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  1. Shouldn't the keg say "beer" or "rum"? That's a damn good logo either way.
  2. Not much effort put into the Rockets. Very bland.
  3. I saw those Lehigh-Lafayette uniforms and wondered why Lehigh wore green today.
  4. That's true. Nobody died to liberate Wisconsin. Google "Quebec Act" and get back to me on that. Yeah, that's such a celebrated and well-known episode, full of verve and dash! Remember the Alamo?
  5. Very interesting idea and so much better than the rash of horrible concept ideas infecting the board lately.
  6. "just in case" you forgot or didn't look at page 76 Chicago Hornets Football I think they're from 1940's. it's the only vintage professional sports team hornets logo I can think of CANT WAITTTTTTTTTTTTTTT TO SEE THE FINISH XDD hey man I feel sorry for you if you might break down and fall apart from doing all those many many million gazillian logo requests (wow I spent all evening looking from page 1 to 76 in this forum O_O) That would be a good one.
  7. You don't need to market to the "Hispanic fans of Texas" who already follow both the Cowboys and the Texans in droves. A mustache on a skull is pretty silly if you think about it.
  8. More than a bit blah. Rips as stripes are not enough and the block L helmet logo is derivative.
  9. I really like the mascot logos, very nicely done.