo for Maryland. The only thing I really don't like is the LSU number font. I know it goes with their logo, but something is very odd-looking about it to me. But that's just my opinion.
  11. I just love the ones where the player has a funny name. I know it's not specifically the card, but I can never get over "Rusty Kuntz" and "Dick Pole." Some of my other favorites are:
  12. WOW I have no idea how you did these but they are incredible. You should send these to some magazines or something! You might get a job! Millions of kudos to you.
  13. My favorite name for a San Diego team would be the San Diego Admirals. It goes well with the city and sounds cool.
  14. Nice to see another Tech fan!

    THWG :D

  15. lbr218

    NFL Parodies

    Seattle Seaslugs and Smell-us Cowpies are the best
  16. The Hampton away one is my favorite, and I really like all of Hampton's and Morehouse's. Great work
  17. Thank you so much! Looks great, sorry if it was a pain in the ass.
  18. The American Football Federation of America. If you like your patriotism. OR- Minor League Football (MiLF)
  19. U of Minnesota Duluth? UMD = UNIVERSITY OF MARYLAND TERRAPINS I still say U of M Duluth is the real UMD U of Maryland is just UM The real UMD...? Wow. That's a long shot coming from a D2 school (except hockey). 1. Maryland games are actually nationally televised (unlike D2 sports) and is always abbreviated as UMD. 2. UM is the University of Miami. 3. MD is the two letter code for the state of Maryland. Just like UVA is Virginia. 4. No one has even heard of Minnesota's satellite campuses. UMD = "Wave high the black and gold" I'm just givin ya a bad time, but UM = Miami of Ohio, or should at least seeing as how it was founded long before the other Miami school which oddly isnt even located in Miami city limits.... yet the school in Ohio gets stuck w/ the of Ohio designation.... makes ya think a bit I don't think UM should be Miami of Ohio, since their name is "Miami University" and not "University of Miami."
  20. Alright, I'm gonna bite. Especially since my teams haven't been too ridiculously successful, so hopefully it won't be too much extra work (and because most of my stuff you've already made for others). This is really great May I please have: Atlanta Braves-Everything that Jay has, but only since they've been in Atlanta, so only from 1969 on in his sig New York Islanders- the four Stanley Cups (RyanMcD29 has them in his sig) Philadelphia Eagles- all of the Eagles ones that rob4671 has in his sig Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets- alright, this one's gonna be the toughest. You can do any logo you think is the easiest. -(Football) All four claimed National Titles: 1917, 1928 (Rose Bowl), 1952 (Orange Bowl), 1990 (Citrus Bowl) -(Football) All SEC titles: 1939, 1943, 1944, 1951, 1952 -(Football) All ACC titles: 1990, 1998, 2009 -(Basketball) Final Four appearances: 1990, 2004 I hope this isn't too much to ask. Thank you so much!
  21. lbr218

    CCSLC Ink

    If you don't mind me asking, what is that top Coat of Arms for? A fraternity? It looks a lot like Pi Kappa Phi, but not exactly.
  22. Ouch, you're kind of a dick. I never said anything against your turtle... nor did I say anything about Georgia Tech. I said which ones I liked, and none of them were Tech. I have over 1,000 posts and have been here for 3 years, you have 3 posts and all of them are rude. Learn some manners.
  23. Wow, someone really wants to see the Terps one. I really like that Delaware State one, but I'm not sure why. I think my favorite one of all is either WVU or SDSU. I really like the really detailed ones.